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  1. Black Cloud is sore; but he can't find no cactus thorn nor nothin' to bring about the lameness an' he don't know what to make of the racket.

  2. I could only discover a small red spot at the initial point, and concluded that I must have struck a sharp rock or cactus spine.

  3. Here we discovered a large patch of cacti loaded with the red prickly pears or cactus apples, as we called them.

  4. In front, a thick, dark mass that looked like a clump of euphorbia or cactus stood beside the path, and just beyond it a bright beam of moonlight shone between the drooping branches of the palms.

  5. When he had nearly passed the bush he thought he heard a movement and a thick stalk of the cactus shook.

  6. The hillside was blurred; distorted objects that he thought were rocks and cactus lurched about in the elusive moonlight, and the sweat ran down his face as he fought against the drug.

  7. So ten minutes later we turned out upon that broad, beautiful esplanade which is one of the most noted in all the world, which is always flower-bordered, and where feathery palms flourish even when the rest of Europe is under snow.

  8. The sudden appearance of the long-nosed person puzzled me greatly.

  9. Straight along almost to the end of the town, and then sharp to the left.

  10. Just get up here, and I'll drive you to the office.

  11. From Vitor on we wound through twisting gorges or steep valleys, barren of all save cactus and the desert shale and boulders.

  12. He was the son of a fisherman away by Bocca d'Arno, where the river meets the sea, amidst the cane and cactus brakes which Costa loves to paint.

  13. Cactus Grandiflorus The therapeutic value of this plant has been variously estimated by different observers.

  14. Hatcher[11] states that it is possible that cactus grandiflorus, under certain conditions, may contain a principle with a strychnin-like action.

  15. Reputable men have testified that some of the plants of the cactus family contain very active principles, but so far experiments seem to prove that cactus grandiflorus has neither the action of digitalis nor that of strychnin.

  16. There is no proof that cactus grandiflorus itself shortens diastole, or in fact, that it has any special action on the heart muscle at all.

  17. It must be remembered that the precise preparation of cactus which they used is not known.

  18. There is some evidence that cactus may be capable of affecting the animal heart and nervous system, but its action is not that ordinarily attributed to it.

  19. The Council voted that cactus grandiflorus should not be accepted for New and Nonofficial Remedies, and that a statement be prepared for The Journal giving the reasons for this action.

  20. The results quoted in this report, however, were obtained by the use of extracts of cactus so that it does not seem that they should be entirely rejected, whatever their value may be.

  21. Bearing these conditions in mind, the following statements seem to be justified: (a) The botanical, chemical and pharmaceutical properties of cactus are not sufficiently determined to make any available preparation a reliable remedy.

  22. Williams[14] recommends cactus for functional heart disease, but, as a rule, found it useless in organic disease.

  23. Here also in the mesquite and giant cactus were thrush and Western meadow-larks and mocking-birds mimicking the call of the cat-bird.

  24. This earth and gravel mixture was so firmly packed that even the cactus had a scant foothold.

  25. Cactus of different species was now a feature of the scenery.

  26. The prickly pear, here in Ha Va Su Canyon, were not the starved, shrivelled, mineral-tinted cactus such as we found at the beginning of our trip.

  27. In deserts, for instance, the cactus produces practically no leaves (Figure 10) and the green stem performs not only the function of leaves but acts as a storage for water.

  28. Where water is scarce this is of tremendous advantage, a single cactus having been known to store up 125 gallons.

  29. In our own Southwest we have the dominant cactus vegetation, matched in parts of South Africa by giant cactuslike spurges.

  30. And we have already seen how the giant cactus of our own Southwest will hold 125 gallons.

  31. A group of negroes who had been pursuing their death work among the cactus hedges, saw the boy and turned upon him.

  32. Moreover, cactus and agave, frequent in the foreground, preserved the southern character of the scene.

  33. Here you wander amid groups of magnificent trees, an astonishingly rich and varied vegetation; and from a skirting terrace you look down upon the precipitous gorge, burnt into barenness save where a cactus clings to some jutting rock.

  34. The golden-hued peta was found beside the myriad-flowering oleander and the night-blooming cereus, while the luxuriant undergrowth was braided with the cactus and the aloe.

  35. As I was riding across, at full gallop, to Hidalgo's position, the Spanish skirmishers spread themselves out along the cactus hedges and over the aloe fields, and puffed and popped away.

  36. Each of the humble dwellings was surrounded by its cactus hedge, enclosing an infinite variety of gorgeous tropical flowers, which offered a striking contrast with the adjacent poverty and filth.

  37. In an early letter to me, Richard Warren had said something very much the same, not, however, apropos of cactus plants.

  38. The cactus tree--candelabrum-like; and one twisted like gray writhing serpents.

  39. The clump was bounded on the west by a stream; on the north by a thick growth of mesquite trees and prickly-pear cactus about ten feet high.

  40. Presently their feet, knees and hands were afire with the cactus spines.

  41. The branches and the cactus twisted and popped.

  42. It was two miles across, and they hitched along, on their knees and on hands and knees, every foot of the way, while the rocks and cactus tortured them.

  43. In her hands, was a bunch of cactus flowers.

  44. Cactus blossoms of exquisite form and color were used.

  45. Everywhere, the desert foothills, and the crevices of jagged, cliffs were ablaze with cactus blossoms.

  46. From every cleft of rock, apparently, a cactus had sprung into life, and had blossomed into flowers of exquisite beauty.

  47. As they approached Clayton Ranch, they paused to admire the cactus blossoms.

  48. In the living cactus, this framework is filled and covered with green pulp; but when the cactus dies, the pulp dries and is blown away.

  49. The saguaro, or giant cactus, sometimes called the sentinel of the desert, is one of the most interesting varieties of the cactus family.

  50. By his bedside, stood a small round table, on which stood a low glass dish, filled with pink cactus blossoms.

  51. The colors in the sky seemed to vie with the cactus blossoms.

  52. Wait till you see the cactus blossoms in the spring and summer.

  53. His tongue hung out of his mouth and his lips cracked and bled, his feet were blistered and aching from the sharp rocks, the hot sands, and cactus thorns.

  54. Some sewed with sinew and needles of cactus thorn on deerskin white and fine; others winnowed the corn.

  55. There was the coyote skulking out in the cactus scrub, and the buzzards wheeling low and large.

  56. It was noon of his second day from home when she found him on Cactus Flat, by going straight to the point where she saw the black wings hanging in the air.

  57. There is the globe cactus high up on the black basalt rocks, blood-red and fiery as if dyed in the very essence of the sun.

  58. Giant cactus stand ghost-like, centuries old, amid the mesquite bush; and in the columnar hole of the cactus trees you see the holes where the little desert wren has pecked through for water in a waterless season.

  59. First come the Flagellantes, or marchers, scourging their naked backs with cactus belts and whips.

  60. There is the giant, century-old desert cactus twisted and gnarled with age like the trees in Dante's Inferno, but with bird nests in the pillared trunks, where little wrens peck through the bark for water.

  61. The spines keep the desert animals off, and during the rainy season the cactus drinks up all the water he's going to need for the year, and stores it up in that big tank reservoir of his.

  62. I asked my driver, as we passed a huge cactus high as a house and twisted in contortions as if in pain.

  63. You know now that the big globe cactus shines with the glow of a Burma ruby here when it is dull in the Eastern conservatory, because here is of the very essence of the sun.

  64. Sandaled missionaries tramped the cactus desert in June, when the heat was at its height; and they traversed the mountains when winter snows filled all the passes.

  65. A vertebrate faunal survey of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona.

  66. The fort of Manyuen is outside the town, and some little distance beyond it the dry creek bends into the pathway at a point where it is bordered with cactus and overshadowed by a banyan tree.

  67. From Pupiao we had a pleasant ride over a valley-plain, between hedges of cactus in flower and bushes of red roses, past graceful clumps of bamboo waving like ostrich feathers.

  68. The old cottonwood tree which stood on one edge of Cactus Center dog-town limits was the observed of all observers.

  69. For two months not a drop of rain had fallen in Cactus Center.

  70. One spring I called early in Cactus Center and found blackbirds, robins, and other northbound birds among the visitors.

  71. A showy bed of prickly pear cactus inside the town limits was not inhabited.

  72. On the outskirts of Cactus Center numerous pairs of coyotes had enlarged prairie dog holes for a den.

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