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crystal; crystalized; crystall; crystalline; crystallisable; crystallisations; crystallise; crystallised; crystallises; crystallising
  1. This treatment has the property of checking crystallisation and converting the sugar into a tough material much used for chewing.

  2. By exposing the product of the first crystallisation of either of the preceding formulae to heat in a platinum crucible, and redissolving and recrystallising the residuum.

  3. The acid of the second crystallisation is usually sufficiently pure for the market; when this is not the case a third, or even a fourth, crystallisation must be had recourse to.

  4. By cautious evaporation colchicine will be deposited, and maybe purified by re-solution and crystallisation in alcohol.

  5. By repeating the processes of solution and crystallisation two or three times with the same body, the crystals obtained by the last operation will usually be found to be quite pure.

  6. When the crystallisation is complete (which is generally in about 8 or 10 days) the crystals are freed from the mother liquor by a centrifugal machine, and afterwards dried at a gentle heat.

  7. It is by means of crystallisation that the majority of salts are obtained in a state of purity; for in the act of passing into the crystalline state, the foreign substances with which they are united are left behind in the mother-liquor.

  8. The frequent reference to this subject in the pages of this work, and the constant employment of the process of crystallisation in the manufacture of salts, &c.

  9. Thus obtained, this first crystallisation of digitalin is slightly coloured; it is sufficiently pure, however, for its weight to be taken in an analysis; one tenth being deducted for the digitalin it still contains.

  10. In long operations it is found inconvenient to employ a saturated saline solution for a bath (by which the highest temperature would be obtained), as the constant evaporation of the water induces the crystallisation of the salt.

  11. Lastly, I would observe that crystallisation of butter, out of the ethereal solution at a lower temperature than 65 deg.

  12. Sulphate of baryta is absolutely insoluble in solution of citric acid, whilst sulphate of lime is not; and the presence of the latter impedes the crystallisation of the acid.

  13. Unless this were done the candle would be spoilt, owing to the crystallisation of the paraffin.

  14. Numerous facts, as in the case of geodes, and of cavities in silicified wood, in primary rocks, and in veins, show that crystallisation is much favoured by space.

  15. Some of the finest streaks of colour in the stony layers, alternating with the obsidian, can be distinctly seen to be due to an incipient crystallisation of the constituent minerals.

  16. Is not the Derbyshire spar produced by the crystallisation of earths, in the way you have just explained?

  17. But I must not forget to observe, that heat and water may unite their solvent powers; and, in this case, crystallisation may be hastened by cooling, as well as by evaporating the liquid.

  18. The crystallisation of the salt requires some length of time to be completed; if, however, you are so impatient, I can easily show you a metallic salt already formed.

  19. The force of crystallisation is a subject worthy of much consideration.

  20. Electricity, and light, and heat, exert remarkable powers, and accelerate or retard crystallisation according to the conditions under which these forces are brought to bear on the crystallising mass.

  21. Be the cause of crystallisation what it may, it presents to us in appearance a near approach in inorganic nature to some of the peculiar conditions of growth in the organised creation.

  22. We have evidence that crystals exhibit a tendency to move towards the light, and that crystallisation takes place more readily, and progresses with greater activity in the sunshine than in the shade.

  23. The little which has been done towards any true progress of the human mind has been done by the expression of free thought, and by its fearless exposure of evils protected by the crystallisation of time, usage, and prejudice.

  24. The crystallisation of the chondrules is independent of their form, and must have started, not at the centre, but at various places on their surfaces; Dr.

  25. When the aluminous lixivia contain a great deal of sulphate of iron, it may be good policy to withdraw a portion of it by crystallisation before precipitating the alum.

  26. A second crystallisation finishes the process, and furnishes a marketable alum.

  27. The phenomena of crystallisation load, of necessity, to this conception of molecular polarity.

  28. A reversal of the process of crystallisation may be actually shown.

  29. In the course of ages the mixture became consolidated, and the theory before us assumes that a process of crystallisation afterwards rearranged the particles and developed in it a single plane of cleavage.

  30. We have here, in fact, the crystallisation of the ice reversed by the invisible rays of the electric beam.

  31. By taking something much lower down in the vegetable kingdom than the oak, we might approach much more nearly to the case of crystallisation already discussed; but this is not now necessary.

  32. By perfectly cleaning a piece of glass, and placing on it a film of a solution of chloride of ammonium or sal ammoniac, the action of crystallisation was shown to the whole audience.

  33. If the proportions given are adhered to, no crystallisation of salts will take place around the eyes and mouth.

  34. If it be merely crystallisation of impure alum, the crystals must be washed off with warm water from time to time as they form, until no more appear.

  35. Occasionally we find the quartz and feldspar mutually imprinting their forms on each other, affording evidence of the simultaneous crystallisation of both.

  36. Amphibole and Pyroxene Group differ somewhat in their crystallisation form, though they all belong to the monoclinic system.

  37. For the accurate observation of the crystallisation of water which precipitates itself in the air, we have at our disposal a means as simple as convenient--a pane of glass.

  38. Water, the crystallisation of, instanced and described, 36, 37.

  39. If Galen be looked on as a crystallisation of Greek medicine, then this book may be looked on as a crystallisation of Galen.

  40. This metaphor of crystallisation is perhaps the best symbol of the advent and growth of the new understanding.

  41. Slowly the arbiter was given more power, more scope; out of much experience came the crystallisation of law.

  42. When a stopper has been fixed by crystallisation from solution, water will sometimes set it free, and it is more efficacious in such cases than oil, because it dissolves the cement.

  43. When the crystallisation of sugar is allowed to take place quietly and slowly, the product is sugar candy.

  44. If a fine white crystallisation be formed picrotoxin is present, if not aloes is present, and can only be recognised by its peculiar, saffron-like odour.

  45. During the period of crystallisation it is frequently agitated, in order to hasten the change, and to prevent the formation of large crystals.

  46. Kirk's apparatus is used at Bathgate to cause the crystallisation of solid paraffin from the heavy paraffin oils.

  47. By saturating a solution of kinic acid with quinine, and purifying by crystallisation out of alcohol.

  48. The water of crystallisation only is at first expelled, and the salt becomes anhydrous; but as the temperature reaches that of redness the salt loses water and is decomposed.

  49. Calcine ferrous sulphate until the water of crystallisation is expelled, then roast it with a strong fire until acid vapours cease to rise; cool, wash the residuum with water until the latter ceases to affect litmus, and dry it.

  50. It must be purified by crystallisation from alcohol.

  51. This has been observed in some metals on their inner surface, which have been hardened externally by fusion but are fluid in the interior, by the drawing off the internal fluid and the consequent undisturbed crystallisation of the remainder.

  52. He appeals in support of it, to the phenomena of crystallisation (pp.

  53. This crystallisation begins early, and makes the ice very dangerous and uncertain.

  54. It projected somewhat into the water, and on the icy side were several dark places where the ice was rotten, on account of its crystallisation by the sun's rays.

  55. He started on the crystallisation of ice, and explained with very good illustrations the various forms of crystals, the manner of their growth under different conditions and different temperatures.

  56. The mottling may, therefore, be considered as a crystallisation of the soap, in which the impurity forms the colour.

  57. Stearin (Tristearin) can be prepared from tallow by crystallisation from a solution in ether, forming small crystals which have a bright pearly lustre.

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