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  1. The fourfold asps signify the structure of man's body upon four treacherous and unstable elements which, being disordered and disturbed, bring that body to destruction.

  2. Again looking closely at the ledge whereon his feet rested, he discerned four heads of asps projecting from the wall whereon he was perched.

  3. The quaking-asps down low on the South side are in small leaf and will soon be twinkling like the flowers do now.

  4. Then they came through a corner of pine forest and down a sudden bank among quaking-asps to a green park.

  5. Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they acted deceitfully: the poison of asps is under their lips.

  6. They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent: the venom of asps is under their lips.

  7. I at once recollected having read that the ‘Caloyers’ of the convent of Acrotiri raised and trained a superior breed of cats, which they imported from Constantinople, to kill the asps in their neighbourhood.

  8. It was a thin pane of irregular pieces set in a design of quaint, meaningless characters, in the centre of which was the figure of a sphinx, crucified upon an upright cross and surrounded by a border of coiled asps with winged heads.

  9. In it was the cry of Zophar: 'His meat in his bowels is turned, it is the gall of asps within him.

  10. Zophar recounts how men who seemed good, but were not, were overtaken by asps and vipers and fires from heaven.

  11. A] The Asps of the sand-desert, anciently named Dipsads.

  12. I've seen prairie-dogs and yucca and quaking-asps and a cow boy, and I know I heard a meadow-lark.

  13. The trail bends and there are some quaking-asps by a spring.

  14. She saw the quaking-asps some rods above the cabin, crawled under the wire fence, and went toward them.

  15. There are some quaking-asps in a shady place up a little way, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if you got a trout there.

  16. The knowledge of Virginia's approval somehow made the mid-day heat less intense, and the two miles to the quaking-asps less long.

  17. Virginia allowed Pedro to nibble at the quaking-asps before she spoke.

  18. Virginia allowed Pedro to nibble at the quaking-asps and tried to be patient while she watched the repairing.

  19. If the trout in the dark pool under the shadow of the quaking-asps had seen the performance that preceded the appearance of that fly and grasshopper, he never would have deigned to approach them.

  20. It grew hot by the ford, and she decided to tie Siwash in the shadow of some quaking-asps across the creek, and go up the trail herself to a shady place.

  21. Even the ever-active leaves of the quaking-asps moved not at all.

  22. Some quaking-asps made a shady spot where ferns grew.

  23. The dazed and frightened Vivian obediently took the fan, and turning her face away, frantically fanned the quaking-asps until they danced and fluttered once more.

  24. Blue lupines and great spikes of mountain larkspur made of the Valley itself a garden which sloped gently to the creek, and lost itself in a maze of quaking-asps and cottonwoods.

  25. Above them the interlaced branches of the quaking-asps shut out the sun.

  26. They crossed through the pass among the quaking asps and the pines, and, reaching Pacific Springs, came down again into open country.

  27. Through there the road went up from the cotton-woods into the cool quaking asps and pines, and so across the range and away to Separ.

  28. His bread in his belly shall be turned into the gall of asps within him, 20:15.

  29. All women have the poison of asps under their tongues," he muttered.

  30. Have I the poison of asps under my tongue?

  31. Yet his meat in his bowels is turned, it is the gall of asps (pethenim) within him.

  32. Sometimes the poison of asps is not confined to fig-baskets; and with your permission, I should like to offer you an infallible antidote, Seraph of the Nile?

  33. Your arrows were all skilfully barbed, and even the venom of asps distilled upon them; but you have done your worst, and failed.

  34. Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit, the poison of asps is under their lips.

  35. Which pleasure now like poison turns Their joy to heaviness; Yea, like the gall of asps it burns, And doth them sore oppress 57.

  36. What, I wondered, could these entwined asps denote?

  37. Its sight entranced me, for in her right hand she was represented as holding two asps entwined, the same symbol as that branded upon my breast!

  38. So far had the Mystery of the Asps been revealed.

  39. The Mark of the Asps is the Babylonian sign of royal sonship, the symbol with which the first-born of every ruler since Semiramis hath been branded.

  40. Enter therefore this portal whereat Malec, powerful yet invisible, mounteth guard, and learn the means by which the Mystery of the Asps may be unravelled.

  41. The Mystery of the Asps seemed inexplicable, but in that cool night beneath the stars in the little open court I made solemn determination to return to Kano and seek its solution, even though compelled to risk my life in the attempt.

  42. Thus through many generations was the Mark of the Asps placed upon the breast of the eldest child of either sex, until a legend became rife that ill would befall the family if that mark were not impressed.

  43. Her appeal, I remembered, was for our mutual benefit, in order that I should be enabled to elucidate the Mystery of the Asps and bring peace upon her.

  44. What seest thou in the Mark of the Asps to amaze thee?

  45. Ghostly it looked in the pale half light with the symbol of the entwined asps held within its right hand, and as I advanced towards it I touched its base.

  46. Yet through all I had one goal in view, one object to attain--the discovery of the mystic spot where the Secret of the Asps might be revealed.

  47. Thou hast witnessed the symbol upon the foundation-stone of Semiramis, and I have to-day learned that Istar, as represented in image at the summit of the Seven Lights, beareth in her hand the asps entwined.

  48. They then seize the asps by the head or tail, and dragging them into the river, so kill them.

  49. He says also, that he saw many serpents of a much inferior size, and asps and large scorpions.

  50. For be well assured that this very fact marks in you the nature of vipers, that you have not in your mouth the foundation of truth, but the poison of slanderous abuse, as it is written, "The poison of asps is under their lips.

  51. The dragons are the kings of the nations, and their wine means their ways, and the head of asps is the head of the Greek kings who came to inflict vengeance upon them.

  52. Around the globe are entwined two brazen asps emblems of which I have not yet learned the signification.

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