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Example sentences for "curds"

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curded; curdle; curdled; curdles; curdling; curdy; cure; cured; cureless; curer
  1. So they sat all together upon the grass round about the embers of the fire, and ate curds and cheese, and drank milk in abundance; and as the night grew on them they quickened the fire, that they might have light.

  2. But as they spoke, in came the elder, and with him a young maiden, bearing with them their breakfast of curds arid cream and strawberries, and he bade them eat.

  3. Will ye gae to the Hielands, Lizie Lindsay, And dine on fresh curds and green whey?

  4. My father he is an auld shepherd, My mither she is an auld dey; And we'll sleep on a bed o' green rashes, And dine on fresh curds and green whey.

  5. The curds or cream, or both, are beaten with an egg-beater, sweetened to taste with sugar, and flavored with essence.

  6. This is made in different ways; sometimes with soft curds only, or with curds and cream, or with cream only when very thick.

  7. In his hands he carried a poor little bowl of curds and half a cucumber, which completely altered his ferocious air by adding the requisite touch of pathos.

  8. Next day he eats sweet food and balls of wheaten flour, toasted with curds and sugar, but carefully abstains from salt.

  9. When he gets home, some woman of the family, who must not be a widow, who is naturally considered unlucky, presents him with curds and silver for good luck.

  10. Even old Kishnu looks up from her preparation of curds without a word of warning against waste; for to be short of grain is beyond her experience.

  11. As to the extent of the cutting, there is more difference of opinion, though the difference has much diminished since the mania for coarse curds ran its course.

  12. Cutting curds is now universal, certainly in America.

  13. The curds prepared in the manner we have been describing for good milk, does not have a very promising look to an American cheese-maker.

  14. As he was drying his face, he took off his helmet, and when he smelled the curds he turned to Sancho in great perturbation and accused him of having put them there, calling him a traitor and a scoundrel, and threatening to thrash him.

  15. It was not difficult to make the mothers in the homes understand that taking milk by the drink was equivalent to swallowing green cheese-curds without due mastication.

  16. Milk in one stage of normal digestion gets into the form of tough curds ready for the press, and curds should always be thoroughly masticated before swallowing.

  17. Lovers and Loveresses, a eating of Curds and Whey!

  18. She then put down a large pot of new milk, which she made into curds and whey, and gave Fin due instructions how to use the curds when Cucullin should come.

  19. A great number of Curds and Turcomans, wandering and barbarous tribes, had joined his standard, attracted by the hopes of a rich booty.

  20. Scarcely had the Christians seated themselves in their new camp when the city of Damascus received within its walls a troop of twenty thousand Curds and Turcomans, determined to defend it.

  21. The Curds and Turks surpassed the Franks in the art of attacking and defending cities and castles.

  22. Hath any of my tender sisters found Fruit of the fast or harvest of the hymn, Or bought one pang the less at bearing-time For white curds offered and trim tulsi-leaves?

  23. Therewith into the golden bowl she poured The curds and milk, and on the hands of Buddh Dropped attar from a crystal flask-distilled Out of the hearts of roses; and he ate, Speaking no word, while the glad mother stood In reverence apart.

  24. No," said the Cowherd's wife, "but I have nothing better to make my curds in.

  25. Then the Monkey got up off his tail, and began to dance and cut capers round the curds and the butter.

  26. Have you a fancy for making curds in a mortar?

  27. She took out the curds from the pot, and put them ready for eating, and some butter beside them.

  28. By-and-by he came to a place, where was a Cowherd's wife making curds in a mortar.

  29. Here's a pot which will do better than a mortar to make curds in," said the Monkey, offering the pot which he had received from the little Boy.

  30. Pasteurized milk shows smaller curds than raw whole milk, but larger than the boiled whole milk.

  31. Barley water has something of a colloidal action upon the casein, causing the curds to be finer and less tough in character.

  32. When the cases are not chronic, soft curds may often be seen, which are at times mistaken for casein curds, but may be distinguished from them by their translucent appearance and their solubility in ether.

  33. In artificially fed infants the symptoms are much the same, except that the vomitus often contains large curds which are tough and leathery.

  34. The soda acting upon the milk causes the curds to be more porous, and therefore more easily acted upon in digestion.

  35. Then it was that Patrick made curds and butter of the snow, and they were taken to the king; and the moment they were exhibited to the king, afterwards they changed into the nature of snow again.

  36. Another time, the King of Britain's steward went to demand tribute of curds and butter from Patrick's nurse; and she had nothing that she would give for the rent.

  37. What wouldn't I give for a bowl of curds and whey!

  38. Miss Muffet, as she handed the muskrat lady the empty bowl of curds and whey.

  39. So little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey, just as she ought to have done.

  40. I'll get you the tuffet and the curds and whey," and she went out to the kitchen.

  41. I'm not," Uncle Wiggily said, "only I did not want you to frighten Miss Muffet away before she had her curds and whey.

  42. And here are your curds and whey," went on Nurse Jane, bringing in a bowl.

  43. I am little Miss Muffet, if you please, and I have come to sit on a tuffet, and eat some curds and whey.

  44. And all the while the thick-lipped leviathan is rushing through the deep, leaving tons of tumultuous white curds in his wake, and causing the slight boat to rock in the swells like a skiff caught nigh the paddle-wheels of an ocean steamer.

  45. Intelligent men know, by help of their intellect, that oil may be had from sesame, curds from milk, and that food may be cooked by means of igniting fuel.

  46. Those sacrifices, O king, were distinguished by mountains in hundreds and thousands of cooked rice, lakes of clarified butter and rivers of curds in many hundreds, and streams of richly-dressed curries in thousands.

  47. Whiter than the curds thou sell'st, softer than the silk thou wearest, milder than the four-shilling beer thou drink'st!

  48. I hope so, or else my plot fails me: if Heath speed with Nancy Curds as well as I have with Hanna Jenniting, we shall make quick work with 'um; we shall fledge ourselves before we fly.

  49. But in Berar Brahmans will now buy milk and curds from Muhammadan milkmen.

  50. When the party arrives the fathers of the bride and bridegroom sit together with a pot full of curds between them and give each other to drink from it as a mark of amity.

  51. The occupation of the caste is to breed and tend buffaloes and cattle, and they also deal in live-stock, and sell milk, curds and ghi.

  52. A pit is dug and the convert sits in it and each Kanjar throws a little curds on to his body.

  53. I sat on a tuffet, eating some curds and whey; but there came a big spider, and I was frightened away.

  54. Do you like curds and whey, Father Christmas?

  55. Little Miss Muffet Little Miss Muffet Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet, Eating of curds and whey.

  56. The girl had never seen such an enormous and hideous-looking spider before, and she was so frightened that she gave a scream and tipped backward off the tuffet, spilling the curds and whey all over her dress as she did so.

  57. Then she tasted the curds and whey and found them very good.

  58. Little Miss Muffet had never eaten curds and whey before, and did not know how they tasted; but she was very hungry, so she took the dish and went into the orchard.

  59. Even after Miss Muffet grew up and was married she never forgot the day that she ran away, nor the curds and whey she ate for her supper, nor the great spider that frightened her away from the tuffet.

  60. Next put the curds in a bowl and rub to a paste with one teaspoonful of butter, a saltspoonful of salt and a tablespoonful of cream.

  61. Spread a piece of cheese-cloth or an old napkin over a colander, pour in the curds and let drain until quite dry.

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