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  1. But I did not know any pattern that the boys used in putting these cartons up there.

  2. As we go we would move cartons to vacate the space, so we could lay the floor.

  3. Does that show you about the number of cartons around?

  4. Are the Rolling Reader cartons average size or small size or large size?

  5. We moved cartons from, I believe, the west side of the sixth floor to the east side of the sixth floor, because I think there was a vacancy in there.

  6. He was more on the east side of the elevator, I think, messing around with cartons, because he always just messed around, kicking cartons around.

  7. Were there cartons stacked up between the west side and the east side--were there cartons on the floor?

  8. Are those the Rolling Reader cartons that you referred to, with the letters "RR" on Commission Exhibit 483?

  9. Of course it was musty odor, with all those cartons and books there.

  10. They are much smaller than the average size cartons on that floor.

  11. There were several cartons that had been moved out of the corner and apparently placed on top of the cartons next to them in front of the east window.

  12. And there the gun lay, stuck between these cartons in an upright position.

  13. No; there is less cartons around it right now.

  14. The Phenalgin concern takes much credit to itself because on the cartons in which the bottles of Phenalgin come, it is stated that the product is “for dispensing purposes only.

  15. Well, all that stock was stacked clear to the south wall on the east side and some cartons had been moved and stacked on top of some more.

  16. Those cartons were larger than the Rolling Readers, aren't they?

  17. Mr. Caster had placed the cartons on the counter near the front door and that's where the rifles were when I saw them, and I picked one up out of the cartons.

  18. I left at the end of the working day, oh, around 4 o'clock and took the guns in the cartons and carried them and put them in my car and carried them home.

  19. Actually, these cartons were stacked all the way around this thing.

  20. Do you remember book cartons there to the north of where the sack was found?

  21. Very unusual, because they are different size cartons from everything else.

  22. Now, did you notice whether or not there were any cartons stacked up around the southeast corner of that sixth floor?

  23. Yes, between these row of cartons right over there.

  24. Do you remember whether or not there were any books or book cartons over in that corner from which he might have been filling orders?

  25. There were some book cartons in front of it, were there?

  26. After this grading separation is made, they are either packed in our 4-ounce vacuum-packed tins or 30-pound bulk cartons which are then sold through the trade.

  27. The kernels are packed in cartons and shipped to St. Louis for final picking of remaining shells and off-colored nut meats and graded for color, size and quality.

  28. Mark the number of cartons received in this condition on the delivering carrier's waybill, and request the services of their inspector.

  29. Negro chuckled, gathering up three empty pasteboard cartons and telescoping them together.

  30. When I found leisure to examine them, I drew samples from each bale and carefully estimated the number, finding they checked up with the amount of filled sausage cartons stolen from the car.

  31. And," I hastily added, "we must have more than empty sausage cartons to make a case against him.

  32. When Hiram came back to the room he saw me taking two full-sized cartons from my drawer and asked with great excitement, "Where did you get them?

  33. That's not a baby--its twenty cartons of cigarettes!

  34. Them twenty cartons of cigarettes was a miricle to us and the one we needed the most of any right at that moment.

  35. He was convinced that the package lying in there on the bunk contained something far more significant than two cartons of cigarettes.

  36. He was waving a small package, about the size of two cartons of cigarettes.

  37. He paused at a large mailbox designed for packages, standing against the building wall, and began to drop the cartons in, one after the other.

  38. When they had finished, Raynor dumped the cartons into a disposal chute, went to a small portable bar and put a glass into his hand.

  39. Get in back," directed Ted; "crawl behind those cartons and don't breathe.

  40. During the third trial to cross the tempestuous seas, the cartons holding oatmeal and hominy spread out and the cereals floated down on the face of the creek.

  41. The pasteboard cartons and drum were thoroughly soaked by this time and showed signs of collapse, but the soap-box withstood the elements in a fine manner.

  42. Jim was already there trying to pry up lids of cereal cartons and other boxes.

  43. Jim and George, over-anxious to save their cargo, suddenly leaned out to catch the bobbing cartons and boxes, when the unbalanced raft tilted treacherously over with the weight of the three boys and shot them all into the stream.

  44. They were found in cartons of canned goods; in bread and baked goods; in cartons of packaged cookies, cakes, and crackers.

  45. Illustration: A "Grocery Store" at the Ethical Culture School] Schools can often obtain new unfilled cartons from manufacturers.

  46. The Fels-Naphtha and National Biscuit companies are especially cordial to requests of this kind, and cartons from the latter firm are good for beginners, as prices are plainly marked and involve only dime and nickel computation.

  47. The first automatic weighing machine to weigh goods in cartons is installed in the plant of Chase & Sanborn, Boston.

  48. Boston, begins the manufacture of machines to weigh coffee into cartons and other packages.

  49. In fact, some packers fill their paper and fiber cartons by the same system; although the tendency among the largest companies is to instal the complete automatic packaging equipment, because of its speed and economy in packaging.

  50. Is it possible that Lee Harvey Oswald could have touched these two cartons at other places without leaving identifiable prints?

  51. The gun was sent back again, and all of the other evidence that I had, including cartons from Texas Bookstore, and various other items, a rather lengthy list.

  52. Cartons like this, where you have to use both hands to pick it up because of its weight, the probability is that you will get a palmprint as well as a fingerprint.

  53. There was a crackling in the room as cartons were opened.

  54. Morely waited until one of the cartons was in the hands of each of the men before him, then he reached up to touch the headband he was wearing.

  55. If one haversack ration and one emergency ration are carried in lieu of two haversack rations, the haversack is packed in the manner described above, except that one emergency ration is substituted for two of the cartons of hard bread.

  56. Not edible Not edible Not edible cartons 1.

  57. We package our nuts in two-ounce packages and in 35 and 50-pound cartons for the wholesale trade.

  58. If one reserve ration and one emergency ration are carried in lieu of two reserve rations, the haversack is packed in the manner described above, except that one emergency ration is substituted for two of the cartons of hard bread.

  59. An increasing proportion of repacks are now put up in one-pound cartons with a window of cellulose film, carrying four or five tomatoes.

  60. Ten pound corrugated cartons are widely used, newer and fancier packs being but one layer deep.

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