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  1. This is what I have meant when I have said that the character of God as outlined in many of these creeds is away behind and below the noblest and finest and sweetest ideals of what we regard as fitting even to humanity to-day.

  2. Those forms which sprang out of and are fitted to only lower ideals of worship, ideals which humanity outgrows, these must be left behind, or else they must be transformed, and filled with a new and higher meaning.

  3. How does this bad universe produce an amount of justice and truth and love to be used as a measuring-rod in order to find out whether it will correspond with these ideals or not?

  4. They are grounded, they are LIVE possibilities, for we are their live champions and pledges, and if the complementary conditions come and add themselves, our ideals will become actual things.

  5. The negatives that haunt our ideals here below must be themselves negated in the absolutely Real.

  6. It runs on all fours with the perfectly wise man, and with the absolutely complete experience; and, if these ideals are ever realized, they will all be realized together.

  7. But these particular ideals are not bare abstract possibilities.

  8. He is willing to live on a scheme of uncertified possibilities which he trusts; willing to pay with his own person, if need be, for the realization of the ideals which he frames.

  9. Take, for example, any one of us in this room with the ideals which he cherishes, and is willing to live and work for.

  10. From the time the Pilgrim, the Dutch, the Cavalier stepped on these shores the church (and included in it Home Missions) has exerted a most powerful influence upon the ideals and standards of life on this continent.

  11. Thus cities are becoming dominant factors to be reckoned with in all the elements that enter into the question of religious and moral uplift, as well as the ideals and the welfare of our nation.

  12. We cannot, however, fail to be impressed with the urgent necessity of imparting to such a people the ideals and standards essential to their adoption into our body politic.

  13. Of necessity the conditions and environs of the country have reacted upon the religious ideals and life of our people.

  14. The ideals of nations, like those of individuals, are derived from all the concrete qualities of character.

  15. What of the need of the pure standards and ideals of which Home Missions is the exponent!

  16. A constant educational process must be kept up to incorporate Christian ideals into the daily thinking of the people.

  17. The performance of duty was ever uppermost in his mind, and his ideals were always high, his aspirations noble.

  18. Our ideals are country ideals and not town ideals.

  19. We cannot do less than echo the general sentiment of admiration for a constancy to national ideals which has left Belgium at the mercy of Huns less forgivable than those of Attila.

  20. The political ideals both of Cadets and Octobrists were learnt chiefly from England, the study of whose constitutional history had aroused in Russia an enthusiasm hardly intelligible to a present-day Englishman.

  21. In this day of diverse and confused educational theories and ideals it is refreshing to read words so discriminating and definite.

  22. Madame Colin had studied at the University of Paris and the Sorbonne, and her ideals for her department were high.

  23. Mr. Durant's ideals for the college were of the highest, and in many respects he was far in advance of his times in his attitude toward educational matters.

  24. These ideals of scholarship and hospitality the Wellesley College Library never forgets.

  25. This committee proposes a Rally Day and a Freshman Forum, to be conducted each year by a representative alumna equipped to set forth the ideals and principles held by the alumnae.

  26. I have tried to carry out your ideals as far as possible in the Visiting Nurse work and the Social Settlement in Omaha ever since leaving Wellesley.

  27. Lord, the head of the Department of Latin, whose sympathetic understanding of Miss Shafer's ideals enabled her to carry through the difficult year with signal success.

  28. But he won their affection by his sympathy and humor perhaps, quite as much as by his personal beauty, and his ideals of scholarship, and despite his imperious desire to bring their souls to Christ.

  29. It is the story of the Wellesley her daughters and lovers know that I have tried to tell: the Wellesley of serious purpose, consecrated to the noble ideals of Christian Scholarship.

  30. Their deeds are superhuman, and embody those ideals of character and of achievement which the early Greeks cherished.

  31. But we see that the difficulty of selection is increased in the case postulated above, because two ideals are to be worked up to, and they may conceivably be incompatible.

  32. Think of what a crime that would be, Mike--killing the ideals of a sweet, innocent child.

  33. He was weak; he was a coward; but he was the father of her child, and perhaps ideals were, after all, not to be met in substance.

  34. She began to draw near the people, to feel a personal interest in them, to realize the great brotherhood of humanity, and to wonder how best she might hope to apply the highest social ideals to the everyday life of her city.

  35. Changes in social ideals are more or less dangerous and indicate decadence, often, rather than advance.

  36. It will call for an appalling amount of courage and self-reliance and belief in the ideals of good government," began Gertrude--and stopped.

  37. To some people the shaping ideals of what character should be, often held unconsciously, come from the books they are given by the persons whom they most admire before they are twenty years old.

  38. How many a young girl has had her whole horizon extended by the changed ideals she gained in college!

  39. And so it comes about that the fourth gift of college life is ideals of personal character.

  40. And then, on the other hand, was he justified in asking any woman to share the lot that he had so often bitterly inveighed against as being utterly insufficient, unsuitable, and contrary to all his ideals of conjugal happiness?

  41. Strive that your high ideals may be realized in the Kingdom of God on earth, as they will be in Heaven.

  42. A philosopher’s thought may, however, in the world of progress and evolution, translate itself into the actions of other people, even when they themselves are unable or unwilling to show forth their grand ideals in their own lives.

  43. Suppose the British State to be overthrown or to drop from its place among the great Powers of the world, these ideals of character would be discredited and their place would be taken by others.

  44. It seems probable that in default of right action she will be compelled to maintain her national ideals against Europe united under German guidance.

  45. It means also the exclusion of British ideals from European life.

  46. Other nations have their types of conduct, perhaps as good as our own, but Englishmen value, and rightly value, the ideals particularly associated with the life of their own country.

  47. The more we know of boyhood the more narrow and often selfish do adult ideals of it appear.

  48. While statistics are not yet sufficient to be reliable on the subject, there is some indication that woman later slowly reverts toward ideals not only from her own sex but also from the circle of her own acquaintances.

  49. But if the boy is unduly repelled from the sphere of girls' interests, the girl is in some danger of being unduly drawn to his, and, as we saw above, of forgetting some of the ideals of her own sex.

  50. London children are more backward in this expansion of ideals than Americans, while girls choose more acquaintance ideals at all ages than do boys.

  51. We are not furnished in our public schools with adequate womanly ideals in history or literature.

  52. Country boys were prone to inattention, were more independent and able to care for themselves, suggesting that the home life of the country child is more effective in shaping ideals and character than that of the city child.

  53. Children are very prone to have one code of ideals for themselves and another for others.

  54. Several ideals underlie this movement, which although closely related are distinct and as yet by no means entirely harmonized.

  55. From eleven or twelve on into the middle teens contemporary ideals increase steadily.

  56. Military ideals have been revived in cult and song to hearten the warfare against evil within and without.

  57. A nation is rich as it has such ideals of character, especially in this kind striving on from the lowliest to the highest, through the destitution and discouragement that may drag down the aspiring dream of better life.

  58. He knew they understood what the great crisis in their country's history meant for their ideals of America.

  59. She belonged to one of the Protestant churches of Christianity, attended church regularly, and the church had given her fine ideals and moral precepts; but religion itself was not a reality to her.

  60. And can children do any better with the perplexing ideals of the chivalrous knight swept by a human passion?

  61. The end of it all is that everyone is scrapping against someone else for some selfish aim, and the main object and high ideals for which we entered the war are wholly forgotten.

  62. There was nothing mean or small in his physical form or his mental equipment; and his fine, strong joy of life, and his love for the everlasting ideals made an impression on my mind which will not readily be erased.

  63. Whereas the breaking down of such ideals is, in the present posture of society, the avowed or unavowed intention of a considerable portion of laboring men and aristocrats.

  64. These two ideals inevitably combine into a third--that all men should produce full shares of the good things of life.

  65. Perhaps in no direction is it more convincingly manifested than in the prevailing tone of opinion, or at least of publicly expressed opinion, in regard to the objects and ideals of universities.

  66. In short the building up of ideals of discipline and of habits of efficiency and of good manners and of human respect is very largely the task of the middle classes.

  67. His meaning seemed all in his smile, his understanding; and his shaft of real light, strong and sunny, made ideals pale, ineffectual.

  68. He had no humanitarian ideals to weaken his self-regarding purposes.

  69. He no doubt built with other people's ideals and intended himself to inhabit the completed palace; yet she liked him.

  70. But though he hasn't ideals I will say of him that he is dear of the usual reproach of the politician--he claims none.

  71. Here, as in every human effort to be God-like, Satan's ideals and methods are so thrust upon the world that the natural dependence of the creature upon the Creator is made to seem a weak and unreasonable thing.

  72. This Satanic system has its own ideals and principles which are in sharp contrast to the ideals and principles given the redeemed: yet these two classes must mingle together as closely as the ties of human life can come.

  73. It is possible to fight against sin and not present the Saviour; or to urge the highest Scriptural ideals and yet offer no reasonable way of attainment.

  74. God; for Satan judges the Christian on the basis of the heavenly ideals rather than the standards of earth.

  75. In these passages reference is made to a great evil system or order over which Satan is in authority, the word "world" referring to the world of men, their evil undertakings, ideals and federation.

  76. Newly stated theories of psychology are included in this system, and the whole teaching stands as the embodiment of all the ideals of the one who first suggested to humanity that they, by their own efforts, become as God.

  77. Therefore, his low ideals may often be reached by virtue of his own resolution and will.

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