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  1. Generally the caddie is given to laziness; they are a shiftless company.

  2. But we make the caddie do the ordinary work of carrying, and teeing up, and red-flagging also, and he contrives in effect to be in two places at the same time.

  3. The caddie whom he takes out to carry his clubs costs him tenpence an hour--always paid by the hour, during which he is in the golfer's service, and not by the round.

  4. Caddie stepped up to him and said respectfully but firmly: "Slow back, Mr. Rockefeller, slow back!

  5. But see, though the Blackheath caddie looks as indolent as any to begin with, he is in truth one of the most active fellows within a hundred miles of Charing Cross, as you very soon discover, after beginning the round with him.

  6. Then he became a caddie at Brookline, played the game more seriously than before, with three clubs that a member of the Country Club gave to him, and at sixteen years of age won, at the second attempt, the championship of his school.

  7. The noonday sun looks down in glee While Potter in the bunker swinks, He plies the niblick merrily While Caddie unto Caddie winks.

  8. MacNeath's caddie replaced the flag in the hole, dropped both hands to his hips, and moved them back and forth in a level, sweeping gesture.

  9. When he couldn't find any one weak-minded enough to play with him he played with himself, and somehow managed to make just as much noise as ever with only a caddie to talk to.

  10. Both were well on in threes; but the Bellevue caddie impudently held his forefinger in the air as a sign that his man was one up.

  11. He has been known to send a caddie to the clubhouse for whispering on the bench.

  12. Small, and the caddie handed him a niblick.

  13. His caddie was already on the way to the shed with the bag of clubs.

  14. The caddie said something to him at this point; but Phipps shook his red head impatiently and continued to puff at his cigarette.

  15. His presence in the caddie shed was unusual, but even this fact failed to kindle the light of interest in the eye of the youngest boy.

  16. I can think of nothing more keenly humiliating than to feel myself a disappointment to a caddie like Sam, but I have disappointed him so often that he should be getting hardened to it by now.

  17. He's headed for the caddie shed," said Parkes.

  18. Again the caddie said something; but Ambrose waved him away.

  19. The Dingbats held a lodge of sorrow in the shade of the caddie house and mournfully estimated their losses, while our feminine contingent showed signs of retreating to the porch and spending the afternoon at bridge.

  20. You know the sort of caddie I mean--every club has a few like Sam.

  21. Returning to the original simile, the Ooley-cow was willing to be milked for golf balls and luncheons and caddie hire.

  22. The first thing a good caddie learns is repression.

  23. A player or caddie shall not press down nor remove any irregularities of surface near a ball in play.

  24. And who shall say that another, and for our purposes the final characteristic of the average caddie of experience, is not a wonderful amount of solid worldly common-sense of a variety specially adapted to golf?

  25. Could any advice have been more delicately worded than that of the caddie to the stout clergyman who with all his strength made a most mighty swing at his ball on the tee with the usual result--a foozle?

  26. There were some strange specimens of the caddie species at Ganton when I was there.

  27. If in a three-ball match a player's ball strike or be moved by an opponent or an opponent's caddie or clubs, that opponent shall lose the hole to the player.

  28. And great eminence in other fields counts for nothing with the caddie if his man cannot golf in good style.

  29. When to your caddie you say "Give me my brassy" it is a sign that there is serious work to be done--as serious and anxious as any that has to be accomplished during the six or seven minutes' journey from the tee to the hole.

  30. The ignorant caddie is trying, but not less is the one who knows too much about the game, or thinks he does, and insists upon inflicting his superior knowledge upon you during the whole course of the round.

  31. Then the caddie murmured to himself, "I dinna like 'is look.

  32. It is not impossible that the caddie knows less about the game than yourself, and, on the other hand, his views as to the best thing to do in a particular situation are often regulated by what he has seen the scratch men do at such times.

  33. The caddie who sneezes is lost, for he will be accused of distracting his master's attention.

  34. But the little caddie cannot restrain his joy when the tyro at golf, after missing his ball some six times, ultimately dashes off the head of his club against the ground.

  35. That he was given to sudden gusts of temper and only last year had beaten a caddie and had been compelled to settle the assault with a large money payment.

  36. This was excusable in her, because she had only the vaguest notions of golf or of the interrelations between caddie and player.

  37. No one regarding him would have dreamed that he was at heart but a golf caddie or a driver of trucks for hire.

  38. Some of them seemed so nice; Flynn Willis, you know, and Caddie Bailey.

  39. There they were on the steps, Flynn Willis, Caddie Bailey, Lollie Briggs, all but Mittie Dupong.

  40. Presently Caddie called out in a voice intended for them to hear, "I wonder if anybody can guess this conundrum.

  41. All eyes were turned inquiringly to Caddie Bailey.

  42. Golfers liked him and wanted him to caddie for them on Sundays also.

  43. But he couldn't just caddie on week days and rest on Sundays.

  44. I promised mother I wouldn't eat a thing Caddie gave me if she'd let me come to see you; but I don't think she'd mind if I took home some of those little cakes Caddie makes with almonds in them.

  45. Tell Caddie I want to see her, and don't forget about that Reilley family, and see that everything gets to them in good shape--a good dinner and all the bundles and plenty for the stockings.

  46. She calls up her favourite caddie with a little nod of her head, and gives you a cheery good-morning when she finds you waiting at the first tee.

  47. She does not take the first club the caddie offers: she chooses her own, and rates the boy for not having cleaned it better.

  48. Accordingly, Madeline appointed Castleton to judge the play, Dorothy to act as caddie for Ed Linton, and she herself to be caddie for Ambrose.

  49. But Bill says you're goin' to caddie for his team an' coach 'em on the fine points.

  50. It is undoubtedly possible that a player might be set at a tee blindfolded, and provided his caddie put down sufficient balls for him to drive at and he continued driving long enough, he would unquestionably hit "a superlative stroke.

  51. A caddie may not sigh, and if a cricket chirped he would be considered a bounder.

  52. He employed a fore-caddie to mark the indentations each ball made where it fell.

  53. But this was just what he had thought when Caddie Sills first darted the affliction of love into his bosom.

  54. All you men clear out," said Caddie Sills, faintly.

  55. To bring joy to Caddie Sill's heart, if nothing more.

  56. They were turned from that purpose only by the sudden passing at their backs of the woman in question, Caddie Sills.

  57. In a second his room was full of crowding seamen, at their head Peter Loud, bearing in his arms the dripping form of Caddie Sills.

  58. These were the pearls, he knew at once, which Caddie Sills had sold in the interest of Cap'n Dreed so long ago.

  59. As he pulled toward Meteor the fog by degrees stole into his very brain until he could not rightly distinguish the present from the past, and Caddie Sills, lean-hipped and dripping, seemed to hover in the stern.

  60. Caddie Sills sank across a thwart and shivered a little to mark the crowding together of white horses at the very place where she had stood.

  61. I was provided with a caddie that looked like one of Raphael's angels, and Jupiter himself handed me a driver from his own bag.

  62. Ph[oe]bus sells 'em at the Caddie House for five hundred dollars apiece.

  63. You can't expect a caddie to do just right any more than you can expect water to flow uphill.

  64. Still," I put in, "a caddie with no pockets is a very safe person to intrust with golf balls.

  65. I was in real need of having my spirits curbed, so I ventured to inquire after a phase of the game that has always dampened my ardor in the past--the caddie service.

  66. But be that as it may, he would say to his caddie as at last he flopped the ball on to the green at the short hole, "Now, my boy, how many have I played this time?

  67. But the caddie was himself a golfer of a very stern and human school, and in his great annoyance he exclaimed, "Man alive!

  68. I am assured that the "professional champion of Ceylon" is a Cingalese caddie who holds the record for the Ridgeway course, made when he was playing against a British golfer of thoroughly good class.

  69. In an inter-club match the caddie of one of the players before leaving the green, when replacing the box, put it into the hole, flag downwards, exposing a sharp point on the top.

  70. Mostly on Saturdays I caddie for Mr. Valentine.

  71. The links were empty, and the caddie lonely.

  72. They were golfing together, weren't they, when that caddie was hurt?

  73. A ball caught the caddie on the side of the head and he dropped like a shot.

  74. The little caddie wanted to go, to get a "whack" at the madmen of Europe.

  75. But daily on thy matchless ground I and my caddie would be found, Describing still another round On thy Links, sweet Innerleven!

  76. The Irish caddie does not, on the whole, perhaps manifest so keen an interest in the fine points of the game as his Scottish brother.

  77. There was but one boy in evidence, and the versatile Benella offered to caddie for them, leaving the more experienced gossoon to Francesca and me.

  78. Dryad, petulantly, as the small black caddie pattered forward, irons rattling in his quiver.

  79. With this caddie hanging around and listening?

  80. I am a stranger here, so it is far from my wish to make any complaint; so I will only say that the lad who is supposed to act as my caddie has totally disregarded my instructions, and thus much time has been lost.

  81. He and Pickard and Barstow started off, each with a caddie in attendance; while, apparently ignoring their movements, my wretched boy started off in quite a different direction.

  82. It occurs to me, my boy, that you're not the sort of lad I should have chosen for a caddie had I myself had a voice in the matter.

  83. Hollis had talked of getting me the smartest caddie procurable.

  84. In silence I approached the little heap of sand on the summit of which my too-obvious caddie had planted my ball.

  85. Short," continued Hollis, "I'll get you the smartest caddie obtainable.

  86. I have no idea as to the exact position a caddie should take up.

  87. Outfield West was sprawled beside him with his caddie bag clutched to his breast, and the two boys were discussing the game.

  88. I remember that I bought two new putters and a jolly fine caddie bag.

  89. Because he has been a professional caddie and plays so well I can learn the game.

  90. But if you or anyone else thinks I'm a golf caddie or a footman or a servile beast like Sissek you're all mistaken.

  91. I used to be a caddie at the Royal Surrey Club.

  92. To Marshmead it seemed as if he might as well have been born dumb, but Caddie never omitted tribute to his great qualities.

  93. Caddie put out a hand, and fastened it upon his in an inexorable clasp.

  94. He essayed, at the same time, to draw away his hand, but Caddie seemed to fix him with a sharper eye-gleam, and he forbore.

  95. But a step came hurrying down the stairs, the step of a heavy body lightly carried, and Caddie Musgrave came in at a flying pace.

  96. Myron was much bound to his Caddie in his way of being attached to his own life and breath.

  97. It was Caddie who, with the help of her silent husband, kept the big boarding-house on the hill.

  98. Caddie opened her eyes and came to a posture more adapted to sustaining her end of the conversational burden.

  99. Neither were they to be illumined by Holy Writ, for he had offered that loophole of exit, and Caddie had shaken her head at him disconsolately, and implied that the prophets would not do.

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