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Example sentences for "custard"

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  1. A custard may be used in this recipe instead of the cream.

  2. Let steam for twenty minutes, when the custard ought to be firm.

  3. Also give the number of this magazine in which a recipe for Cheese Custard was given.

  4. Boiled Potatoes Sliced Tomatoes and Cucumbers Apple Dumpling Half Cups of Coffee =Supper= Cheese Custard Hot Apple Sauce (Cooked in closed Casserole) Bread and Butter.

  5. Delight 1st, delicious dessert of farina smothered in custard and dear to the heart of Dr.

  6. Our young hero was opening his program with a ham sandwich and a piece of custard pie, and a cup of coffee.

  7. He was trying to hold his cup of coffee and sandwich and his pie in two hands, and there was custard all over his face.

  8. Pee-wee blurted out, while the coffee and custard were trickling down off his chin.

  9. Lemon jelly, to spread between layers of cake, or on the top of sago or custard pudding, is made by grating the rinds of two lemons and squeezing out the juice; add a heaping cup of sugar, a tablespoonful of butter.

  10. Let them stand ten minutes, until the mixture has soaked into the crumbs; then set in a paper bag in a pan of cold water and cook like a custard in the oven.

  11. Put the custard into a jar or jug, set it into a pan of boiling water, and stir it without ceasing until it is thick.

  12. How Jack's tatters came into fashion in court and city; how he got upon a great horse and ate custard {153}.

  13. Not quite like it was when it came from the oven, for such a shaken up mess of meringue and custard we never had at our table!

  14. Now, as her companions gazed at that foot exposed by Eleanor, they all laughed hysterically while Anne shouted: "Oh, our custard pie!

  15. Barbara, when she realized how sticky the custard was.

  16. Shall I bring you a bit of pudding when I've had mine--and a custard and things?

  17. But he ordered chicken and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and celery and rolls and butter and tomatoes and an ice cream and a cup of tea and nuts and raisins and cake and custard and apples and grapes.

  18. The custard and the skins are tumbled together into a great iron drum which revolves till the custard has been absorbed and the skins are soft and yielding.

  19. Have ready three to five custard cups on a cloth in a pan of boiling water.

  20. A custard pudding made with one egg, and slowly baked, will be much thicker and nicer than one made with more eggs, baked in too hot an oven.

  21. Cover with a custard made by beating together three or four eggs, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, and one quart of milk.

  22. A cooked custard may be used in such a crust.

  23. Bake in a pudding dish placed inside another filled with hot water, till the custard is set.

  24. Make a custard by beating together six eggs, a quarter of a pound of sugar and a pint of milk.

  25. You will find that if you put the custard into a pitcher after it is made you can pour it into the pudding very much more readily than if you try to pour it from the bowl.

  26. For caramel custard use a plain tin mould, oval or square in shape, that will hold about three pints.

  27. The custard you pour over the bread; let the custard soak into the bread; then on the top of the pudding put a layer of fruit about an inch thick.

  28. It may take a little longer, but be quite sure that the custard is firm.

  29. As long as the custard looks liquid at all, you must keep on cooking.

  30. Use the custard in the cups either hot or cold.

  31. Rennet custard may be given safely when the invalid is not able to take more than broth.

  32. Then bake the cups of custard in a pan of water.

  33. After the custard is made pour it into the mould and set the mould in a sauce pan with boiling water that will come half way up the sides of the mould, and steam the custard until it is firm.

  34. You will find that the French fruit will give the custard all the flavor you require.

  35. When hot put in the eggs, and as they lie on the bottom of the pan, scrape off with a spoon letting the raw part take the place of those portions already cooked, and continue this until a creamy custard is formed.

  36. Be careful not to cook the eggs so long that this custard is changed to a hard mass.

  37. Just before serving pour the custard over the pudding.

  38. Put this into cups or baking-dishes, and set in a pan of hot water on top of the stove for twenty minutes; then in the oven until the custard sets.

  39. I am so glad you brought me a custard pie.

  40. So I am taking her some custard pie, and a bit of toasted cheese.

  41. Away hopped Mrs. No-Tail through the woods, carrying the custard pie and the toasted cheese for Mrs. Longtail in a little basket.

  42. At the Kunstindustri Museum at Copenhagen there are two custard cups and covers of similar form--one with red decoration; and the other with red and green, and floral decoration painted in colours.

  43. There are five of these covered custard cups at Rosenborg Castle, three having green and two having blue grounds; we illustrate an example.

  44. He must have been a great loss to this country," said Dorothy, who was by this time eating her custard pie.

  45. Soak the part removed in a bowl with one cupful of rich custard flavored with lemon.

  46. Tea biscuit, chicken salad and tea or chocolate, ices or frozen custard and sponge cake are most suitable.

  47. Make a custard with one quart milk, four eggs, one teacup sugar.

  48. Make a custard of three pints milk, six eggs, four tablespoonfuls sugar.

  49. Over this pour a custard made of a quart of milk, the yolks of eight eggs, sweetened to the taste.

  50. Bake when the custard is set, which will be in twenty minutes.

  51. When the dish is full, pour over it an unboiled custard of milk and eggs, sweetened to the taste.

  52. Unless you have pure cream to freeze, it is better to make plain boiled custard rather than to attempt an imitation of ice cream.

  53. Drop it on the custard (when browned) in the form of balls, as large as an egg.

  54. Make a custard of one and a half pint fresh milk, three-quarters of a pound of sugar, and the yolks of eight eggs.

  55. Then mix it with the custard while both are hot.

  56. Set in a stove pan and surround with water, but not enough to boil into the custard cups.

  57. Boiled custard should never be used as a substitute for cream in making fruit ice creams, nor should it ever be eaten with jelly.

  58. It is a good plan to make jelly and custard at the same time, so that the yolks of eggs not used in the jelly may be utilized in custard either boiled or baked.

  59. Put the apples in a pudding-dish, pour the custard over them, and bake slowly half an hour.

  60. Pour this into a buttered pudding-dish and bake fifteen minutes, or until the custard begins to “set.

  61. When nearly cold, having stirred it every few minutes during the time, flavor it, wash out your mould in cold water, and without wiping it, pour in the custard and set on the ice or in a cold place to harden.

  62. In all fruit ice-creams the beating of the custard should be very hard and thorough, if you would have them smooth.

  63. Meanwhile, put into a saucepan a sugarless custard made of a pint—if you need so much—of milk, and four well-whipped eggs.

  64. Grate nutmeg on the top, and bake three-quarters of an hour, or until the custard is well set and of a light brown.

  65. If you have not a custard or farina kettle, improvise one by setting a tin pail inside of a pot of hot water, taking care it does not float, also that the water is not so deep as to bubble over the top.

  66. If the bread still rise to the top, keep down with a silver fork or spoon, laid upon it from the side of the dish, until the custard thickens, when slip it out.

  67. Pour in custard until only the top of the upper layer is visible, but not enough to float them; cover closely and set in the cellar over night.

  68. When these tablets are used properly with milk, they coagulate the milk and make an excellent dessert that resembles custard and that is very easy to digest.

  69. Then pour all into individual molds and keep it where it will remain warm for about 10 minutes, at the end of which it should be firm like a custard and may be cooled.

  70. Cook in a double boiler until the custard coats the spoon, then strain and beat until cold.

  71. Make a boiled custard with four cups of milk and the yolks of five eggs, one-half cup of sugar and flavored with vanilla.

  72. Heat two cups of milk in a double boiler, add the yolks of two eggs, beaten with one-half cup of sugar until light, and when the custard thickens take from stove and set in pan of cold water.

  73. Bake in custard cups set in a pan of hot water in a moderate oven.

  74. Place the custard in the crust and bake half an hour.

  75. Pour over the fruit and cake, bake as a custard and serve with whipped cream.

  76. Make a boiled custard with four cups of milk and the yolks of five eggs, one-half cup of sugar, and flavored with vanilla.

  77. Pour a cold boiled custard over them and cover with a meringue.

  78. When the custard is cool, add a teaspoon of vanilla, the strained gelatin and the whites of the eggs beaten stiff.

  79. Mix well and bake in one crust like custard pie.

  80. Because the family enjoyed her maple custard or almond cake, she did not, as is the habit with cooks, abandon every other flavoring for maple or almond.

  81. Lettuce and peeled potatoes were growing crisp in yellow bowls of ice water, breaded cutlets were in the ice chest, a custard cooled in a north window.

  82. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "custard" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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