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  1. The hieroglyphs proper may be written either way, or in a perpendicular line.

  2. Fourthly, the bulk of the hieroglyphs are phonetic.

  3. The non-recurrence of the tribal hieroglyphs he explains by saying that the families are henceforth designated only by the chiefs who lead them.

  4. I-132] Delafield, it is true, discerns a distinct analogy between the hieroglyphs of Egypt and America.

  5. On Boturini's map the hieroglyphs of the eight tribes are seen at Chicomoztoc for the last time; the priests or leaders of the Aztecs alone pursue the remainder of the course.

  6. Das-tarkon); sculptured rock-panel showing two groups of figures in act of cult, with hieroglyphs in relief.

  7. The side walls are covered with fine hieroglyphs painted green, the roof sprinkled with stars of the same hue.

  8. In an inscription cut in the time of Philip the Arab, we find an antique hymn transcribed in hieroglyphs upon the wall of a temple.

  9. It was upon this coat that the hieroglyphs and figures were sculptured.

  10. Egyptologists may, perhaps, find mistakes in the hieroglyphs which occur in our illustrations.

  11. A frieze, consisting of a dedicatory inscription carved in deep and firmly drawn hieroglyphs runs below the cornice.

  12. Tosorthros, the successor of Necherophes, brought the hieroglyphs and the art of stone-cutting to perfection.

  13. The hieroglyphs are raised in either blue, red, green, or yellow, on a fawn-colored ground.

  14. The Hittite hieroglyphs were obviously of purely native origin, but they did not survive the introduction of the clay tablet and of cuneiform characters.

  15. That this vehicle was perfected into some great speech, the direct ancestor of Sanskrit, into the forms of which were concentrated all the old power of the ancient hieroglyphs and their underlying concepts.

  16. Of the ancient mathematical and astronomical knowledge a corner of which is revealed to us by the Maya glyph remains, only a distorted fragment appears in the Mexican, where also hieroglyphs have yielded to a cruder rebus-writing.

  17. His examination was confined to the 1500 separate hieroglyphs in Stephens’s Central America.

  18. Clay, "the cuneiform was originally pictorial; but, as in Egypt, the hieroglyphs became more and more simplified and conventionalized.

  19. In the ideographic hieroglyphs which were the older--this being the parent writing--the picture of an object expressed the idea of or represented the object itself.

  20. The alphabets of all languages are thus traced back, step by step, to the pictured hieroglyphs from which they have all come.

  21. The cuneiform writing, whether derived from the earlier hieroglyphs or developed independently by the Accadians, was employed with all but unlimited fertility by the Assyro-Babylonian civilization.

  22. Scarcely second in time or importance to the hieroglyphs of Egypt was the cuneiform or wedge-shaped writing of the primitive Accadians of Mesopotamia, and communicated by them to the after Assyrians and Babylonians.

  23. Huge columns of prodigious height upbore the blue ceiling studded with stars like the heavens; innumerable lines of hieroglyphs ascended and descended along the walls between the panels of symbolic frescoes painted in bright colours.

  24. The walls were lower, covered with paintings, in which could be made out a series of allegorical scenes, explained, no doubt, by the hieroglyphs inscribed below.

  25. Lines of perpendicular hieroglyphs separated the zones of personages.

  26. What is the use of carving in darkness endless panels of hieroglyphs which no eye is to behold and the key to which one keeps for one's self?

  27. Rumphius, who translated the hieroglyphs of the Egyptian grammat, did not venture to settle the question.

  28. The light, striking the entrance of the funeral passage, brought out brilliantly the colouring of the hieroglyphs engraved upon the walls in perpendicular lines upon a blue plinth.

  29. But we shall succeed eventually in deciphering their hieroglyphs and penetrating their mysteries.

  30. Coffers painted and bedizened with hieroglyphs were placed on the tomb; reed tables yet bore the final offerings.

  31. The only hieroglyphs now doubtful are [glyph] and [glyph], and their position in the name of Ptolemy suggests that their phonetic values must be M and some vowel sound in which the I sound predominates.

  32. The chamber walls were marked with mystic signs, with hieroglyphs and sacred texts; and in this chamber Jesus found himself alone where he remained for many days.

  33. He read the sacred texts; thought out the meanings of the hieroglyphs and sought the import of the master's charge to find himself.

  34. He had one task and a thousand means to execute it; one meaning, and innumerable hieroglyphs to express it.

  35. And the converse: "read thine own life, and understand thence the hieroglyphs of the universal life.

  36. The only other notice of the hieroglyphs of vagabonds worth remarking is in Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor.

  37. The descriptions of the ruins and the significance of many of the hieroglyphs are helpful.

  38. A climate as dry as that of the Colorado desert has preserved these remains, so that in the rock tombs one may gaze upon brightly painted hieroglyphs of the time of Moses that look as though they were carved yesterday.

  39. It is to be noticed how checks on the accuracy of any deciphering of hieroglyphs occur at every point, if we will only use them.

  40. Now, the hieroglyphs must be phonetic or pictorial, or a mixture of the two.

  41. Thus the hieroglyphs of the Copan altar (vol.

  42. We may note here for reference the signification of one of the hieroglyphs in the right-hand half of Fig.

  43. Although there is no personage of all the Maya pantheon more easy to recognize in the form of a statue than Tlaloc, there is great difficulty in being certain of all the hieroglyphs which relate to him.

  44. At Palenque again, there are some cases where there is a single horizontal line of hieroglyphs over a pictorial tablet.

  45. It was written in black and red hieroglyphs on a dressed buffalo-skin.

  46. Before it was sent to England it was exhibited in Savannah, and the meaning of the hieroglyphs translated by an interpreter in a grand gathering of fifty Indian chiefs and all the principal people of Savannah.

  47. I find it impossible to discover any relation between these hieroglyphs and the periods and I have as little success with the hieroglyphs apparently belonging to the same cardinal point.

  48. I believe a further corroboration is the fact that though many of these hieroglyphs have no connection with these periods of 7 x 13, i.

  49. The corresponding hieroglyphs of the other pages are obliterated, but strange to say the vestiges suggest that they too had below them the sign for the south.

  50. Hieroglyphs 1 and 2 represent the sun and moon, both surrounded by half white and half black envelopes, which must denote clouds.

  51. The question now arises:--Are these hieroglyphs dependent upon the days and numbers of the series and upon the pictures, or are they entirely independent of them?

  52. I will designate the three hieroglyphs of each group from top to bottom by a, b and c) there is a prefixed 4 which refers to the four Bacabs as does the same 4 prefixed to the Bacab sign at the top of page 72.

  53. Of his hieroglyphs only enough of the fourth is visible to enable us to recognize in it the regular sign of N, 5 Zac.

  54. The lower part of these hieroglyphs is the fist with the thumb unfolded, the sign at the top seeming to be merely an empty outline (Muluc?

  55. The hieroglyphs are destroyed with the exception of the third, which is the sign of D (Ahau).

  56. Thus both the pictures and the hieroglyphs of the two sections connect without the interval of 218 days, which must be assumed in the case of the numbers.

  57. If we had figures of these hieroglyphs and engraved symbols, we should probably obtain another clue to American history and graphic systems.

  58. A tremendous saucer-shaped ship had landed by the menagerie building, where it sat with circular peripheral ports aglow and lines of bold enigmatic hieroglyphs fluorescing greenly on its smooth undersurface.

  59. He pointed with his antennae to the fluorescent hieroglyphs on the undersurface of the saucer-ship.

  60. It was found that many of the hieroglyphs of various forms upon the stones were also of numeral value, and, what was of great importance, that they all referred back to a single starting-point.

  61. The ruins of temples and palaces contain gigantic stone stelae of very fine workmanship, on which are sculptured human and animal figures representing hieroglyphs of the calendar dates.

  62. The hieroglyphs are of the kind usually found in such ruins, the meaning of which is so far clear that it is known that the commencement of an inscription records certain dates in the complicated calendar system of the Mayas.

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