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Example sentences for "bewitching"

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bewilderment; bewilders; bewitch; bewitched; bewitches; bewitchingly; bewitchment; bewray; bewrayed; bewrayeth
  1. Mrs. Kennedy hurried to assist her, with a nurse-like word of remonstrance, to which she replied with a bewitching look of sweetness that she could not but forget her aches and pains when she saw her dear Mary Seaton in trouble.

  2. She sank upon the couch in her most bewitching attitude, and, looking fondly up in his face, bade him fetch her tablets from the writing-stand.

  3. Charmed with her beauty and grace, the Assyrian gives a feast, to which the bewitching Judith is invited.

  4. No vermilion can vie with their lips, which are continually sending forth the most bewitching smiles, as if expressly to display teeth as white as alabaster.

  5. A tranquil peace, alloy'd by no distress, Such as in heaven eternally abides, Moves from their lovely and bewitching smile.

  6. Then, with a bewitching laugh, she ended her pantomime, and ran back to her mother.

  7. He felt his soul kindle at the sight of the lovely being whose delicate and bewitching coquetry the inexperienced youth failed to detect, but the influence of which he was surely undergoing.

  8. The certainty which she felt that the conquest was achieved diffused a bewitching loveliness over her person.

  9. The drapery of the latter damsel generally commences a little above the elbows, but my island beauty's began at the waist, and terminated sufficiently far above the ground to reveal the most bewitching ankle in the universe.

  10. Bewitching maid, Thou creature worthy of idolatry I stand before thee now all eye, all ear, All rapture and delight.

  11. With the most bewitching grace the lovely girl advanced towards him, and passing her arm round his neck, raised his hand to her lips.

  12. The person who painted it seems to have been clumsy enough, and yet there is something vital and bewitching about it.

  13. He listened without comment, his eyes still on the bewitching face gazing down from the wall at us.

  14. I doubt if these bewitching women who enchant all the world know what it is to feel deeply.

  15. Coquetry is one of the graces which Nature bestows upon these bewitching creatures.

  16. Of two things, one, as our neighbours say: a man must cease to be prudent, or he must forget those bewitching gray eyes.

  17. Can it be that you, bewitching Zoya, faced such heat to come and look for us?

  18. At first I do so to her extreme delight, but finally I only pretend to take her picture, and the last bewildering poses and bewitching smiles are all wasted upon an unimpressionable plate.

  19. The bewitching actress lived her quickly changing moods among the furniture that now graces our modern rooms here on this side of the water.

  20. Tudor monarchs stop in 1603 at Elizabeth's death, but Tudor styles were not at once outgrown, rather they linger along far into the seventeenth century, heavily and elegantly regarding the newly throned Stuarts and their bewitching manners.

  21. The most bewitching of his sitters could not fill her place.

  22. Is he capable of meanness to so bewitching a wife?

  23. The girl was asking questions, with her bewitching face in close proximity to Edwin's, when there came a startling interruption to their fun.

  24. Then she changed her mind, gave him a bewitching little smile and raised her free hand to beckon him.

  25. To kiss those lovely lips, and embrace that bewitching form!

  26. From one bewitching attitude to another she seemed to float like a soft bright feather playing in a summer wind.

  27. She was dressed in a riding costume of bewitching fashion, and her face was flushed and her eyes glittering in her efforts to quiet the startled horse.

  28. This center of attraction was a small girl about eight or nine years of age, a dainty elfin little person with bewitching blue eyes and a mop of short, flaxen curls.

  29. For Audrey was kneeling on the rug, and she was looking at him with her brightest and most bewitching smile.

  30. What do you think of the bewitching widow and her Mary Queen of Scots beauty?

  31. She was disappointed that Mrs. Blake had not yet appeared--she wanted to see the face that had haunted her so persistently; but the bewitching widow had not shown herself.

  32. The lectures of the African traveller Heinrich Earth supplied rich sources of material, but whoever expected to hear bewitching narratives from him would have been disappointed.

  33. I have never seen any one seek flowers in the field and forest so eagerly, and she made them into beautiful bouquets, which Louis Gallait called "bewitching flower madrigals.

  34. Lily lifted up her head with a bewitching stateliness, and added gravely, "I was offended.

  35. The only thing for which I should regret dying would be to be deprived of the pleasure of seeing such bewitching creatures as yourself.

  36. The long, bewitching hours of the glorious evening added fuel to the flame of his anger.

  37. Miss Julia herself did not possess that bewitching power.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bewitching" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    alluring; appealing; appetizing; attraction; attractive; beguiling; bewitching; captivating; catching; charismatic; charming; coquettish; darling; delightful; devastating; drawing; enchanting; engaging; enthralling; enticing; entrancing; exciting; exotic; exquisite; fascinating; fetching; flirtatious; glamorous; hypnotic; illusive; illusory; interesting; intriguing; inviting; irresistible; lovable; lovely; luxurious; magic; magnetic; mesmeric; piquant; prepossessing; provocative; seductive; sensuous; siren; spell; taking; tantalizing; teasing; tempting; thrilling; tickling; titillating; voluptuous; winning; winsome; witching