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  1. Nonius came on us in his atrium while she was putting me through a questionnaire on every statue, painting and carving in it.

  2. As six of the eight were senators my atrium had an aspect seldom seen at the reception of a man of equestrian rank.

  3. The atrium of the Vedian mansion had kept, by family tradition, a sort of affectation of old-fashioned plainness.

  4. So were the furnishings of the atrium and tablinum.

  5. The atrium was tiny, the courtyard was tiny, everything was tiny.

  6. Compared with others of the houses of senators their atrium appeared bare and bleak.

  7. Johannes's helmet struck against the roots of a tall olive-tree, which spread over the mouth of the passage in the atrium of the temple.

  8. The Gothic housewife had changed, with slight alteration, the Corinthian atrium of this Roman villa, with its rows of pillars on four sides, into the hall of the Germanic dwelling.

  9. Who can see through every house, from the atrium to the garden?

  10. The little atrium was empty, and dark with smoke.

  11. Chapter XII WHEN they alighted in front of the arbiter's house, the chief of the atrium answered them that of slaves sent to the gates none had returned yet.

  12. They found themselves now in the small atrium of Acte's apartments.

  13. But before he recovered from his astonishment the immense atrium was swarming with people.

  14. So when the centurion struck the hammer at Aulus's door, and when the guard of the atrium announced that there were soldiers in the anteroom, terror rose through the whole house.

  15. And he went to the atrium quickly, so as not to let himself be conquered by emotion unworthy of a Roman and a general.

  16. The doorkeeper did not dare to stop Vinicius, who burst into the atrium like a storm, and, learning that the master of the house was in the library, he rushed into the library with the same impetus.

  17. Tigellinus gave command to stop the torture, and began to walk up and down in the atrium with a face distorted by anger, but helpless.

  18. In the atrium there was a murmur and a movement, for people began to withdraw from Petronius.

  19. Vinicius and Croton came to a narrow, corridor-like passage walled in on four sides, forming a kind of common atrium for the whole house, with a fountain in the middle whose stream fell into a stone basin fixed in the ground.

  20. Between the two atriums, one of which is of the Corinthian type, lies a large peristyle; and behind the Corinthian atrium is a garden with a colonnade in front.

  21. The appearance of the atrium in its original form may be suggested by our restoration (Fig.

  22. In farmhouses there would naturally be a court near the entrance; and the hearth, as we have seen, down to the latest times, was placed in the room that corresponded with the atrium of the city house.

  23. The atrium of the Corinthian type most nearly resembled a court, on account of the size of the opening to the sky and the use of many columns.

  24. In large houses both atrium and peristyle were sometimes duplicated.

  25. Over these was a single large apartment, closed at the sides and rear, but opening on the atrium in its entire length; along the front, as seen in our restoration (Fig.

  26. The doors of the rooms at the sides of the atrium were originally more than thirteen feet high; those which we now see are comparatively low.

  27. In Roman times, as the population of the city increased and more space was needed, it became a common practice to make the rooms about the atrium lower and build chambers over them.

  28. At the right of the principal atrium is a small side atrium (v) without a separate street entrance.

  29. At the inner end it was marked off from the floor of the atrium by a stripe of finely executed mosaic, suggestive of a threshold (Fig.

  30. The atrium was, as we have seen, lighted from above, and the same was true of other apartments, those at the side being illuminated from the larger ones in the middle of the house.

  31. The atrium was entered by way of a vestibule open to the sky, in which the gentleman of the house put on his toga as he went out.

  32. We will meet in Carinus's atrium to-morrow.

  33. In the atrium the whole court moves to and fro, slaves playing master and grooms playing senator; and the entrance to the magnificent apartments of Carinus is guarded by a brown-skinned Thracian giant.

  34. At this moment Mesembrius arrived, and hearing in the atrium that Manlius had already entered, hastened after him.

  35. At the level of its posterior end a pair of funnelashaped pouches of the atrium are produced forwards into the dorsal coelom.

  36. In this species the atrium is produced as an asymmetrical blind pouch behind the atriopore as far as the anus.

  37. They communicate with the coelom by several openings or nephrostomes, and with the atrium by a single opening in each case, the nephridiopore.

  38. The atrium or atrial chamber is a peripharyngeal cavity of secondary origin effecting the enclosure of the gill-clefts, which in the larva opened directly to the exterior.

  39. The atrium is thus analogous to the opercular cavity of fishes and tadpoles, and, as stated above, remains in communication with the exterior by means of the atriopore.

  40. Although within the atrial cavity, it is separated from the latter by a narrow coelomic space, bounded towards the atrium by coelomic and atrial epithelium.

  41. His body is the atrium or court, which is open to everybody, so that all can see how he acts and lives.

  42. The third was called the atrium or court; this was under the broad heaven, and was open to the light of the sun.

  43. In the centre of the atrium was the impluvium, a rectangular marble tank to catch and hold the waters from the roof.

  44. Actaeon admired the graceful strength of the columns wrought in blue marble to match the socles of the galleries, which imparted to the light of the atrium a diffused radiance, as if the dwelling were submerged in the sea.

  45. It was on a day when there was a great festival for the incoming of a new Viceroy, and they were seen by the crowd that waited in the atrium of the church of Santa Catarina to see the procession pass.

  46. A few minutes later the whole back of the atrium was thronged by the motley crowd who ministered to the household needs of a great Roman nobleman.

  47. In scarcely more than twelve private houses have as many pieces been found as would suffice for the whole of the atrium and peristyle roofs, and nearly all of these are of late date.

  48. Back of the atrium was a large reception room with bedrooms on each side.

  49. Every one has its atrium and its sunny court and its fountains and statues and its painted walls.

  50. It stood on a marble pillar in the atrium of the house.

  51. The atrium had an opening in the roof where the sun shone in and softly lighted the big room.

  52. On each side of the atrium were sleeping rooms.

  53. Commonly in the afternoon there is music in the great atrium from which the gambling-rooms open, and then there is a pleasant movement of people up and down.

  54. A cavity formed by the invagination of the outer wall of the body, as the atrium of an amphioxus and possibly the body cavity of vertebrates.

  55. During the changes which have been described as taking place in the lateral atria, the mid-atrium has increased in size.

  56. The atrium of Salpa, when first observed, was composed of two broad lateral atria within the body cavity, one on each side of the branchial sack, and a very small mid-atrium.

  57. Asinius: builds a library and an atrium libertatis in Rome B.

  58. Wooden gates furnished a kind of fence between the atrium and what an old Pompeian would have styled the triclinium.

  59. Vergilius followed to the deep atrium of the palace, where they stood alone.

  60. He trembled with rage and flung his sword far across the dim atrium with a shout of anger.

  61. There was indeed a curtain betwixt the atrium and the peristyle, but it was drawn only when the master gave a banquet.

  62. In the most graceful villas the three to five sleeping chambers round the atrium and four round the peristyle were rather ornamental cupboards than aught else.

  63. In the atrium she changed her mind about the lift.

  64. He had once given a certain Musurus Bey a light for his cigarette in the atrium of the Casino at Monte Carlo; but that could scarcely be called an introduction.

  65. Even the bar at the end of the atrium could tempt nobody not seriously parched with thirst.

  66. The atrium can still be traced in the arrangement of the Turkish houses and garden separated now from the church by a narrow pathway.

  67. Every evidence of the atrium has entirely disappeared": it was finally destroyed in 1873.

  68. The atrium cannot now be traced: the exo-narthex and narthex still remain, but it seems probable that the former is not now as it was originally built.

  69. Outside in the atrium the columns are Corinthian, and so also below in the great crypt or cistern.

  70. The atrium seems to have undergone many changes: possibly it is entirely of Mohammedan work, as it has pointed arches.

  71. Here, too, was the palace of Mangana, and not far off the atrium of Justinian mentioned by Procopius, where stood the splendid statue of Theodora.

  72. On the left of the atrium is the library, with two life-size portraits by De La Gandara, one of Mr. Haines and the other of his wife.

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