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  1. If, then, we move the calipers slowly, we shall be unable, with the closest scrutiny, to detect any contact between the two.

  2. The advantage of this form is that the calipers may be set very readily, while there is no danger of the set or adjustment of the calipers altering from any slight blow or jar received in laying them down upon the bench.

  3. The points of these calipers should be at an angle as shown in the Fig.

  4. In using inside calipers upon flat surfaces it will be found that they can be adjusted finer by trusting to the ear than the eye.

  5. A pair of calipers having one bent leg and one leg with compass joint.

  6. For measuring the distance of a slot or keyway from a surface, the form of calipers shown in Fig.

  7. A A, the strap overlapping the rod to admit the calipers or gauge.

  8. The shot must pass in every direction through the large gauge, and not at all through the small one; the calipers and scale will determine exactly the difference of diameters of the same projectile.

  9. The exterior diameters are measured with the calipers and square, or by the set-gauges used in turning, and a graduated wedge.

  10. At his heels came Dwight Wade, blanket-roll across his shoulders and calipers and leather-sheathed axe in his hands.

  11. Wade clutched calipers and axe, and went leaping after old Christopher with new strength in his legs.

  12. Put your common-sense calipers on this stand of human timber and see what ye make of it.

  13. The body of the piece is now gone over carefully with calipers and square to get the diameters and length.

  14. A true workman, who endeavors to turn out accurate work, and preserve his tools, will never test the work with his calipers while the piece is turning in the lathe.

  15. My own observations as to thicknesses I am afraid will not afford much comfort to those who have been hopeful at any time that the calipers would drag forth the precious secret.

  16. I took the calipers in hand, expecting to learn something, but found all the original thicknesses had been lost under the hands of numerous repairers.

  17. This is taken by the sliding calipers and is the height from the lower alveolar point (highest point of the normal alveolar septum between the middle lower incisors) to the lowest point on the inferior border of the chin in the median line.

  18. I borrowed a pair of calipers from the photographer and with these I carried out a most methodical and exact comparison of the details shown in the two photographs.

  19. I threw the calipers down, paid the photographer, and walked out through the shop into the street.

  20. I shall have to use the calipers for a day or two.

  21. Wilbur accordingly took a pair of calipers and walked with McGinnis back to where he had originally met the party.

  22. There is no evidence of other scientific instruments made by Revere, lending some weight to the belief that these calipers were made for his own use.

  23. The calipers are made of incised brass, measuring 7 inches in length and 1-3/4 inches in width.

  24. The design of the instrument is substantially different from that which is commonly found in English, French, and German gunners' calipers of the period, and was probably Revere's own.

  25. Closed up, the calipers measure 16 inches over-all.

  26. The legs are bent at AA so as to lie flat and thus bring the point of the long leg directly behind the short one which "nests" into it, as at B, so that the calipers may be used for short measurements as well as for long ones.

  27. It will be found very useful in the machine shop for setting inside calipers to any desired size.

  28. Combination Caliper and Divider] Attachment for Vernier Calipers While vernier and slide calipers are very handy shop tools, their usefulness is much more limited than it ought to be for such expensive instruments.

  29. The calipers can be set easily and accurately at the same time, and where extreme accuracy is not necessary this arrangement is more handy than that of using large-sized micrometers.

  30. The figures given on the details are correct for making an attachment to be used upon the Brown & Sharpe vernier caliper, but for other calipers they would, of course, have to be altered to suit.

  31. This forms a convenient holder for the micrometer when used for setting outside calipers to it.

  32. Double-jointed Calipers to Fold in Tool Box In Fig.

  33. The gage is clamped over the rule wherever desired, and one leg of the calipers set against the gage, the other leg being brought flush with the end of the scale.

  34. Inside Calipers for Close Spaces] Surface Gage with Two Pointers Figs.

  35. The improvement of calipers to their modern efficiency has been carried on since 1840 by Carl and Gustav Heyer and by many others until now self-recording calipers by (Reuss, Wimmenauer, etc.

  36. For all diameters on tapers the calipers should be set 1/16" larger than the desired measurement in order to avoid working under size in the finishing cut which removes all caliper marks.

  37. The scraping should continue until the calipers will pass easily over the cylinder.

  38. The calipers will be slightly sprung by coming in contact with the revolving stock but this error in diameter will be removed by the finishing cut which removes these marks from the finished cylinder.

  39. Set the calipers to the required diameter of the cylinder.

  40. With a small gouge held in the right hand scrape grooves about 1" apart, holding the calipers in the left hand perpendicular to the cylinder and measuring the cuts as they are made.

  41. The pasteboard calipers are cut to fit the old skein sideways because it is probably flattened on the bottom from wear.

  42. A pair of spring-jointed, screw-adjustment inside calipers for machinists' use.

  43. It is not so accurate as calipers for close measurements, but it is a practical tool for farm use.

  44. A pair of common pinion calipers slightly modified makes as good a pair of calipers for length measurement as one can desire.

  45. With the advantages of accurate micrometer calipers now possessed by the horological student it is an easy matter to get at the angular extent of the real lift of any cylinder.

  46. These are turned to diameters, and are the most readily secured by the use of the micrometer calipers to be had of any large watchmakers' tool and supply house.

  47. This is taken by means of special calipers called a thoracimeter or pelvimeter, because it is used to obtain the big measurements of the body (thorax and pelvis).

  48. With the left hand place one branch of the calipers upon the glabella; the other extreme point is to be sought tentatively along a vertical line dividing the occiput in two halves.

  49. Partially close the calipers by means of the screw and then make trial by raising and lowering the posterior branch.

  50. A number of common forms of calipers are shown at Fig.

  51. The calipers at E are simple forms, having a friction joint to distinguish them from the spring calipers shown at B, C and D.

  52. This may be done without losing the setting, as the guide bar B will remain in one position as determined by the size of the hole to be measured, while the leg A may be swung in to clear the obstruction as the calipers are lifted out.

  53. The outer diameter must be checked with a pair of calipers during this operation to make sure that the surfaces remain parallel.

  54. The object of this construction is to permit of measurements being taken at the bottom of a two diameter hole, where the point to be measured is of larger diameter than the portion of the hole through which the calipers entered.

  55. These calipers can be set from a tap corresponding to the size of the thread being cut, or from a previously threaded piece of the right size.

  56. The inside calipers are then set as at B to correspond with the size of the shaft, and the hole is bored just large enough to admit the inside calipers easily.

  57. If ordinary calipers were set to diameter r and measurements taken in the thread groove, the size would be incorrect owing to the angularity of the groove, which makes it necessary to hold the calipers at an angle when measuring.

  58. The diameters of small holes that are being bored are usually measured with inside calipers or standard gages.

  59. Calipers are sometimes set by using a graduated scale as at A, Fig.

  60. The diameter is tested by attempting to pass the calipers over the work.

  61. When the measuring points just touch the work as they are gently passed across it, the diameter being turned is evidently the same as the size to which the calipers are set.

  62. The double calipers of the woodturner (fig.

  63. Intended to establish proportion and to insure precision, it seems a natural consequence that dividers and calipers should in themselves reflect the same sense of balance and grace that they were designed to govern.

  64. A very handy tool for the purpose of making these length measurements can be constructed by adding a stop screw to the common double calipers as shown in Fig.

  65. In a moment more the white-socked calipers had carried Mr. Needham out of Henry's life for some years to come.

  66. So saying, the vicar beat a retreat, and as Edward John watched the breeze-blown frock-coat and the twinkling calipers disappear eastward, he cherished the suspicion that the Rev.

  67. The fact that his legs remotely suggested a pair of calipers added to the quaintness of the figure he presented while in full stride down the village street.

  68. When the balance is spinning in the calipers and the spring is true in the flat there will be no jumping or quivering of the coils as observation is made across the top of the inner four or five coils.

  69. Experts always true springs after they have been staked to the balance and a light weight calipers tapered on one end to a smaller diameter than the collet is used for spinning the balance, making observations, and corrections.

  70. What was my delight when I observed the fickle insect in curious contemplation of a pair of calipers at the centre of one of the little courts!

  71. Whilst this natural process is going on, you must take the large calipers and open them at three-sixteenths of an inch.

  72. But you who, when beginning to cut out back or belly, having no sort of experience whatever, must use every care possible, and keep calipers No.

  73. The man stepped to the nearest tree, slipped his calipers on it breast-high, then glanced aloft.

  74. Two of them carried calipers and walked in advance.

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