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  1. The men then bivouacked until reveille at 6-30 a.

  2. The next day the Battalion moved by train to Vlamertinghe, where the men bivouacked in the open, having for shelter large bivouac sheets.

  3. Marching rapidly to the southeast; they bivouacked for the night near Chancellorsville on the identical ground on which they had fought exactly one year before under Hooker.

  4. That evening they were relieved and returned to division headquarters, where they bivouacked for the night.

  5. Walker's corps had crossed below Alexander's Bridge, and bivouacked after a short advance toward Crittenden.

  6. Bushrod Johnson had crossed at Reed's Bridge, driven Wilder nearly to the State road at Vineyard's, and bivouacked a mile and a half from Crittenden's left.

  7. Night interrupted the contest, and the armies bivouacked in full view of each other.

  8. You have gained battles without cannon, passed rivers without bridges, performed forced marches without shoes, bivouacked without strong liquors, and often without bread.

  9. He bivouacked that night in a plantation of olives, with all his men about him.

  10. He took up his quarters in the town of Bautzen, and his whole army bivouacked in presence of the allies.

  11. The king’s cavalry on the contrary retired, after killing large numbers and taking a great many prisoners, and bivouacked by the side of the river.

  12. The enemy made demonstrations, but made no attack, and before nightfall bivouacked in line in sight of our skirmishers.

  13. The troops were bivouacked that night upon the ground which it was intended that they should occupy in line of battle.

  14. Bivouacked in a field which the rain flooded and converted into mire.

  15. Bivouacked at dark in a rough, stony field, the fires of different encampments of the Army of the Potomac visible in the distance.

  16. Just at dark we turned into a clover field and bivouacked noiselessly, spreading our rubber cloths and lying down, each man behind his piece, ready to seize arms instantly on an alarm.

  17. Bivouacked in a cul-de-sac of the Conedoguinet Creek, at a place called Orr's Bridge.

  18. At Pine Grove Iron Works turned to the left and ascended a heavy mountain, on the summit of which halted and bivouacked in support of a masked battery planted at a cross-roads in a grove.

  19. At the cost of a very small loss he held both sides of the ford, but it was not until midnight that the whole long column was brought across, and bivouacked upon the northern bank.

  20. It was raining hard, and the men with one blanket between two soldiers bivouacked upon the cold damp ground, about three miles from the enemy's position.

  21. Smith's division, bivouacked the night of the 12th, about a mile from the intrenchments.

  22. The Thirteenth Missouri, temporarily attached to Sherman, which had become entangled with McClernand's command the previous afternoon, and bivouacked at night in his line, was regained.

  23. When night fell, he moved to his rear and then to his left, and bivouacked in line facing to the east, on the high land west of Brier Creek.

  24. General Buell pushed Nelson forward on the Hamburg road, near to the crossing of Lick Creek, and the division bivouacked near Stuart's camp.

  25. The Fifty-third Ohio bivouacked with the Eighty-first Ohio, in front of the camp of the Second Iowa, in Tuttle's brigade of W.

  26. Here, with an open field in front, he was not further molested, and here he bivouacked for the night.

  27. McClernand's command bivouacked along the eastern face of the camp-ground of W.

  28. Colonel Crocker, Thirteenth Iowa, who had assumed command of the First Brigade on the wounding of Colonel Hare, bivouacked with his regiment in front of the camp of the Fourteenth Iowa, Tuttle's brigade.

  29. Here the troops bivouacked amongst guns and howitzers of all calibres; in some cases the men slept, or rather spent the night, under the muzzles of the guns.

  30. The Battalion commenced its move to its war station in the neighbourhood of Watford on August 11th, bivouacked at Edgware for the night, and continued the march the following day.

  31. On reaching Tor Dimrah near Huj on the evening of the 8th of November, the Battalion was bivouacked on the grassy slopes and waited for water and rations to be brought up from Sheria.

  32. The Battalion bivouacked in Maurepas Ravine, and spent the whole of the next day there, but on the morning of the 1st September there began what proved to be the last battle in which the Civil Service Rifles were to take an active part.

  33. El Haud was taken with little loss to our forces, and we moved up to the foot-hills and bivouacked in the Wadi Arsinyet, near El Haud.

  34. He had an uncanny knack of finding his way to us over trackless unknown country, and wherever we bivouacked for the night he was sure to arrive very shortly afterwards with his precious convoy of water camels.

  35. We bivouacked for the night in the Wadi Nimrin, near Umm Enkhala, and at 5.

  36. The Battalion was in reserve, and bivouacked on a terraced hillside which was covered with fig trees and vines.

  37. Shunet Nimrin, and bivouacked for a few hours, after which we continued and, crossing the Jordan River by the Ghoraniyeh Ford, we arrived at a position in the Wadi Nuemiah about 3 p.

  38. At Gaza the Battalion bivouacked just to the north of the town.

  39. A troop of Texan cavalry was bivouacked there.

  40. Longstreet, however, with most of his Staff, bivouacked on the field.

  41. Some of the troops marched straight through the town, and bivouacked on the Carlisle road.

  42. We bivouacked in the woods near a very pretty house, belonging to a planter called Colonel Robinson.

  43. His troops, however, bivouacked during the night on ground occupied by the enemy this morning.

  44. In rear of its cavalry the XIIth Corps arrived during the day in the vicinity of Mars la Tour and Puxieux, and left of it the Guard bivouacked in the evening at Hannonville sur Yron, in accordance with order.

  45. The Baden force bivouacked on the field, and presently found that the French had evacuated St. Die.

  46. The troops, worn out by a twelve hours' struggle, bivouacked on the victorious but bloody field, immediately opposite the French position.

  47. The troops bivouacked in a heavy snowstorm, in and to the rear of La Croix Briquet.

  48. On the night of 15th, four of Bazaine's five Corps (less one Division) bivouacked at distances of from eight to ten miles westward of Metz; viz.

  49. Here his riders bivouacked around the small group of houses that formed the settlement, and their commander set to work to try to bring some sort of order out of the tangle into which Virginia had fallen.

  50. They bivouacked for the night, and next morning marched on until they were about six miles from the fort.

  51. Then, restored by that deep faith that gave him hope to meet them in a better world, he bivouacked on those sad ruins.

  52. If they continue their way, you know what you have to do; if, on the contrary, they have really bivouacked up there, you can let them take their ease beside their fires.

  53. They bivouacked that night on the prairie and early next morning marched down into the forbidding basin, knowing not whether they would ever emerge from it alive.

  54. The company were soon mounted and riding back toward the Cheyenne, where the main command had bivouacked for the night, gathering in on the way the stragglers who had been unable to keep up during the chase.

  55. My troops are already bivouacked in battle positions, but I will warn them to be ready for immediate action.

  56. The command halted for dinner, after which we moved forward again, and late in the evening came to a halt near a creek of clear water; here the command bivouacked for the night.

  57. Tired and foot sore, we came to a halt and bivouacked for the night.

  58. Two regiments of the second brigade, 47th Illinois, and 11th Missouri, got on the cars and went to Corinth, Mississippi, and here they bivouacked one night in some old empty quarters that had been occupied by soldiers.

  59. Here the division bivouacked for the night.

  60. The third division took a position at Antonio de Contara, and the fourth at the convent; while the light division bivouacked in a pine wood.

  61. While the troops bivouacked on the field, the Duke of Wellington with the general officers and their respective staffs occupied the village of Waterloo.

  62. The hostile armies bivouacked again that night, and such a night can scarcely be imagined.

  63. The drums beat to arms, the baggage was put in motion, and the entire of the French corps which had occupied Pancorbo or bivouacked in its vicinity, were hastily collected, and moved rapidly towards Vitoria.

  64. The French withdrew their light troops, the British continued their retreat, and before morning broke the rear-guard joined the army, now bivouacked in position, or cantoned in and around the town of Lugo.

  65. Ultimately it was generally believed that a battle on the plains of Valesa was inevitable; and the troops bivouacked in two lines, and before daybreak were under arms.

  66. There the British bivouacked that night, and on the next morning took a position beside the village of Vimiero.

  67. On the eastern side of the river, an open country extends for a considerable distance, terminating in thick woods; and in these Soult bivouacked on the night of the 15th, and there made his dispositions for attack.

  68. We bivouacked in the woods to the North of Vittoria that night, in a condition quite enough to cool the military ardour of the most ambitious warriors; reduced to the borders of utter famine, and harassed by continued exertion.

  69. Upon the bleak surface of the hill, from which the regiment had charged Laborde, we bivouacked that night, and reposed our weary limbs.

  70. Battalions bivouacked in the open fields round Oleezy collected the stragglers that came in and reorganised themselves.

  71. At dusk we bivouacked in the garden of the chateau at Méry.

  72. The grey bivouacked on the field of Kernstown.

  73. Hill, the First and Third Corps, bivouacked near Chambersburg.

  74. That evening the infantry regiment bivouacked within sight of Grenada.

  75. The troops bivouacked somewhat comfortlessly a mile or two out on the York road.

  76. At dawn of the thirteenth, Lee left the lines of Cold Harbour and, passing the Chickahominy, bivouacked that night between White Oak Swamp and Malvern Hill.

  77. He found the Sixty-fifth in a mood of jubilation bivouacked in the dusk Maryland countryside, with a glow yet in the west and the fireflies tinselling all the fields.

  78. Unhurrying and undelayed, they made each day a good march and bivouacked with the setting sun.

  79. From the thirteenth to the twenty-first they bivouacked on and near the battle-field of Sharpsburg.

  80. The Second Corps bivouacked a mile from Fairfield, and, waking now and then in the wet and windy night, heard the rear guard repelling half-hearted attacks.

  81. XXV When the Goths had been repulsed in the fight at the wall, each army bivouacked that night in the manner already described.

  82. Here we bivouacked in line of battle, all but the guards sleeping on their arms, while the rear guard came filing across the bridge.

  83. The night of the 7th of October we bivouacked on the ground of Chapin's farm that we had fought for during the day, not thinking that we should remain in nearly the same position until the Spring campaign opened.

  84. The next day we reached Bealeton Station, where we bivouacked in the woods until the night of the 8th, awaiting the arrival of our cavalry.

  85. On the night of the 24th, we bivouacked at Brandy Station, where the paymaster worked all night paying off the troops, and where we saw the Eleventh Corps being loaded for Alexandria.

  86. We bivouacked that night north of Broad Run, happy in the thought that our troops had indeed vanquished the foe.

  87. For five miles we waded through mud and water to the place of danger, and bivouacked for the night in line, facing the enemy.

  88. Following this plan, we proceeded through Walkerton to King and Queen Court House, and bivouacked in its vicinity the night of the 18th.

  89. Austrian Jagers are bivouacked in the theatre?

  90. As for you, Harcourt, you know how to rough it, and have bivouacked too often under the stars to care much for satin curtains.

  91. We had breakfast (dejeune) at the spot where I bivouacked on the night of the battle.

  92. I have bivouacked eight days in the open air, through nights sufficiently keen.

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