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Example sentences for "bogged"

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bofe; bog; bogey; boggart; boggarts; boggle; boggled; boggy; boght; bogie
  1. Setley's next task was to render what assistance he could to the crew of the bogged Tank.

  2. There's a Tank bogged fifty yards south-east of Henricourt Farm, sir," he reported.

  3. When the vehicle bogged down, he sent the bulldozer to push it free.

  4. One of the Shermans bogged down almost immediately in the soft sand of Red Beach, but the other three continued in column.

  5. Some of the tanks bogged down in the rain-soaked soil, and tank retrievers had to pull them free.

  6. Since the airfields were the obvious prize, Matsuda did not believe that the Marines would plunge into the muck and risk becoming bogged down short of their goal.

  7. I see my pappy git under de wagon once when it was bogged up to de hub and lift and heft dat wagon and set it outside de ruts it was bogged down in.

  8. A few hundred yards below the camp Billy got bogged in a quicksand bank so deeply as to be unable to stir, and they had to undermine him on the creek side and pull him into the water.

  9. About five miles farther on he bogged again, and afterwards was so weak that he could hardly crawl.

  10. Away in front of the line, in No Man's Land, was a bogged Tank, and Irish sentries heard a wail from it.

  11. The whole of the fighting here was made very difficult by the swamps of the Reutelbeek, worse even than those of the Hanebeek, through which the New-Zealanders crossed, and our English boys were bogged as they tried to cross.

  12. We got bogged and couldn't keep up with the barrage.

  13. It took them three-quarters of an hour to get over two lines of undefended trenches, whole platoons getting bogged in them and slipping back when they tried to climb out.

  14. The water in the open holes did not agree with either Gibson or Jimmy, and, when starting, I had shown them where to dig for a spring of fresh water, and where I had nearly got a horse bogged one day when I rode there, to see what it was like.

  15. Two of our riding-horses were badly bogged in trying to find a get-away: finally, we had to cut boughs and sticks, and bridge the place over with them.

  16. A bullock whose tracks I had seen further up the creek had got bogged here.

  17. Some of the horses got bogged in this ravine, which caused considerable delay.

  18. After many turnings and twistings, and being bogged up to the shoulders, we managed to get through all safe.

  19. They found the horse bogged in a side creek.

  20. My horse got bogged on the top, and I had some difficulty in getting him out, but I did so at last without injuring him.

  21. My horse got bogged at the first start, and we had some difficulty in getting him out.

  22. The lagoon was practically dried up, and the little drain of water left was undrinkable because of the dead beasts that had got bogged and dropped dead in it.

  23. I'm frightened of beasts, and, on second thoughts, I should not want to pull out bogged ones.

  24. At last the poor horse got bogged again worse than ever.

  25. The horse got bogged time after time, and I was myself on the eve of being knocked up.

  26. They could not keep a footing on rock; they were about as helpless as camels on soft ground; and they always made a point of getting as badly bogged as possible in every swamp.

  27. His companions were bogged and lost; he returned, having killed seven fine elks and two buffaloes.

  28. It could not be bogged in any ground passable by cavalry; it could pass over water obstacles having good banks and from 20 ft.

  29. It was dry now, for the summer rains were long overdue, and bogged firmly in the red adobe mud was a gaunt long-horned cow.

  30. Then she'd likely recline in a cactus bed and gaze at a medley of hoofs and horns of deceased cows bogged down in a mud hole.

  31. He got there if he was strong--mebbe; he bogged down on the trail good and plenty if he was weak.

  32. The animal had bogged down several times and Gordon had wasted much time and spent a good deal of needed energy in dragging it to firmer footing.

  33. Looks like his hawss bogged down in Fifty-Mile Swamp," suggested Holt.

  34. There was not the slightest chance of moving the fighting cars; they were bogged down to the axle.

  35. Once when the cars were badly bogged I went to a near-by Arab village to get help.

  36. The men had not known that the village was occupied and had bogged down almost at the same time that the Turks opened fire.

  37. The nearly constant rainfall bogged down supply and made the sides of the hills slippery and treacherous.

  38. The amphibian tanks bogged down at 1045 and were unable to catch up with the assault troops during the rest of the day.

  39. Earlier in the day an American tank had bogged down in a swamp to the left of the road, and the crew was forced to abandon it under fire, leaving the guns intact.

  40. Few supplies had been brought forward because the vehicles of the battalions had advanced only 200 yards when they bogged down.

  41. The greater part of the day was consumed in dragging out the bogged cattle with ropes.

  42. The horses left bogged the previous night were got out, when on returning to the camp, it was found that a number of the others were poisoned, and one missing.

  43. This crust, however, once broken through, they bogged hopelessly, until dragged out with ropes.

  44. In these the cattle floundered and bogged at every hundred yards, and even the spare unladen horses had to be pulled out.

  45. One of the horses got bogged in attempting to drink, and Mack's illness made it nine before we mounted and resumed our journey up the creek, on a N.

  46. These creatures died in the position in which they were found by being bogged when in search of vegetation or water.

  47. Along with the bogged corpses of the great pachyderm, numerous trunks of pine-trees have been found, together with associated remains of other animals now extinct in that neighbourhood.

  48. If you try to take your own line, you’ll be bogged to a certainty.

  49. Another thruster, a stranger, was bogged near Broomy Water.

  50. Our wagon and saddle horses crossed while we were pulling out the bogged cattle, and about half the outfit, taking the herd, drifted them forward towards the Solomon.

  51. Where we had lost three days on the Canadian with bogged cattle, he had crossed it within fifteen minutes after reaching it.

  52. After watering, drift them back, so they will be within a mile of these bogged cattle.

  53. All hands rounded in the herd, and drifting them out nearly a mile from the river, left them under two herders, when the remainder of us returned to the bogged cattle.

  54. While we were crossing the North Fork of the Canadian, Bob Blades attempted to ride out of the river below the crossing, when his horse bogged down.

  55. They reported that a large number of cattle were bogged farther up the river.

  56. The footing seemed quite secure to our horses, but the cattle were much heavier; and if an animal ever bogged in the river, there was water enough to drown him before help could be rendered.

  57. If you wait until this river falls, you are liable to have an experience like we had on the South Canadian,--lost three days and bogged over a hundred cattle.

  58. But we congratulated ourselves that we had bogged down only three head in recrossing.

  59. The afternoon was more than half spent when we reached the first bogged cattle, and by the time the wagon overtook us we had several tied up and ready for the mule team to give us a lift.

  60. It was dark before we got the last of the bogged cattle out and retraced our way to camp from the first river on the trip that had turned us.

  61. Getting these cattle out was a much harder task than the twenty head gave us the day before, for many of these were bogged more than a hundred yards from the bank.

  62. There were by actual count, including those down at the crossing, over eighty bogged cattle that required our attention, extending over a space of a mile or more above the island ford.

  63. We were all experienced in handling bogged cattle, though this quicksand was the most deceptive that I, at least, had ever witnessed.

  64. In mud we bogged from front to base, And dirt was ours, but not disgrace.

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