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Example sentences for "chafed"

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chaced; chack; chacun; chacune; chafe; chafer; chafers; chafes; chaff; chaffare
  1. He was already impatient to go to sea again, and chafed under the delay of healing, concerning the duration of which the surgeons could give him no assurance.

  2. Whether it were the pursuit of a love affair, or the chase of an enemy's fleet, delays served only to increase the vehemence with which Nelson chafed against difficulties.

  3. Nelson winced and chafed under the double rebuke, but he was not in a condition to see clearly any beams in his own eye.

  4. Devereux was secretly chafed at the sort of invisible, but insuperable resistance which pretty Lilias Walsingham, as it seemed, unconsciously opposed to his approaches to a nearer and tenderer sort of trifling.

  5. He had an honest pride of independence, which chafed under any obligation that could be avoided.

  6. Her temperament peculiarly required freedom, and chafed and fretted under restraint.

  7. Therefore I could not rest for the thought of what I had put my hand to, chafed at Wetter's words that sounded now like a taunt, and seemed again to see old Hammerfeldt dying and to flush red in shame before the utterance of his eyes.

  8. Each knew that the other was at work on it; each chafed that she would consent to be but half his; each desired to rule alone, not to be one of two that were ruled.

  9. Mr. Trevor made his daughter sit down close by his side, and put his arm fondly around her, whilst with his left hand he gently stroked and chafed Emmie's icy-cold fingers.

  10. Though we chafed at the delay in sledging, there was some consolation in the fact that the scientific programme was daily becoming more and more complete.

  11. On examination it was found that two of the topmast wire stays had chafed through, whilst another had parted.

  12. Rainey chafed the slender wrists and beat her palms, and soon she opened her eyes and sighed.

  13. Deming, like Rainey, evidently chafed under the preliminaries.

  14. Having been allowed a previous day of unbroken rest, they were quite impatient of delay, and chafed and champed exceedingly on the bits, by which their impetuosity was restrained.

  15. He chafed to admit it, but she was pretty damned good.

  16. O'Neil chafed under his disappointment, and sent urgent telegrams and messengers to hurry up the laggards, but the morning of the 25th dawned without the arrival of the expected soldiers.

  17. Major Denison was restrained from pushing ahead too rapidly, as he was obliged to regulate his march by the pace of the infantry, and his men chafed with the tardiness, as they were all eager to get into a brush with the enemy.

  18. But he chafed against anything like consideration of his weakness; he rebelled against anything that seemed likely to hinder him in that one object upon which all the powers of his mind were bent.

  19. Edward Arundel heard all this through his faithful servitor, Mr. Morrison, and chafed bitterly at the news.

  20. She only thought that the surgeon's wife was a tiresome woman, against whose pertinacious civility her angry spirit chafed and rebelled, until she was almost driven to order her from the room.

  21. The opportunity was denied, and he chafed under the restraint.

  22. The ardent boy, whose brief experience in Hooley's box-office had fastened the germ of the theater in his system, chafed at the restraint that kept him at a routine task.

  23. He chafed at the service in the store; he detested school; his one great desire was to earn money and share in the support of the family.

  24. They were chained and imprisoned, which so chafed the proud spirit of Red Bird that he drooped and soon died of a broken heart.

  25. Tom" was caged in a narrow box, and the confinement so chafed his proud spirit that he sickened and at one time was reported dead.

  26. She chafed with angry vexation; no rest had she that night; but lay restlessly tossing about the bed, when at last, utterly worn out, she threw herself impatiently on it.

  27. I never saw any one look so like death," he said softly, as he again took her hands and chafed them in his.

  28. The princes of Smolensk had been forced into an alliance with the autocratic Andrei, but chafed under his despotic rigors.

  29. If they chafed under their servitude, they were banished from the country.

  30. The knowledge of his debt forever chafed Cantwell; Grant resented his companion's lack of gratitude.

  31. For Darcy was chafed at a delay he could not see any reason for.

  32. He saw that her eyes were full of tears and chafed her.

  33. She had chafed sometimes at a house with four walls.

  34. Stooping over her, he chafed her hands and ankles, shaking her roughly, but never succeeding in restoring her to consciousness though doubtless he did much toward keeping the blood in feeble circulation.

  35. The wind has chafed your darling complexion, and you wouldn't go into the pulpit with a rough face.

  36. They were absolutely good, but they were narrow; it could not be otherwise; he chafed under them.

  37. The speaker fancifully considers this an appropriate spot in which to bury the scholar whose passionate eagerness of thought chafed continually against the bounds of custom and ignorance and human weakness.

  38. He chafed his hands together before him, and his tired eyes fixed themselves upon something that he seemed to see out of the window, and glared at it fiercely.

  39. He only gazed out of the window into the fresh morning sunlight, and his face worked and quivered and his lean hands chafed restlessly together before him.

  40. Johnson, the man who had chafed me raw when I first came aboard, seemed the least equivocal of the men forward or aft.

  41. I was compelled to let go the sheet while I helped her to the nest of blankets and chafed her hands and arms.

  42. For five years, therefore, he fretted and chafed in the narrow prison whose gilded bars his own hands had forged.

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