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  1. Is It Lawful for Clerics to Purchase and Sell Stocks and Bonds?

  2. Ecclesiastical law, however, requires all clerics who enjoy a benefice to give all that remains over and above from the returns of the benefice, after they have provided for their own decent maintenance, to the poor or to pious causes.

  3. The former are made in the name of the Church in the manner prescribed by the Ritual, and their administration is reserved to clerics who have a special and express permission from the Ordinary (Canon 1151, Sec.

  4. It is not licit for clerics to join the Association 'Rotary Club' or to be present at its meetings; the laypeople are to be urged to preserve the prescript of Canon 684.

  5. The reasons for this ancient discipline are chiefly two: (a) clerics are the ministers of Christ, and therefore they should be like their High Priest, whose sacrifice they offer at the altar.

  6. It is lawful for clerics to cooperate in a just war in spiritual ways, as by exhortations, prayers, and religious ministrations.

  7. It is also forbidden to clerics to cultivate their hair (e.

  8. Example: It is speculatively certain that farm work on a holyday is a forbidden kind of work, and that clerics are obliged to say the Divine Office.

  9. The Jews, therefore, were bound to more things than other nations, as being the Chosen People; just as clerics are bound to more things than the laity, as being the ministers of God.

  10. And what have the clerics put in their place?

  11. The black clerics have suppressed every noble custom among the people of the Gaeldom--precious customs that will never return, no, never again return.

  12. At length the indignant clerics of Seville brought the heretic before the Holy Inquisition.

  13. Ladies of the highest birth are among the breeders of fighting bulls; even some of the clerics rear beasts for the pastime, and attend the exhibitions of tauromachia.

  14. Those who endowed the buildings gave ungrudgingly; rich and poor were liberal in contributing the means, and clerics sometimes yielded half of their stipends to assist in the cost of beautifying the venerated piles.

  15. Good, came to the throne there were no less than fourteen thousand chaplains in the diocese, while a hundred clerics were on the staff of the Cathedral alone.

  16. When word got back, a host of enterprising Chinese clerics began pouring into the island nation seeking their fortune.

  17. But the other schools immediately filed opposing briefs with the emperor and the court, culminating in a judiciary proceeding with distinguished clerics being convened to hear both sides.

  18. According to these every monastery had one or more clerics for conducting worship and administering the sacrament.

  19. Roman clerics made their appearance in Bavaria.

  20. The right of African clerics to appeal to Rome was also henceforth unchallenged.

  21. The Hallelujah of the Mass was silenced, weddings were no more celebrated (Tempus clausum), monks and clerics already began the fast.

  22. He fetched from Italy clerics skilled in church music, a pious joyance to which he was much devoted, and which he recommended to the bishops of his empire.

  23. The places appointed for the meeting of the lords were divided into two parts, in such sort that the bishops, the abbots, and the clerics of high rank might meet without mixture with the laity.

  24. Ah," said he one day, "if only I had about me a dozen clerics learned in all the sciences, as Jerome and Augustin were!

  25. In the Parliament at Bury, this very year, the clerics refused to make a grant.

  26. Many of the clerics did not even have minor orders--orders which it is well understood carry with them no absolute obligation of continuing in the clerical state.

  27. There is no doubt that most students were clerics in the Thirteenth Century.

  28. He further deprived these clerics of their revenues.

  29. At the close of his life he was asked by some of the clerics who attached themselves to him to form them into a religious order, and Groot resolved that they should be canons regular of St Augustine.

  30. Having banished all lay attendants from his palace, he surrounded himself with clerics and monks, with whom he lived as though he were still in a monastery.

  31. Every effort was made to have the prohibition against clerics being present in the torture chamber removed.

  32. All bishops and archbishops were commanded to visit personally once or twice a year, or to empower their archdeacons or other clerics to visit, every parish in which heresy was thought to exist.

  33. King Robert, dreading the disastrous effects of heresy upon his kingdom, and the consequent loss of souls, sent thirteen of the principal clerics and laymen of the town to the stake.

  34. Solemn Office for the Dead was first chanted, and amongst the assembled clerics were the following: The Right Rev.

  35. In any case, clerics have ever proved themselves apt for the work of espionage, and in a collection of ordinances issued and signed by Louis XIV.

  36. Fouché and Talleyrand had been clerics in their early days and certainly both were masters in the business of organising special-information corps.

  37. It is of beautiful architecture, handsomely adorned, and served by clerics with the utmost care and propriety.

  38. Episcopal registers testify plainly to the difficulty of dealing with monastic decay and to the neglect of proper precautions against the intrusion of unworthy clerics into benefices.

  39. Wherever we find a visitation including laity and clerics alike, the clergy presented for unchastity are always numerous out of all proportion to the laity; sometimes more than ten times as numerous.

  40. Below it are three panels of extraordinary interest, for they show Irish warriors and clerics in the costumes of the period, all of them wearing fierce mustachios.

  41. Clerics of his stamp and school are now becoming more outspoken, and admit their convictions in public instead of in writings that are likely to be seen only by a select few.

  42. He avoids the snares into which so many of his fellow clerics have fallen.

  43. Nor is this peculiar opinion held by clerics who have studied devil-worship on the spot.

  44. Clerics who unconsciously mislead their congregations with this argument cannot be aware of those hard facts of history which render it untenable.

  45. Father Waggett seems to realise better than most of his fellow-clerics the enormous influence of heredity and environment.

  46. Surmounting it is a Last Judgment that speaks well for the honesty of the clerics whose pupils were the sculptors.

  47. Her judge might be a bishop, but never once did she confuse the Church she revered and the unworthy clerics who sat in judgment on her.

  48. The maidens found beside the well the assembly of the clerics in white garments, with their books before them.

  49. The black clerics have suppressed every noble custom among the people of the Gaeldom--precious customs that will never return, no never again return.

  50. One of these was the assertion that the married state is as good as or better than that of celibacy as prescribed for clerics and religious.

  51. Many authorities, however, held that clerics were not to be subjected to the rigor of the law for this offence, and it was the common opinion that incorrigibility was required to justify the ordinary penalty.

  52. This had since been followed in various cases, so that clerics were not relaxed unless incorrigible, and this was defined to be when repeated punishment showed that the Church could not reform them.

  53. On sunny afternoons there were the same groups of clerics and military airing themselves in the Bombe.

  54. The whole town was impressed with his manners, for when he met any clerics in the streets, he kissed their hands in accordance with the custom of noblemen of bygone centuries.

  55. Clerics not in sacred orders appointed to benefices, 206.

  56. An innumerable number of the common people and a multitude of religious and other clerics passed away.

  57. Again, he says: "In this pestilence many chaplains and paid clerics refused to serve, except at excessive salaries.

  58. Thus they expressed their terrible grief and desperate anguish, so that for several days none of the astonished bishops, abbots, clerics or laymen in the entire army led by the tyrant dared to call upon God.

  59. The leaders, after consulting with and obtaining the approval of the clerics and bishops were were able to be present, decided to choose a bishop for this city.

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