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  1. These two pieces of dowel are glued to the wheel and serve to make it run in the center.

  2. The dowel should have glue placed on its ends, and, after the legs are in place, an inch brad should be driven into each leg, through the dowel, to hold it firmly in place.

  3. Another piece of 1/4" dowel is cut 4" long, and is fitted to support the body of the clown on the handle.

  4. A 3/4" brad should be driven into the edge of the rear legs so that it will penetrate and hold the dowel in place.

  5. The grip should be cut from a 1" dowel and then cut to fit the angle formed by the spreading sides of the shovel.

  6. The wheels are best turned on a lathe to 4" in diameter and a hole bored in the center of each of a size that will allow a 1/4" dowel to fit tightly.

  7. Place this screw and then insert the dowel through the front upright into the front supporting block and flush with the inner surface of the front box end.

  8. Holes are bored in the center of the curve of the runners with a medium-size drill, and at these points an inch dowel is cut long enough to fit snugly between the runners, after the sleigh is assembled.

  9. The dowel is 9" long and is held in place with glue, and a 3/4" brad is driven in the leg to hold it firmly in place.

  10. This dowel is held with glue and 1-1/2" No.

  11. Be sure every piece is in its proper position before driving in the brads and then be positive that no brad is being driven at a point where the dowel must be free to move in the hole.

  12. Besides the farm work we had to look after the hardwood flooring mill that summer and the white-birch dowel mill.

  13. The old Squire gave him another job at the dowel mill and stationed his brother, Asa Doane, a strictly temperate man, at the spring.

  14. Be sure that each end is perfectly square, then glue and dowel the 2-in.

  15. They may be fastened to the top of the front posts with round-head screws or dowel pins.

  16. The rails are held in place by dowel pins, the heads of which are allowed to project slightly and rounded so as to give an ornamental effect.

  17. Repeat slipping over dowel and twisting between every two warp strings until you reach the right hand screw.

  18. When the pairing is finished slip the lower dowel out of the rings and tie the dowel again to the screws.

  19. Take a piece of cord nine inches longer than a dowel and tie to the throat of the lower left-hand screw.

  20. Slip one dowel through the rings at each end and tie to picture ring.

  21. Buttonhole stitch over the dowel keeping the lower thread down and the upper thread on top.

  22. One foot is placed in the centre of opposite sides of the frame and the third dowel run through the holes.

  23. The template is put on the ends of the straight pole, and the dowel centres are pricked into the wood.

  24. It needs little or no explanation beyond the fact that the dowels should be at right angles to the line of joint, and consequently the dowel at the outside edge of the frame will have to be much shorter than the others.

  25. The sharp corners are now planed away, and the roughly formed dowel is driven through a steel dowel plate, Fig.

  26. Small wedges, wooden dowels, metal dowel pins, glue and paint are frequently used, and prior to the introduction of glue we have examples of Egyptian furniture in which the mortise and tenon joints were united by a composition of cheese.

  27. Turned pins are left on the shaft and the base, and these are secured at the joint by the use of a double-pointed screw called a dowel screw.

  28. The advantage of this cradle is obvious, preventing as it does any tendency of the partly-formed dowel to slip or wobble.

  29. When hammering dowels through a plate the hammer should on no account be allowed to come in contact with the face of the dowel plate, or the cutting edge of the hole will be spoilt.

  30. To fix a cornice pole to a bay window one of these joints is required for each angle of the bay, the pole being cut into suitable lengths and fixed to the hinged joints by the use of the dowel screw and a little hot glue.

  31. The hole for the pin or dowel is first bored across the centre of the mortise.

  32. Brads were driven through the dowel on each side of the hand to keep the clubs swinging freely.

  33. A mission library table] Where these lines cross, bore 3/8-inch holes with a dowel bit to the depth of at least 1 inch.

  34. A groove cut in the latter allows the weighted board to fit tightly when it falls, the dowel with bait dropping into the groove.

  35. Cut a slight bevel on the end of each dowel with the knife.

  36. The fastening between upper shelf and legs may be either round-head blue screws or dowel pins of the same material as the legs, with the outer ends slightly rounded.

  37. These are to receive the 1/4-inch dowel rod which acts as the axle for the spool s.

  38. A piece of 1/4-inch maple dowel was used as a pivot, the upper end being sand-papered until the vane swung freely.

  39. Saw six pieces of 3/8-inch dowel 2 inches long, and glue ends of each dowel in the holes prepared in the middle board, as shown at c.

  40. The two cross pieces may be rounded, or pieces of 5/8-inch maple dowel used.

  41. The ends of this dowel can be split before they are placed, and then in the final position small thin wedges can be driven in with a little glue.

  42. At each end of the dowel was fastened a blade which had been drilled to fit.

  43. A dowel joint joining two pieces at right angles.

  44. As the thread unwinds from the dowel the point of the pencil will describe a volute which may be developed indefinitely.

  45. A strong piece of thread, or fine wire, is wrapped around the base of the dowel a number of times and a loop is formed in the free end.

  46. A pencil with a sharp point is inserted in the loop and the pencil and dowel are placed together on a sheet of paper.

  47. Then he hammered the timber down on the iron dowel pins.

  48. The dowel joint is shown in the top corner of Fig.

  49. This hole should be bored a couple of inches into the stone, and an iron pin or dowel 8 in.

  50. Summersby must have kicked the dowel aside when he slid through.

  51. He swung around and jammed himself through the aperture and the wall moved silently back into place; this time the dowel was not there, and when the wall stopped, there was no crack at the corner.

  52. Snatching up a green dowel from the floor, he jumped into the box as the door was closing.

  53. Then in one end of each felloe drive a dowel (d) rather stiffly, but so that it does not bottom in the hole; leave half its length projecting.

  54. Take a thin piece of board and cut a mould for the felloe pieces, marking on it the lines for the dowel holes, d, and those for the insertion of the spokes, c.

  55. The sails are in this instance flat boards, with a dowel left on each end for a hinge.

  56. Do the same with the next pair, and fit on the next felloe piece, taking care that it receives fairly the dowel of the first.

  57. The place for each dowel is located by making a line exactly in the middle lengthwise on each end of each side rail.

  58. If making dowel joints they must be clamped very tight when glued and put together.

  59. Pull out the brads and bore holes for the dowel pins.

  60. At the upper extremity is part of a dowel hole, showing that the marble had been attached here by a joint.

  61. The metal reins have been attached to the upper surface of the plinth under the right forearm, and also under the right hand, now lost; three dowel holes in this part of the plinth served for their attachment.

  62. It probably held a spear, or some other long object, the end of which may have been attached to the left ankle at the place where a dowel hole is still visible.

  63. On the right wrist of the figure nearest the angle (E) is a dowel hole, probably for the attachment of a bracelet.

  64. The reins were of metal, and the points of attachment of reins and bridle are marked by three dowel holes in the plinth, a fourth behind the right ear, and a fifth inside the mouth.

  65. Two large dowel holes in the girdle and two others on the shoulders mark where metallic ornaments have been attached.

  66. As the fragments found belong to the extremities of the figure, and since they are proved to have been separate pieces attached, by the dowel holes, it is inferred that the statue was acrolithic, i.

  67. The shoulders are broken, but there are remains of large dowel holes as if for the insertion of wings, and the figure is not unlike the Victories on the balustrade of the temple of Nike.

  68. Behind the ears is a dowel hole; another is on the nose between the eyes and the mouth, and a third on the inner corner of the mouth.

  69. The head is fastened on the end of the handle with a dowel in the same manner as putting the handle parts together.

  70. A hole is made through the center for the dowel of the two handle parts when they are put together.

  71. The parts are put together with dowel pins.

  72. Two ends--the bottoms of two small peach baskets will do--are fastened to a dowel stick or broom handle, if nothing better is at hand.

  73. The dowel holes are bored at a distance of 1 ft.

  74. By squinting down the length of the dowel you can observe the crooked portions.

  75. I take a dowel and attach to one end by glue and binding a bent piece of iron so fashioned that the extremity serves as a hook to draw the string and the bent portion permits the attachment of the scale.

  76. The dowel is marked off in inches so that one can test different lengths of draw.

  77. With the bow in the bench vise, this measure hooked on the string and resting on the bow at the arrow plate, the scale is hooked in place, the dowel drawn down to the standard length and the registered weight read off on the scale.

  78. Push the dowel into the whistle and saw the straight end of the notch about 3/16" deep.

  79. Make the dowel for twisting the two cords on the back of the bow so as to bend the bow as desired.

  80. This dowel must fit tightly in the handle and spool, and loosely in the two sides.

  81. To make the arms, use a 1/2" hard wood dowel 6" long.

  82. If a rolling sound is desired, put in a pea before gluing the dowel in place.

  83. Put glue inside the spool and on the middle portion of the dowel, then, with the spool between the two sides, push the dowel thru all three holes.

  84. When it sounds best, glue the dowel in place and allow it to dry before sawing it off and cutting the slanting part.

  85. Bore 1/4" holes for the vanes 1/2" each side the center of the dowel and file the wrists, before sawing it in two.

  86. After twisting the cords enough, slip them towards the end of the dowel away from the spur, and rest the spur in the back of the spine.

  87. Because the ramrod and handle are rather heavy, a strong dowel is put thru the handle and ramrod.

  88. Plane off a side of this dowel till a flat place is made 3/8" wide.

  89. When nailing the axle blocks in place, put a dowel or lead pencil thru the holes to help in nailing the blocks exactly opposite each other.

  90. Bore a 3/16" hole in the center of the base and glue the dowel into it.

  91. Into one end of the dowel drive a small brad and file it sharp.

  92. The shunt magnet with its coil is held to the base by two dowel pins and four screws, enabling it to be removed as a unit as shown.

  93. The supporting bracket is attached to the meter base by two screws and aligned by two dowel pins.

  94. In both dowel and mortise and tenon construction the use of good glue is essential.

  95. What applies to plywood or dowel joints does not necessarily apply to spring construction.

  96. The pieces fit snugly and are braced to prevent pulling apart, the corner block augmenting the dowel joint.

  97. One method of procedure is as follows: To dowel the end of one member against the face of the other as a stringer into a rail or a rail into a table leg, first lay out the position of the dowels in the end of the first member, X, Fig.

  98. The dowel should be dipped in glue and inserted when the glue is applied to the joint.

  99. A dowel or nail may be inserted in the trough for a stop.

  100. Cylindrical blocks may be cut from broom sticks or dowel rods and wrapped in appropriately labeled covers.

  101. For wheels, use pieces of small broomstick or dowel rod.

  102. The spokes are made of dowel rods; these fitting into a hub that can easily be turned out on the lathe.

  103. The carriage C is a loose piece the same thickness as the stop B and is provided with a dowel rod to fit the central hole in the wheel.

  104. Wheel is now free to come out by pulling and working it away from dowel pins located in brake shell assembly.

  105. We have already got out the side for the book shelves and bat holder, Section C, and have only to dowel and glue shelves firmly into place, put the back boards in position, having got them out the size and shape shown by Sketches 7 and 8.

  106. Hang the door with brass hinges and fit a small lock into place; then dowel neatly into place the under brackets, Nos.

  107. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dowel" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.