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Example sentences for "cobbled"

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  1. He passed round the back into the twilight of a wide yard, cobbled and partially grass-grown, vaguely flanked by the shadowy outlines of long, low farm-buildings.

  2. They had come to where their houses stood opposite each other on the steep cobbled street, fronted at its top end by Miss Mapp's garden-room.

  3. To the left was the front of her house, straight ahead the steep cobbled way, with a glimpse of the High Street at the end, to the right the crooked chimney and the church.

  4. Miss Gregory, pacing tranquilly along the cobbled street, found it agreeable after the sterile heat of the afternoon.

  5. Yet steeper slopes ascended between high houses toward his destination, and he came at last to the cobbled courtyard, overlooked by window-dotted cliffs of building, above which Papa Musard had his habitation.

  6. We bumped over cobbled streets to the Hotel Richelieu, securing pleasant rooms which opened on an attractive little court, enlivened by a murmuring fountain.

  7. There were not even hints of a chateau, nothing but the aimless cobbled streets of the typical French town.

  8. Peter returned to the garden and continued his walk up and down the cobbled path.

  9. A cobbled path led from road to threshold.

  10. The kitchen door was open at the end of the cobbled path, and in its hot and sunny atmosphere, Peter's mother stood ironing.

  11. The next morning Peter Fleming was walking up and down the cobbled path of the mill-garden between flowering currant bushes, and sheaves of lent-lilies, whose buds were still encased in their pale-green sheaths.

  12. With cobbled agates were its streets a glory.

  13. A cobbled main street, with little stores and tiny streets leading off of it, and old stone towers over the city gates.

  14. Down the cobbled streets which radiated from the square were the remains of the shops and homes of the people of Chauny.

  15. We hurried back to Fontainebleau and found 25 rue de l'Arbre Sec to be a plain-looking house on a narrow, cobbled side street.

  16. The flails descended on the barn floors with the regularity of the ticking of a clock, or the rhythmic and measured footsteps of a man walking in a pair of clogs at a quickstep speed over the hard surface of a cobbled road.

  17. We knew a village in Shropshire where the original ring was still to be seen embedded in the cobbled pavement between the church and the village inn.

  18. The women used to stand and gossip in the market-place; the children used to romp in the cobbled street; the men used to go fishing.

  19. I love the way the little town crowds up close to the ramparts, the cobbled grass-grown streets, the roofs all softened and coloured by ages and weathers.

  20. The rough cobbled quays have small traffic now, the litter of the canal's old life is gone from them.

  21. From wide white poplar-bordered roads, and steep cobbled streets, and hill paths that are like the beds of mountain torrents, from the wide way of the river, and from all the little ways of the streams.

  22. They are people to whom "home" can mean only some small poor place and things, a thatched cabin, a vineyard, a mansarde over a cobbled street.

  23. Away from the splendour it stretched, dirty and decrepit and untended, here piles of evil flats, there old wooden buildings with cobbled courts, and the canals twisting and creeping up and down through it all.

  24. The cobbled streets at the east end of the church possess a few antique houses coloured with warm ochre, and it is over and between these that we have the first close view of the ruined chancel.

  25. Climbing up past the church, we enter the cobbled market-place, which wears a rather decayed appearance in sympathy with the departed magnificence of the great castle of the Nevilles.

  26. Turning towards the castle, we go breathlessly up the cobbled street that climbs resolutely to the market-place in a foolishly direct fashion, which might be understood if it were a Roman road.

  27. It looks across the cobbled space to the curious block of buildings that seems to have been intended for a church but has relapsed into shops.

  28. The Kremlin may be described as a town within a city, and a very quiet dull town, for there is but little life or movement in its cobbled grass-grown streets.

  29. The roof overlapped like a giant hood, casting a deep shadow upon the cobbled yard.

  30. Their voices and footsteps sounded in the cobbled yard of La Citadelle, as they scampered up to prepare for supper.

  31. They lie grouped about a cobbled courtyard that has no fountain in it.

  32. It is plainly so in this picture; the man with the wheelbarrow, and his bride engage our attention, while secondarily we note the rough cobbled pavement and the narrow street.

  33. Cobbled streets fanned out from the figure.

  34. The water slid under a stone bridge and they biked across the bridge and followed a cobbled road.

  35. Its cobbled streets are, in the main, spacious and well planned.

  36. There were moments when its cobbled streets were threaded by streams of wounded from the country beyond.

  37. It was intensely hot, and the rough, cobbled roads greatly increased the difficulty of marching.

  38. They went by on a slippery cobbled road, the horses at a dead gallop.

  39. You step down from the height, and cross the cobbled immensity of the Cathedral Square.

  40. However, they filed through Ghent, and it was once more boots, boots, boots, boots over the cobbled roads.

  41. However, inspections cease and the long march in the rain begins, and new leather beats cobbled highways for many a long fifty minutes, and weary backs and feet find ten minutes in the hour all too little for recuperation.

  42. The cobbled way to Bruges is not marked by destruction.

  43. Its tired main street stretches out a long way with flabby houses on each side of its cobbled wildness.

  44. Boldly enough now he entered the one inn which flaunted its sign upon the cobbled street, and, taking a seat in the stone-floored kitchen, ate and drank and bespoke a bed.

  45. Very slowly he turned away and walked down the cobbled hill.

  46. The round moon hung stately, low in the eastern sky, drowning in radiance the garish glare of flames; houses stood out sharp-cut against its light, and strange shadows flung across the crooked cobbled streets.

  47. By now they had reached a cobbled street no wider than an alley, running at right angles to the main street, which led from ford to ford.

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