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Example sentences for "gunwales"

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  1. So seated like Ontario Indians on the gunwales of the boats, we swiftly but silently paddled along; the calm not admitting of the noiseless sails being set.

  2. As Aurora--it sounds so much pleasanter to anglicize her name--as Aurora gained a corner where two of these gunwales met, she stopped and looked back to make sure that Clotilde was not watching her.

  3. The vessel creaked most terribly in her struggles, her lee gunwales in the water, and the sea breaking yard arm high.

  4. The moment the boat struck the sand, a line of natives was formed on each side, who laid hold of the gunwales and carried boat and crew up about twice the length of her, out the way of the waves, and sat it down.

  5. Instinctively he grasped the gunwales and frantically tried to right the boat.

  6. Bagg and Jimmie could see nothing, and all they could hear was the gurgle and hissing of the water as it curled over the gunwales and eddied in the bottom of the boat.

  7. The oars caught the water together, and the four boats, loaded to the gunwales with sailors and marines, came racing on.

  8. It will be seen that he does not mention any deck beams, which would be very necessary to keep the gunwales spread apart.

  9. The deck beams are not quite so stout as the ribs and are mortised into the upper edge of the gunwales a little below the level of the deck.

  10. The gunwales are fastened to the sternpost in the same way as to the stem, in both cases resting on the upper surface of the block so as to form a low rail, but project only 5 or 6 inches.

  11. On the model, this lashing passes through holes in both gunwales and round underneath.

  12. When the umiak is fitted out for whaling a stout #U#-shaped crotch of ivory or bone, about 7 inches long and 5 wide, is lashed between the gunwales where they meet at the bow.

  13. From Dall's figure[N457] and a few models in the Museum, the Norton Sound umiak appears to have the gunwales united at both stem and stern.

  14. Both floor and rail have a strong sheer, fore and aft, and the gunwales extend beyond the stem so as to meet at the bow.

  15. The ship was painted and the gunwales frequently hung with shields, alternately yellow and red.

  16. After the first minute the cockpit in which each man sat, shut off from the rest of the boat by water-tight compartments, was filled to the gunwales with icy water, in which the oarsmen were compelled to remain.

  17. Cutting green rods for ribs, we unrolled the boat and tied them in, lashing poles for gunwales at the sides, and in a short time our canvas canoe, buoyant as a cork, was floating on the water.

  18. These are firmly framed to two gunwales and a keelson, extending the length of the boat; the whole forming the skeleton shape of the desired model.

  19. The length of the bottom of the one I measured was twelve feet, the width between the gunwales only seven and one half feet.

  20. Under the gunwales on either board were lashed the ship's oars, and with them two carved gangway planks which seemed never to have been used.

  21. We rigged the sail of the boat across the sharp, high gunwales of the stern as some sort of shelter for her, and she was content.

  22. She had two handsome boats, with carven gunwales and stem and stern posts set on their chocks side by side amidships, with their sails and oars in them.

  23. For now the Irish had borne down the defence amidships, where the run of the gunwales was lowest.

  24. The Scotsman hunkered beside the gunwales but did not miss a stroke of his oar as they neared the bobbing heads in the water.

  25. Now a white shallop was being lowered over the gunwales of the Zeelander, followed by oarsmen.

  26. They dared not move suddenly, either; the gunwales of the boat were so low that, if it pitched at all, the river would flow over the sides.

  27. If we're out of the boat, it will only sink so that the gunwales are level with the water.

  28. The girl placed both hands on the gunwales as though preparing to rise.

  29. She laid both arms along the gunwales once more, balancing herself to rise.

  30. The gunwales must be strengthened to receive the rowlocks at the place k, k, k, k, on Fig.

  31. When the laths are all firmly screwed up in their notches the gunwales and ribs must be bent on.

  32. The deck of the boat must be cut the shape of the inside of the gunwales, out of quarter-inch board, and is to be fixed so that the gunwales are one inch high.

  33. The wood for the laths, keel, and gunwales will now be required; these, of course, will be obtained from a builder or sawyer.

  34. The gunwales should be well steamed, especially the bow ends, and then lashed on to the outside of the two top laths, but not screwed on yet.

  35. Thou must take large timbers, and let them fall from thy ship upon the gunwales of the Long Serpent, so that it will careen; then thou wilt find it the easier to board the ship.

  36. With pistols in their hands and daggers held between their teeth, the wild sea-rovers rollicked across the gunwales like a swarm of rats.

  37. They rolled over the gunwales like a huge wave of irresistible fire: pistols spitting, pikes gleaming, cutlasses glistening in the rays of the sun.

  38. With such a load the gunwales of the craft were possibly three or four inches above the water line.

  39. We shipped a good deal of water--that is, a good deal for the amount we could afford to take in and maintain any margin between the gunwales of our canoes and the water outside.

  40. In crossing Wager River Bay, eight or ten miles from shore, there was a very heavy cross sea, which washed over our gunwales occasionally.

  41. The jolly-boat was laden to the gunwales and Jack Cockrell held back, saying to Joe Hawkridge: "Why trouble the captain to set us ashore?

  42. Instead of sitting upon the thwarts, men seemed to be strewn about in them as if they had been tossed over the gunwales like so much dunnage.

  43. The frame of the boat was completed by nailing in place two deck beams of 1/2-inch square pine and four corner pieces between the gunwales and the bulkheads, so as to make an elliptical well hole or deck opening.

  44. The gunwales were now secured in position.

  45. For convenience in steering we ran our tiller rope clear around the boat, through screw eyes in the gunwales and a pulley at the stem, so that the steersman could guide his craft from any point in the canoe.

  46. After tacking the canvas along the gunwales on the outside, it was trimmed off, leaving sufficient margin to be brought over the gunwales and tacked inside.

  47. Pressing down sideways to her upper works, particularly applied to boats running before a heavy sea, when they may roll their weather gunwales to.

  48. A movable upper strake which is attached by stud-pins on the gunwales of boats to keep out the spray.

  49. Those eyes took me in slowly from head to foot; then they wandered slowly around the horizon marked by the rising and falling gunwales of the lifeboat.

  50. The submarine was withdrawing toward the north, but all the time it was shelling the open boats, three of them, loaded to the gunwales with survivors.

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