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dorp; dors; dorsad; dorsal; dorsalis; dorsals; dorsalwards; dorsi; dorso; dorsolateral
  1. Superficially differing obviously in the form of the prostomium which is much more narrowed distad and is neither depressed nor furrowed either dorsally or ventrally.

  2. It is like Notophyllum and unlike Austrophyllum in having the first segment dorsally reduced.

  3. Collar lobe deeply and widely incised dorsally and ventrally; the lobe on each side bearing a series of numerous long cross-striated setae which are reddish brown in color and are stouter than the ordinary notopodials.

  4. The caudal process of the bone is broad, with the terminal ends flattened, forming dorsally a graceful V-shaped outline, whereas the outline of the posterior end of the sternum is broad and convex.

  5. Coloration: As described for the species, but darkest of the three subspecies; tending to be more Vinaceous dorsally than either pallidiceps or centralasiae.

  6. The body of the incus is flattened dorsally but otherwise rounded.

  7. Mohawk Park, Oklahoma, are darker dorsally than, but otherwise similar to, specimens from the type locality.

  8. In Eozapus the head of the malleus is narrow, oblong, and rounded dorsally and attaches to the body by a long, slender, abruptly recurved neck.

  9. Size averaging slightly larger; color darker, being less ochraceous and more yellow dorsally and laterally; auditory bullae more inflated; zygomatic arches less bowed laterally; incisive foramina narrower.

  10. The body is pointed dorsally and rounded ventrally, the reverse of the condition in Eozapus.

  11. The incus has a dorsally rounded body with an anterior downward snoutlike projection with which the malleus articulates.

  12. Their pelage contrasts markedly with the dorsally brownish and ventrally buffy pelage of the September-taken specimens from Prater Canyon.

  13. S Rabinal are paler dorsally than other Guatemalan specimens available to us, including the specimen from the nearby locality, 5 mi.

  14. This suture curves dorsally from a point anterior to the quadrate and passes anterodorsally to the extremity of the processus ascendens.

  15. A low ridge, nearly vertical, passes dorsally from about mid-point of the canal to the dorsal portion.

  16. The anterior margin is nearly straight, the ventral margin is concave, and the dorsal margin is convex dorsally but may be incomplete.

  17. The dentary meets the splenial dorsally in a straight suture.

  18. The dorsal articular surface is convex dorsally and rounded.

  19. The transverse colon is not quite horizontal since the splenic flexure is higher and placed more dorsally than the hepatic flexure.

  20. The fundus is a capacious pouch prolonged ventrally and dorsally into two caecal appendages resembling the single appendage of the pig's stomach.

  21. Situated dorsally and forward of the liver and gonad is a large renal gland, which may readily be detected by its peculiar structure.

  22. The outer gill is dorsally directed; that is to say, it does not depend into the mantle cavity as does the inner gill, but projects just the other way; it is also smaller than the inner one.

  23. They are lateral in position, and thus contrast with the also gilled Branchiura sowerbii, where the gills, also on the posterior segments of the body, are more numerous and lie dorsally and ventrally, a pair to each segment.

  24. The clitellum extends from segment XV to XXII or XXIII and is developed only dorsally and laterally.

  25. All specimens of convexus are paler, the skulls are more convex dorsally and narrower, with less ridging and angularity.

  26. Color: Lighter dorsally and no "gold color" on underparts.

  27. Color: Lighter dorsally and on sides, pale buff as contrasted with rich ochraceous; underparts more buffy.

  28. A narrow cartilaginous crista parotica is visible dorsally in some specimens.

  29. Dorsally the sphenethmoid is large, pentagonal, and completely ossified.

  30. The bony part of the prooetic is separated dorsally from the squamosal by the cartilaginous crista parotica.

  31. The crista parotica is visible dorsally along the lateral edge of the bony prooetic.

  32. The black rings between the white and red rings are not so expanded as to interrupt the white rings dorsally as in L.

  33. Dorsally the heart is now very conspicuous, and in front of the chelicerae may be seen the supra-oesophageal ganglia.

  34. The successive elements are connected by fibrous tissue, and are continuous dorsally with a fibrous band, known as the ligamentum longitudinale superius (Plate 42, figs.

  35. Thus they came to abut dorsally against the axial skeleton, and to meet ventrally together in the middle line below.

  36. The basal parts of the neural arches of the two sides are united dorsally by a thin cartilaginous layer resting on the sheath of the notochord, but they are not united ventrally with the haemal arches.

  37. The section of the two cords placed dorsally to the rectum is solely formed of nerve-fibres; the nerve-cells, present elsewhere, being here absent.

  38. The lumen is not, as might be expected, completely circumscribed by the wall of the ureter, but only dorsally and to the sides.

  39. The optic lobes are separated dorsally and in front by a well-marked median longitudinal groove.

  40. The true significance of the dorsally flexed portion of the vertebral axis was first clearly stated by Huxley[529], but as A.

  41. A narrow passage is bounded by these muscular walls, which opens dorsally into the air-bladder.

  42. It opens dorsally and behind by the mouth into the pharynx, there being no sharp line of demarcation between the buccal cavity and the pharynx.

  43. It is circumscribed by its proper walls only dorsally and laterally; its floor being formed in the case of the front ureter by the Wolffian duct, and in the case of each succeeding ureter by the dorsal wall of the ureter in front.

  44. The vertebral axis runs to the ends of the tail without shewing any signs of becoming dorsally flexed.

  45. The snout is moderately long and sloping; the eyes are larger and directed more dorsally than in the other species, and the nostrils are closer to the eyes than the snout.

  46. Initially they are widely separated medially from each other, and laterally from the developing maxillaries; each bears two or three teeth, large dorsally blunt alary processes, and small palatine processes.

  47. The septomaxillaries are closely associated dorsally with the premaxillaries immediately lateral to the prenasal processes.

  48. The ground color of Smilisca baudini is pale green to brown dorsally and white to creamy yellow ventrally.

  49. Initially it is extremely shallow; dorsally it is widely separated from the nasals, and ventrally the posterior margin meets the anterior point of the parasphenoid.

  50. It first appears within the capsule bordered dorsally by the tectum nasi, medially and ventrally by the septum nasi, and laterally by the alary cartilage.

  51. Endochondral ossification first appears dorsally in the vertical part of the septum at the level of the internal nares.

  52. The latter is bordered by bone dorsally and by cartilage ventrally (Fig.

  53. The taenia tecti marginales and the tectum synoticum are covered dorsally and laterally by the frontoparietals.

  54. The anterior terminus lies at the base of the alary process; the cartilage extends dorsally (Fig.

  55. It abruptly expands dorsally along the medial face of the nasal to join the tectum nasi dorsolaterally; somewhat posteriorly the planum antorbitale joins the anterior maxillary process ventrally at the posterior margin of the internal nares.

  56. The prevomer expands dorsally around the distal end of the solum to provide a bony lateral support for the olfactory eminence (Figs.

  57. Ventrally straight, dorsally convex, strongly produced in a rounded, somewhat keeled eminence over the thorax; pointed at the end.

  58. Insert one point of the scissors a little to one side of the anus and cut dorsally on the left side of the body to the backbone.

  59. Note dorsally of the trachea a long tube passing through the diaphragm and connecting the mouth with the stomach.

  60. The body is black dorsally and laterally, and bluish gray ventrally; the tail musculature is brown and stippled with darker brown.

  61. Specimens from the Sierra de Coalcoman have relatively narrow red bands that are not interrupted dorsally by extensions of the black rings; the scales in the red bands have black tips.

  62. With the characters of Agrostis; distinguished by the presence of a second rudimentary flower in the form of a short bristle, and by the 2-toothed palet little shorter than the flowering bifid glume, which is dorsally awned.

  63. Leaves succubous, dorsally decurrent, mostly rounded and entire; underleaves rooting at the base, usually deeply 2-cleft.

  64. Receptacle convex to subulate, chaffy, the scarious chaff not embracing the smooth dorsally compressed achenes.

  65. Stems dorsally compressed, with rootlets at the base and often producing somewhat leafless runners.

  66. There is no regular system of blood-vessels; the most important organ of the circulation is a contractile vessel situated dorsally and called the 'dorsal vessel'.

  67. It gives off dorsally a pair of short processes which meet the pro-otics.

  68. Behind, it articulates dorsally with the basi-occipital and dorsolaterally with the pro-otics and opisthotics, in front it articulates dorsally with the lateral ethmoid and ventrally with the vomer.

  69. It is firmly united in front to the maxillae, and behind meets the zygomatic process of the squamosal, being drawn out dorsally into a short =postorbital process= at the point of meeting.

  70. The neural arch is strongly developed and terminated dorsally by a long neural spine (fig.

  71. It is entirely cartilaginous and consists of a curved ventrally-placed rod, ending dorsally in two horn-like scapular processes which are sometimes attached to the cranium or vertebral column.

  72. The =petrous portion= lies dorsally and anteriorly, and is much the more important of the two, as it encloses the essential part of the auditory organ.

  73. Each neural arch is drawn out dorsally into a very slight cartilaginous =neural spine=.

  74. The anterior boundary of the quadrate is extremely irregular, it is united dorsally with the postfrontal, pro-otic, and squamosal, and more ventrally with the alisphenoid.

  75. This is a rounded box expanded dorsally and posteriorly, but tapering antero-ventrally.

  76. They are attached dorsally to the postfrontals, and anteriorly to the maxillae, while each also sends inwards a horizontal process which meets the pterygoid and palatine.

  77. Dorsally it is fixed to the squamosal and anteriorly to the quadratojugal.

  78. Laterally the stapes carries a short, broad process that probably made contact with a dorsally placed tympanic membrane.

  79. Along the posterior edge of the orbital fenestra, there is a narrow, dorsally projecting flange of the pterygoid.

  80. In this comparison there is a very great difficulty, very similar to that of the original attempts to derive vertebrates from annelids--the gill-slits open ventrally in the one animal and dorsally in the other.

  81. The anterior dorso-plastron muscle (63) is attached dorsally to the carapace in the middle line, being joined to its fellow of the opposite side.

  82. The median dorso-plastron muscle (64) is attached dorsally to the posterior part of the carapace.

  83. The mouth is situated ventrally, and leads by means of the oesophagus into an alimentary canal which is situated dorsally to the central nervous system.

  84. In the one case the digestive tube pierced the central nervous system, and was situated dorsally to its main mass.

  85. It is attached dorsally to the carapace and ventrally to the pre-oral entosclerite.

  86. The anterior group consists of a pair of very small tentacles and a very small median tentacle, all three situated quite dorsally in the front part of the upper lip.

  87. In the other case the segmented central nervous system was situated from the first dorsally to the alimentary canal, and was not pierced by it.

  88. Both muscles are attached to the plastron, and, therefore, to that extent belong to the prosomatic region; they are attached dorsally close to the junction of the prosoma and mesosoma.

  89. The vertebrate olfactory apparatus commences as a single median tube which terminates dorsally in the lamprey, and is supplied by the two olfactory nerves which arise from the supra-infundibular portion of the brain.

  90. In Dipnoans the sinus becomes greatly dilated and forms a large, rounded, dorsally placed cloacal caecum.

  91. This takes its origin from a gigantic ganglion cell situated latero-dorsally in the spinal cord between the levels of the first and second spinal nerves.

  92. Ventrally there project backwards from the ceratohyal a series of ten overlapping branchiostegal rays, while more dorsally are the broader interopercular, subopercular and opercular.

  93. In this region there is a greatly increased size of the fin-fold--both dorsally and ventrally.

  94. In Dibranchiata the two large lobes of the liver are placed antero-dorsally (beneath the shell in Decapoda), and the bile-ducts open into the caecum.

  95. The most dorsally placed pair of arms, corresponding to the two sides of the hood of Nautilus, are in reality the most anterior, and are termed the first pair.

  96. Extinct; phragmacone short with ventral siphuncle, prolonged dorsally into long proostracum; rostrum large and cylindrical.

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