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Example sentences for "honouring"

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honourary; honourd; honoure; honoured; honoureth; honours; honra; hons; hont; honte
  1. This plural, unless ironical, cannot be read as honouring 'Ali; Babur uses the honorific plural most rarely and specially, e.

  2. But his expenditure of money in honouring the gods was more real, and had clearer results.

  3. But the inflexible Nipper, merely honouring Mrs Pipchin with another look, remained.

  4. Mr Dombey received this parting salutation very coldly--very coldly even for him--and honouring her with the slightest possible inclination of his head, leaned back in the carriage with a very discontented look.

  5. You are honouring the memory of a murderer.

  6. He proceeded with the letter--"You are honouring the memory of a murderer.

  7. Gradually, however, while the higher men held him in their arms, he came back to himself a little, and resisted with his hands the crowd of the honouring and caring ones; but he did not speak.

  8. Loving and honouring my country as I do, I cannot look upon America with any feeling of hostility.

  9. Our host waited himself most attentively upon us, and refused all species of remuneration save thanks, which, indeed, he said he owed me for so far honouring him as to stuff his cakes and drink his wine.

  10. He was a benefactor of all creatures, and he remained always in the society of that friend, honouring guests, and so he spent the time in occupations suited to him.

  11. There the queen, who had been tutored beforehand by the excellent minister, let fall no sign of anger, but shewed especial sedulity in honouring her husband with her usual attentions.

  12. For the honouring of gods and Brahmans is considered the wishing-cow [233] of the good.

  13. There he descended from heaven, and dismissed Matali after honouring him, and entered his own palace accompanied by those Apsarases.

  14. Moreover there was in that city a certain rich Buddhist merchant called Vitastadatta, who was exclusively devoted to the honouring of Buddhist mendicants.

  15. And Hemaprabha remained in the forest, honouring her guests with wealth and jewels, while she lived herself on roots and fruits.

  16. So, princess, you see even the gods are not successful without honouring Ganesa, therefore adore him when you desire a blessing.

  17. The king approved, and after honouring Chandrasvamin, the ambassador of Mahasena, he sent him back to his master.

  18. Then she remained continually honouring with gifts excellent Brahmans, that came from a foreign country, in order to obtain news of her husband.

  19. Then the king sent away, after honouring him, and promising to give his daughter, that Sangamasvamin, who was charmed with his sight of her.

  20. And after honouring that Gandharva monarch Padmasekhara and his train, he dismissed them to their own Gandharva city.

  21. Straightway she went forth to meet them, greeting them and honouring them in every way she could.

  22. This time the Queen did not lower her eyes to the ground, but she went to meet him cheerfully, honouring him all she could, and making him sit down by her side.

  23. Surely you are not honouring God when you say, 'It is all the same to Him whether a man loves Him and serves Him, or lifts himself up in rebellion against Him, and makes himself his own centre, and earth his aim and his all.

  24. God did so open their eyes by the light of His Word, that they could clearly discern betwixt idolatry and the true honouring of God.

  25. But as to praying to and honouring of saints, there is great doubt among many, whether or no they hear invocation made unto them.

  26. By idolatry we understand the Mass, invocation of saints, adoration of images, and the keeping and retaining of the same: and finally all honouring of God, not contained in His holy Word.

  27. It has been a very great pleasure to me," he said, "and I cannot thank you sufficiently for honouring my yacht as you have done.

  28. I was so pleased to hear that you intend honouring us with a visit.

  29. Old Reggie Bassett is honouring us with his presence to-night.

  30. Mrs. Monck, will you invite me to witness the ratification of the bond already existing between my friend Everard Monck, and the lady who is honouring him by becoming his lawful wife?

  31. According to the Greeks he founded in Memphis the great temple of Ptah, the very first temple in Egypt; he regulated the service in the temple and the honouring of the god; he further was responsible for the introduction of the cult of Apis.

  32. And Sanduarri king of Kundu and Sizu, an enemy and heretic, not honouring my majesty, who had abandoned the worship of the gods trusted to his rocky stronghold and Abd-milkot king of Sidon took for his ally.

  33. His argument, therefore, amounts to this, that the practice of honouring the rich for their riches is (quite independently of any dishonour done to the poor) doubly reprehensible.

  34. However excellent your reasons for honouring the wealthy may be, you still do not free yourselves from the blame of showing an unchristian respect of persons, and therefore of committing sin, "being convicted by the law as transgressors.

  35. They believe in Jesus Christ; but they dishonour Him by dishonouring His poor, while they profess to keep the law of charity by honouring the rich.

  36. The pious and just honouring of ourselves may be thought the radical moisture and fountain-head from whence every laudable and worthy enterprise issues forth.

  37. I am told so," without honouring me with much of his notice.

  38. For whilst, in great jubilation of spirit, he was honouring the funeral rites of Rolf with a feast, he drank too greedily, and paid for his filthy intemperance by his sudden end.

  39. By means of what new religion, what combination between the sentiment of the Divine and the necessity for honouring life in its sovereignty and its fruitfulness?

  40. You will understand," continued Monsignor Fornaro, "that we have no desire to advertise a heap of unwholesome writings by honouring them with special condemnation.

  41. In speaking of the end God had in view in conferring the supreme judiciary power upon the God-man, our Lord had noted parenthetically the effect of not honouring the Son (verse 23); here He adds what the effect of honouring Him is.

  42. Having stated parenthetically the effect of dishonouring and honouring Himself, Christ returns to the proof of His divine power.

  43. When you behold such striking instances of the effects of honouring or neglecting the deity, do you perceive what an act of impiety we are about to perpetrate, scarcely emerging from the wreck of our former misconduct and calamity?

  44. The dictator's arrival also, all ranks pouring out to meet him, was better attended than that of any general before, and his triumph considerably surpassed all the ordinary style of honouring such a day.

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