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  1. The fowl cackled cheerily still, adding insult to injury, the pet sheep munched grass contentedly, and the canaries sang in their cages under the vines.

  2. Some sows will eat their pigs, and wild animals in cages often destroy their young.

  3. Animals in cages behave in a similar way, looking for a means of escape.

  4. Already wagons were rumbling down on the docks and cages were being quickly shunted into position for their journey down the river that night.

  5. When the men get these menagerie cages all shifted on deck I will meet you in my cabin.

  6. There were fourteen of them, curled up in large cages standing against the walls.

  7. Quast had left that morning in a van, taking his cages of cats with him.

  8. My grandfather swept the cages in Jamrach's down by the docks.

  9. It had a spring lock, too, and the Fuzzies had dragged one of the cages over and stood on it to open the door.

  10. I'd gotten some cages fixed up for them, and--" Ruth Ortheris came in.

  11. There had been no trace of his Fuzzies from the time they had broken out of their cages at Science Center.

  12. The cages themselves were about three feet wide and five feet long, with plywood bottoms, wooden frames and quarter-inch netting on the sides and tops.

  13. Juan put them in cages because we didn't have any other place for them, but we were going to fix up a nice room, where they could play together.

  14. Cages built for something with no hands and almost no brains.

  15. We were going to fix up a room for them, but till that could be done, Juan got some cages to put them in.

  16. Let's see what kind of a houdini they did on these cages now.

  17. We went down in narrow cages which glided gently into a tube arranged in the cleft of the enormous rock.

  18. I used to carry about with me, in small cardboard boxes or cages that I manufactured myself, adders, of which our woods were full, crickets that I found on the leaves of the tiger lilies, and lizards.

  19. Tristan, who bore the summons for moving up his auxiliary forces, had the farther commission to carry the Cardinal to the Castle of Loches, and there shut him up in one of those iron cages which he himself is said to have invented.

  20. After the death of Louis he fell under the suspicion of that sovereign's daughter and was imprisoned in one of the cages he has so feelingly described.

  21. After he had returned to his own kingdom, he caused his late favourite to be immured in one of the iron cages at Loches.

  22. They have been kept alive in cages for several weeks, but soon perish for want of the usual food, for which no adequate substitute has yet been found.

  23. There were three or four cages full of poisonous snakes, one variety of which I recognized, the curse of India--the hooded cobra.

  24. He must have smashed the monkeys' cages during the night, for the rigging was dotted with chimpanzees, orangs, and the small fellows.

  25. The cages had been hoisted by the crane, and the horses were following; one of them grew restive, and slipped from the grasp of the man in charge of it.

  26. And in the light Bert could see some camels, an elephant or two, a number of horses, and cages containing lions and tigers strung out along the track.

  27. The work of getting the escaped animals back into their cages was going on rapidly.

  28. They are caught by the slaves in any desired numbers and confined in tiny cages of wicker, giving them sufficient light in their cabins at night for ordinary purposes, and forming the only artificial light permitted them.

  29. We have seen a string of the little cages containing the glittering insects hung in a slave-cabin in festoons, like colored lamps in fancy-goods stores in America.

  30. The town ladies keep little cages of these insects as pets, feeding them on sugar, of which they appear to be immoderately fond.

  31. In our cages here we had not been ironed, and, as our fetters had been used on some prisoners sent to Richmond, we were now obliged to content ourselves with a most liberal allowance of cotton rope.

  32. She used to say that when the Jarndyce case was decided she would open the cages and let the birds all go.

  33. He stepped to one of the many cages at the side of the room and returned with a wriggling cottontail in his hands.

  34. I shall turn it on one of those cages of guinea pigs over there.

  35. They were inside Adam's laboratory, a huge apartment filled with queer apparatus and cages of live animals.

  36. Their chief, Daaga, and Ogston seemed to have had little command of the subordinates, and the whole acted more like a set of wild beasts who had broken their cages than men resolved on war.

  37. One look, lastly, at the animals which live, either in cages or at liberty, about the house.

  38. He was among them now, in the hall, his cages and rugs and boxes about him, and, with all the cheery bustling to and fro, he must feel himself dreadfully alone.

  39. The doors to these cages were on either side of the door into the front office and there was an aisle between the cages and the wall separating them from the offices.

  40. The balance of the building was one large room, divided into two old-fashioned cages with iron and steel bars.

  41. The men in the cages hesitated; but the look in Rathburn's eyes convinced them, and they raised their hands over their heads.

  42. By and by all the animals in all the cages awoke, and stretched themselves, and exchanged a few cuffs and curses, and then began to clamour for breakfast.

  43. Some of these cars had curious wire cages hanging beneath them.

  44. These little cages reminded me of the car of a balloon, they swung along so airily.

  45. Drays were driving up at a quick trot, crowding the market with cages full of live poultry, and square hampers in which dead birds were stowed in deep layers.

  46. The fish was arriving and one after another the drays of the railway companies drove up laden with wooden cages full of the hampers and baskets that had come by train from the sea coast.

  47. The duty of this guard is to keep watch of all the cages where animals are being worked, and to be ready to come to the instant relief of any of the trainers who happen to get into trouble.

  48. Before I had arrived at any conclusions regarding the peculiar actions of the prairie creatures the captive animals in the darkened cages began to show signs of unusual restlessness.

  49. Others select places underneath the chariots and cages which are loaded on the flat cars, and thus, sheltered from the sun, spend a delightful time.

  50. The wild animals are taken from their traveling cages and placed in more commodious ones.

  51. The cost of cages varies, of course, according to size and decorations, and the same observation applies to the railroad cars.

  52. Lounging about in front of the cages is a man with a long iron rod having a sharp point.

  53. As the tents and cages slowly burned out, total darkness came upon us.

  54. Those left in camp put in the time cleaning it, caring for the beasts, and making boxes for transportation of the animals, and cages for the reception of freshly captured beasts.

  55. On either hand of where she stood the menagerie cages were banked.

  56. Hurrying up to the Primate House, we found the wire fronts of the outside cages literally plastered with monkeys and baboons, all in the wildest excitement.

  57. A large, well-lighted and sunny room is provided; and around it are the individual cages for the student animals.

  58. Mr. Crandall reports that in the Zoological Park there have been many instances of the voluntary return to their cages of wild birds that have escaped from them.

  59. It calls for two cages for each dangerous ape.

  60. Then she began to butt those glass snake cages off their table, one by one.

  61. They were kept separate, but in adjoining cages; and the time came when we needed one of those cages for another distinguished arrival.

  62. Mean and cruel visitors are fond of starting bear fights by throwing into the cages tempting bits of fruit, or peanuts; and sometimes a peach stone kills a valuable bear by getting jammed in the pyloric orifice of the stomach.

  63. They can look at each other through the entire series of cages and there is no chance whatever for a bear to feel lonesome.

  64. In the cage of Alice, three cages and a vestibule distant, Keeper Dick Richards was busily working, when he heard the peculiar crash of that shattered tusk.

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