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Example sentences for "beatific"

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beaters; beates; beateth; beath; beati; beatification; beatified; beatin; beating; beatings
  1. And another, with no beatific circle around his head, held an open tablet on which were the first and last letters of the name Clotaire.

  2. I spoke to you lately of the beatific vision of God.

  3. It might have been the head of a saint looking for the Beatific Vision; it was only that of an ordinary pretty woman.

  4. Beatific Vision, and was roundly threatened by Philippe de Valois.

  5. He purchased peace by political concessions, and wrote humbly to Philippe and Robert that he had never positively denied the Beatific Vision, but had treated it simply as an open question, subject to discussion.

  6. There was also the problem presented by new dogmas, such as those of the Beatific Vision and the Immaculate Conception.

  7. John was forced to give way, and on his death-bed affirmed his adhesion to the doctrine of the Beatific Vision.

  8. Aristotle seemed intent rather upon coldly collecting evidence from the operations of a soulless Nature than extolling the wonders of God in a beatific vision.

  9. Why can't I cease a slave to be, And taste existence beatific On some fair island, hid in the Pacific?

  10. But irrational creatures cannot attain to loving God, nor to any share in the intellectual and beatific life that He lives.

  11. But the beatific state of the angels is very far remote from their natural condition: while merit comes midway between.

  12. But temporal things are known by the beatific vision.

  13. Further, the saints in heaven are most perfectly conformed to the image of God by the beatific vision; wherefore it is written (2 Cor.

  14. Then he will live at those levels to which he now makes impassioned ascents in his hours of unitive prayer: will be immersed in the Beatific Vision on which he now looks, and 'lose himself in the Imageless Nudity.

  15. Perfect contemplation and loving dependence are the eternal fruition of God': the Beatific Vision of theology.

  16. Considering, then, that beatific experience of which heaven consists, under the metaphor of a city, what are its ways of entrance?

  17. Gieseler shows, was accused of heresy by the theological doctors of Paris because he declared that no soul could enter heaven and enjoy the beatific vision until after the resurrection.

  18. Irrational creatures are not objects of charity, for a fellowship with them in friendship, and especially in the beatific vision, is impossible.

  19. Man possesses his Last End through the vision of God, from which result beatific love and every good that is compatible with the glorified state.

  20. Charity is less perfect than the act of the intellect by which God is seen intuitively in the beatific vision, but it is preeminent among the virtues of this life.

  21. Trinity), is given by the Beatific Vision; but such understanding removes all obscurity, and is therefore insociable with faith.

  22. The things of this world are only means to virtue, and virtue reaches its climax in the beatific vision.

  23. The Gift of Understanding must not be confused with the Beatific Vision.

  24. One should prefer the spiritual welfare of one's neighbor to one's own bodily welfare, for our neighbor is called to be a partaker with us in the beatific vision, while the body will share only in accidental glory.

  25. Those who die in the friendship of God will be received into unending happiness, in which they will be exempted from all evil and enjoy the beatific vision and other divine gifts.

  26. Connoted in this object is the beatific vision, the finite act by means of which the creature attains to the possession of God.

  27. On the magnificent details of the divine service of the prelate, on the canon of the honest Andrew, pastor of Crete, on the works of the most beatific father, John the Damascene.

  28. And the silliest of beatific smiles spread anew over the senile face of Roly-Poly.

  29. He dropped more quietly into his seat than usual, and at the moment when, to a thin House, Sir William was giving one of those gentle and beatific answers to which I have already alluded.

  30. There was a look of almost dazzling and beatific sanctity on Sir William's face that was perfectly delightful to behold.

  31. Before God, no man has any right to be of any religion but the Catholic, the only true religion, the only religion by which men can be raised to union with God in the beatific vision.

  32. As the beatific vision lasted but a short time each morning, a long day and night was left him to study its surroundings, and in a brief space of time he read the whole plain as a book.

  33. Yet both works are very defective, because of the simple fact that neither of the authors know any thing of that which makes heaven to be heaven--the beatific vision.

  34. But if we carefully consider what it is at root which makes the prayers of the Saints in the Fatherland avail for us, we shall find that the same reason holds for the Saints who were in Limbo as for those who enjoy the Beatific Vision.

  35. Man is the idea of Spirit; he reflects the beatific presence, illuming the universe with light.

  36. But over them both, as to all who overcome, the heavens open in beatific vision; for though there be diversity of gifts, it is the same spirit.

  37. He abandoned this study of his fellow-creatures and plunged once more into the museums, sated himself with the eternal beauties, and came out to resume his place amid the tumultuous throng with rested nerves and a beatific smile upon his lips.

  38. Burton crossed the threshold into the smaller room, where Mr. Waddington appeared to be deriving a certain amount of beatific satisfaction from sitting in an easy-chair and having his hand held by Miss Milly.

  39. But this smile was so full of joy unspeakable, so fraught with beatific meaning, so reflective of beatific vision, that it laughed their fears away, and spoke volumes where the seeming sorrow had not spoken even words.

  40. It was as though a tender and beatific ray of forgiveness lighted them up, growing clearer each moment.

  41. A beatific smile stole over the man's drawn features.

  42. She looked with a fixed, bright, beatific stare at the flame-colored flowers and did not see them.

  43. These visits were angelic in their extreme rarity, and for Sylvia were always a mixture of the beatific and the distressing.

  44. The dogma of the beatific vision teaches us that the human soul in the mansion of the blessed is intimately united to God, and sees him face to face in his very essence.

  45. The dogma of beatific vision well understood, is also a truth which sheds much light upon philosophical theories.

  46. These ideas being fixed, we may observe that we have an incontestable proof that there is no intrinsic repugnance between identity and representation in two dogmas of the Catholic religion: the beatific vision and the divine intelligence.

  47. The former, which is a sort of ridiculous plagiarism from the dogma of beatific vision, is, in treating of the intellect in its present state, so palpable an absurdity, as to merit neither debate nor refutation.

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