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Example sentences for "caddy"

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  1. The caudle spoon, perforated or entire, but with a longer handle and smaller bowl than the caddy spoon, was employed to stir the mixture.

  2. As the caddy was the companion piece of the caddy spoon, so the caudle bowl is associated with the caudle spoon.

  3. Now since the sugar bowl was a part of the tea caddy, the use of the caddy spoon or scoop became immediately popular.

  4. Other spoons of great interest, although not so old as the earliest Apostle spoons, are the curious little "caddy spoons," which came into vogue with the first popularity of tea drinking more than two centuries ago.

  5. Another spoon, which passed out of date with the caddy ladle, was the so-called caudle spoon.

  6. In this country, caddy spoons came into use after the Revolution.

  7. Before the visitor had got very far, Maggie came in with a lacquered tea-caddy and the silver teapot and a silver spoon on a lacquered tray.

  8. The harmonium on which Mr. Povey used occasionally to play was still behind the door; and on the harmonium was the tea-caddy of which Mrs. Baines used to carry the key on her bunch.

  9. And in this way shall we achieve honour and great possessions, and the caddy of "Star" and the prime smoking, and thy Tukeliketa, who is a likely maiden.

  10. For this much of flour and molasses givest thou me the caddy of "Star" and the two buckets of smoking.

  11. And the shaman owneth a caddy of "Star" and two buckets of prime smoking.

  12. At the end of the five minutes teapot and tea-caddy had swollen to enormous dimensions and had become the basis of large generalisations.

  13. He brooded, therefore, over the empty teapot and locked tea-caddy for fully five minutes.

  14. He took up the teapot; it was empty; the tea-caddy was locked up.

  15. It is a fundamental rule that, if in playing you cut out a piece of turf, you or your caddy should replace it.

  16. Never, under any circumstances, neglect this rule or allow your caddy to neglect it.

  17. Miss Suzumi, the elder daughter brought the tea caddy and tea-pot, and in a snap of the fingers had a good cup of tea ready, which she offered on a tray, kneeling.

  18. Caddy sat upon the other side of me, next to Ada, to whom we imparted the whole history of the engagement as soon as we got back.

  19. Caddy told me that her lover's education had been so neglected, that it was not always easy to read his notes.

  20. It reminded Caddy to tell me as we proceeded up-stairs, that there had been a sudden death there, and an inquest; and that our little friend had been ill of the fright.

  21. Aurora will caddy for you; and don't wear a crimson vest--there's nothing to be gained by it.

  22. The gabled roof of Augustus North's house was visible above the trees scarcely half a mile away, but the paper chase led to it by devious, sequestered ways, which Steve Ventnor and his caddy scrupulously followed.

  23. He would go of course--for Aurora was to caddy for him.

  24. The grass in the pasture was short and McLemore played his brassey--his caddy instructing him as to the ground on the other side, which fell gently down to a brook he could not reach.

  25. His caddy counted them; which only went to prove her a conscientious person, for under the circumstances book-keeping was a difficult matter.

  26. A little teapot and caddy would also be placed there.

  27. But I wanted to make sure that the tea-caddy was where I had told Mrs Moxon to put it.

  28. I should think a ten-strike would make a caddy feel sore for fair.

  29. The caddy gets all that's comin' to him, doesn't he?

  30. That means he's just hit the caddy four times, doesn't it?

  31. Caddy was standing behind Tregarron now, her half-closed, sleepy eyes fixed on Jorj's.

  32. Jorj Helmuth sat across the desk from him, a few feet back, erect and grim-faced, while shadowy in the muted light, Caddy stood against the wall behind Tregarron.

  33. Behind Tregarron, Caddy swayed as if in a sudden gust of intangible wind and took a silent step forward from the wall.

  34. Caddy was merely a wilful and rather silly girl, incapable at present of understanding the tremendous tensions under which he operated.

  35. Caddy didn't say anything, but she stopped stroking his forehead.

  36. Still, he grumbled silently, Caddy might have had enough consideration to clear out before he awoke.

  37. It is useless to conceal that Cuddle was dreadfully frightened; he heard Caddy striding after him at a fearful rate; and felt satisfied, by the evidence of his ears, that his dreaded pursuer would very speedily overtake him.

  38. I talk of those delights, which were the theme of our discourse in the much-regretted days of Caddy Caddy, I forget that time is on the wing.

  39. Caddy was rather alarmed; and he uttered an exclamation, which seemed to rouse the object of his fears.

  40. Caddy then went on to reason how could he be expected to be a scholar when he had passed his whole life in the dancing school, and had done nothing but teach and fag, fag and teach, morning, noon, and night!

  41. The utter carelessness of some "society gentlemen" in regard to the education of their children is referred to in the description Caddy Jellyby gave of her lover, the son of the great Turveydrop.

  42. Caddy expressed her views of the training they received by saying: "I wish I was dead.

  43. Caddy told me that her lover's education had been so neglected that it was not always easy to read his notes.

  44. Illustration: He tore up the Medal Score, gave all the Clubs to the Caddy .

  45. I wish," says Barbara, shutting the caddy with a snap, "that Providence had willed to send the dear old fellow into the world twenty years later than it did.

  46. But his manner was perfection as he saluted her and bade the caddy build their tees.

  47. You shake the caddy when you can't hit the ball: new rule of golf.

  48. Saxton bent again with his lofter, when his caddy gave a cry.

  49. I'll be sorry if that caddy has lost my best driver.

  50. The caddy trotted to where it lay; it was on a line with the one hundred and fifty yard mark.

  51. The caddy watched her in silent joy; these were not the fussy preliminaries that he had been used to in young ladies who played on the Country Club links; he kept one eye on the player and backed off down the course.

  52. And yet my caddy said you were the greatest.

  53. A moment later he had joined Saxton's caddy on top of the fence and the two boys viewed current history from that point with absorption.

  54. The caddy was now in full flight, pulling the strap of Evelyn's bag over his head and scattering the clubs as he fled.

  55. THE HANDY CADDY Why Jones sold his Big St. Bernard and substituted a Tame Caribou, which a friend brought him home from Canada.

  56. Hopeless Duffer (who continually asks his caddy the same question, with much grumbling at the non-success of his clubs).

  57. Told my caddy I should report him to the committee.

  58. They come along one morning and say as 'ow they're going to play a rarnd, and they'll share a caddy between them.

  59. It's not as if Caddy were old; she has that on her side.

  60. By George, Will, if she pulls Caddy through it'll be worth her while, I tell you.

  61. It grew suddenly clear to Belden that Caddy would die.

  62. Bel-den's mind turned unconsciously to the old days when Caddy and he dreamed out their future in the nursery.

  63. For Heaven's sake, Aunt Lucia, anybody would think Caddy was in her grave!

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