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  1. One of the bisons on the ceiling of Altamira, representing the final stage of polychrome art in which four shades of color are used.

  2. Cro-Magnon man in the cavern of Font-de-Gaume, Dordogne, restored in the act of drawing the outlines of one of the bisons on the wall of the Galerie des Fresques.

  3. The Benevolent Brotherhood of Bisons is holding its regular annual state convention here.

  4. Don't you think you'd better go in to breakfast before the Bisons begin to forage?

  5. My three Bisons were all dolled up with fool ribbons and badges and striped paper canes.

  6. Though I want to mention in passing that if there are any lady Bisons present you needn't bank on doubling me up with them.

  7. Oh, of course you don't strike a bunch of Bisons every day.

  8. But if those two hippopotamus Bisons had been alone on their native plains they couldn't have cared less.

  9. At the report the bisons all ran to the far end of the ledge and plunged over.

  10. Looking over, they descried, on a projecting ledge several hundred feet below, a herd of about 20 bisons lying down.

  11. The bisons have also fourteen pairs of ribs, while the common ox has only thirteen.

  12. Dougherty and Peale returned from a hunt, having killed twelve bisons out of a herd of several hundreds they met with near Sioux river, and brought us a seasonable supply of meat.

  13. He had seen in the winter of 1818, a large herd of bisons near the Grand Pass; but they had been driven down by the severity of the weather, and were not ordinarily to be found within the limits of his hunting excursions.

  14. They press forward just like the vast herds of antelopes that cover the plains of Africa, or the bisons that blacken the prairies of America, and the progress of even the wingless young is as irresistible as that of the adult insects.

  15. The Bisons are distinguishable from ordinary cattle by the thick and heavy mane which covers the neck and shoulders, and which is more conspicuous in the male than in the female.

  16. Her own account is somewhat pleasanter, and shows that ‘the troop of bisons in hob-nailed shoes’ was not always so barbarous.

  17. Mr. Coke and his friend saw and shot a good many bisons after that, but never again one that so nearly turned their trip into a tragedy.

  18. Suddenly a white streak darted through the air, and with an awful bellow one of the bisons fell, pierced through the eye by an arrow, and began to roll helplessly down the grassy slope.

  19. In his old age, Mr. Bartlett was not surprised to hear naturalists and sportsmen bewailing the scarcity of bisons after what he saw that day, and on many subsequent occasions.

  20. The Pawnees still continued very friendly, the more so on discovering that nothing but the desire to do battle with bisons and grisly bears had brought the pale-faces so far.

  21. If the law did not protect the trees, they would go the same way as the bisons and Indians.

  22. Probably they are fated to pass away like the bisons and Indians.

  23. I made half-way advances, however, suggesting we should lie in ambush by the edge of the pond and cut off the ducks as they waddled down in simple, unsuspecting single file; then hunt them as bisons flying scattered over the vast prairie.

  24. As before all was silence and quiet, now the air was rent with a confusion of sounds-- the tramp of the bisons and the pursuing horses, the shouts and cries of the hunters as they dashed forward in chase.

  25. They took good care never to head them, while they kept at a sufficient distance to have room to avoid the fierce charges the terror-stricken bisons occasionally made.

  26. Well satisfied with my performance, I cut out the tongue of the last animal I had killed and directed my course back to the camp, stopping on my way to extract the tongues of the two other bisons I had killed.

  27. He did not even ask himself how a herd of bisons should remember what their fathers had told them about that valley and come hundreds of miles to find grass there.

  28. That was what the wicked old mule saw, and he may have imagined that the squad or rather string of bisons ahead of him knew where they were going and what for.

  29. Not even his adventure with the grisly, or his timely success with the two bisons when his people were starving, had so aroused the ambition of Two Arrows.

  30. The migration of bisons from the parching plain to better pasture had been going on for some time, and the coyotes had followed it as a matter of course.

  31. The herds of bisons had not prepared that road for the passage of wagon wheels, and it needed the axe in one place and the crow-bar in another before the teams could pass.

  32. The bisons had led them well, whether or not the mule got the credit of it.

  33. Herd after herd of bisons had gone along that ledge road in clumsy safety, but right there now, at the curve of the projecting rock, stood one who could go no farther.

  34. Adding all things together, bisons and big-horn and cougar and grisly, Two Arrows was rapidly getting to be a middle-aged warrior, and the other boys had no hope of catching up with him.

  35. Great numbers are also taken in pounds, constructed with an embankment of such an elevation as to prevent the return of the Bisons when once they are driven into it.

  36. In 1823 it was discovered that the Bisons had crossed the Rocky Mountains, and some were to be seen in the vallies to the west of that range.

  37. The Bisons which frequent the woody parts of the country form smaller herds than those which roam over the plains, but are said to be individually of a greater size.

  38. There were no Bisons west of the Rocky Mountains, when Lewis and Clarke travelled there in 1805.

  39. The legs of Bisons are stated to be more slender than those of Buffaloes,--the reverse of this is the fact in the instances which I have had an opportunity of observing.

  40. The herds of Bisons wander over the country in search of food, usually led by a bull remarkable for strength and fierceness.

  41. The wind ceased during the night, and the lowing of the thousands of bisons that surrounded us in every direction, reached us in one continual roar.

  42. Soon after our departure from our resting-place of noon, we observed a large herd of bisons on our left, running with their utmost rapidity towards us, from the distant bluffs.

  43. He had been much harassed in the night by mosquitos; and bisons having recently occupied the shade of the tree under which he slept, the place afforded as little refreshment for the horse as for himself.

  44. The bisons are yet numerous, and the white wolves also abundant; packs of the latter are still heard to howl about our camp in the night, thus responding to the harsh bellowing or grunting of the bulls.

  45. Wolves, jackals, and vultures, occurred in unusual numbers, and the carcasses of several bisons recently killed had been seen.

  46. During these few days past, the bisons have occurred in vast and almost continuous herds, and in such infinite numbers as seemed to indicate the great bend of the Arkansa as their chief and general rendezvous.

  47. Great numbers of bisons were seen this afternoon, and some antelopes.

  48. They have no permanent town, but constantly rove, as necessity urges them, in pursuit of the herds of bisons in the vicinity of the sources of the Platte, Arkansa, and Red rivers.

  49. Bisons became astonishingly numerous; and in the middle of the day countless thousands of them were seen coming in from every quarter to the stagnant pools which filled the most depressed places in the channel of the river.

  50. A few bisons varied the landscape, which is fatiguing to the eye by its sameness; and after travelling twenty-three miles, we encamped for the night.

  51. In the afternoon we had the company of numerous Indians from the hunting party; and an individual, that left our camp early in the morning in pursuit of the bisons on the opposite side of the river, brought a horse load of very lean meat.

  52. We passed great numbers of carcasses of bisons recently slaughtered, and the air was darkened by flights of carrion birds, among which we distinguished the obscene vulture aura, and the vulture atrata, the black vulture of the Southern States.

  53. Rain has not been able to wash away these traces, and they are counted among the "features" of the prairies, where the bisons once roamed in undisturbed glory.

  54. The extermination of the buffalo of the southern range was completed about 1875; to the bisons of the northern range were given a few years' grace.

  55. There was a roar over the lake as if a drove of bisons were tearing madly about.

  56. You could hear it miles away, a fierce roar such as the droves of bisons made, as if they were breaking in at your very door.

  57. During the Winter reindeer and other northern animals would press from the north in search of food, but would retire on the approach of Spring, when their feeding grounds would in turn be occupied by bisons and animals of a southern habitat.

  58. They expected abundant game, because the wilderness was swarming with urus, bisons and boars.

  59. In the forest, there are many beasts, wolves, bisons and bears with which there is plenty of work," answered the Mazur.

  60. If, then, horses and bisons are so soon destroyed by the poison, no wonder that men should be unable to endure its fatal effects.

  61. To the others are hung the neophyte's weapons, while the skulls of bisons depend from those of the lower arm or leg.

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