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Example sentences for "accretion"

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  1. Adventures and romantic experiences of all sorts easily attached themselves to the person of some divinity, especially as the character of the personal divinities became more and more humanized by the accretion of such tales.

  2. We all know how there grew up about the original core of the story a vast accretion of material, which became ever more and more satirical and abstract, until finally the original folk-cycle was buried under it.

  3. It was no doubt preceded by the patriarchal system, and was historically developed from it, but by way of accretion rather than by simple explication.

  4. All development, as all growth, is by accretion or assimilation.

  5. Mark are a spurious accretion and unauthorized supplement to his Gospel, or not?

  6. In the archway Cantapresto, heavy with a nine years' accretion of fat, laid an admonishing hand on his bridle.

  7. Defn: A remarkable accretion of fat upon the buttocks of Africans of certain tribes, especially of Hottentot women.

  8. Also with reference to the accretion of the phenomenal universe, he says that earth formed the basis of all hard and solid substances preponderating in the shells of fish, and so on.

  9. If its process of accretion is never halted, if the balancing stage is never reached, there will be no toppling.

  10. The madstone is popularly supposed to be an accretion found somewhere in the system of a white stag.

  11. But the accretion of wealth and the passage of time brought changes in the attitude towards England that threatened in a measure to counteract the quiet struggle for independence which had been going on for nearly half a century.

  12. Its history is a proof that the robust growth of a colony depends, not upon the character and aims of its founders, but upon the slow accretion of public sentiment and public spirit.

  13. Imagination may have added greatly to them, so that after several centuries of accretion a very simple truth was changed to a miracle.

  14. From hence I conclude that with the acquisition of new parts, new sensations and new desires, as well as new powers are produced; and this by accretion to the old ones and not by distension of them.

  15. With any accretion allowed, the concentration of wealth is irresistible.

  16. The only difficulty in this accretion is to secure debtors that will not die.

  17. The mass of bank paper is renewed each ninety days: Compounded four times a year, whether to the same or to another debtor, the result in accretion is the same.

  18. It is but the natural operation of the principle of interest--accretion from age to age.

  19. Its seaward accretion is estimated at 6 ft.

  20. It signifies the gradual accretion of land or formation of an island by imperceptible degrees.

  21. If the accretion or formation be by a torrent or flood, the property in the severed portion or new island continues with the original owner until the trees, if any, swept away with it take root in the ground.

  22. The act of increasing, or the matter added, by an accession of parts externally; an extraneous addition; as, an accretion of earth.

  23. Concretion; coherence of separate particles; as, the accretion of particles so as to form a solid mass.

  24. By what process of logical accretion was this slight "personality," the mere slim shade of an intelligent but presumptuous girl, to find itself endowed with the high attributes of a Subject?

  25. And I find indeed that this is the only account I can give myself of the evolution of the fable it is all under the head thus named that I conceive the needful accretion as having taken place, the right complications as having started.

  26. Accretion is the name for the increase of land through new formations.

  27. Accretion must, therefore, be considered as a mode of acquiring territory.

  28. Operation of nature as a mode of losing corresponds to accretion as a mode of acquiring territory.

  29. Just as through accretion a State may become enlarged, so it may become diminished through the disappearance of land and other operations of nature.

  30. New formations through accretion may be artificial or natural.

  31. The heritage or accretion of religious sentiment not only perverted the correct use of the name, but led to regulations and proscriptions which were out of place even for the real disease.

  32. There was, in the first place, the accretion of the peculiar fermenting filth in the mud and soil, which had been going on for several years.

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