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  1. The condor lays a couple of eggs and the ostrich a score, and yet in the same country the condor may be the more numerous of the two; the Fulmar petrel lays but one egg, yet it is believed to be the most numerous bird in the world.

  2. To seek safety in the other direction, to pass within the section of the cave guarded by the Condor Gate, was to court unknown dangers in a region that loomed dark and mysterious enough.

  3. It was not often, indeed, that the rank and file of the Land of the Condor came face to face with their queen.

  4. With this the Land of the Condor will pass away.

  5. A zipa she had never seen, had never heard of before--and even a condor filled a place in her imagination that was not much more real than that occupied by the roc, the giant bird of the Arabian tales.

  6. And there stood the great palace before her, with its flying condor guarding forever the descendants of that mythical old zipa!

  7. Fearing for his own men from the very first, he had dispatched a messenger into that unknown region of the cave lying beyond the Condor Gate.

  8. Their disappearance, moreover, was complicated by the fact that after the retreat of Anitoo's men, the great portal under the Sign of the Condor had been closed.

  9. For they had been in this outer cave and discovered in it neither the light nor the warmth they had enjoyed on this side the Condor Gate.

  10. If he is the Stranger of the old legend, the Gilded Man we have awaited, this Land of the Condor is his.

  11. The Land of the Condor is a land of dreams compared with the rest of the world.

  12. In vino veritas," whispered Condor to his neighbor Belch.

  13. William Condor daintily knocked off the ash of his cigar faith the tip of his little finger, and said, calmly, "I am sure I don't know.

  14. Upon the General's fat face there was an expression of horror and perplexity, but Mr. Condor was perfectly calm.

  15. The perspiring and indignant politicians grasped him--Slugby and William Condor under the arms, Belch on one side, and Ele ready to help any where.

  16. The merry company laughed, and went home with Mr. William Condor to crack a bottle of Champagne.

  17. General Belch was in his office reading the morning paper when Mr. William Condor entered.

  18. Mr. William Condor had a similar interview with Tom, and Mr. Ele took a friendly glass with Ned.

  19. But Belch and Condor were forgotten by the representative they had sent to Congress when he once snuffed the air of Washington.

  20. Mr. Condor smoked serenely, and General Belch looked at his slim, clean figure, and his calm face, with curious admiration.

  21. Mr. William Condor spoke feelingly in support of the resolutions: "Fellow-citizens!

  22. William Condor was always clean in linen and calm in manner.

  23. When the Condor and the Ringdove happened to be in port together, she would frequently ask him to bring Captain Eliott to dinner.

  24. Was there not somewhere between Australia and China a Whalley Island and a Condor Reef?

  25. The next moment his rifle was at his shoulder again, there was the flash and puff of white smoke, the sharp crack, and the rumbling echoing roar in the mountains, as the condor was seen to swerve and then dart straight upward.

  26. The condor lays a couple of eggs and the ostrich a score, and yet in the same country the condor may be the more numerous of the two: the Fulmar petrel lays but one egg, yet it is believed to be the most numerous bird in the world.

  27. The condor is a native of South America, where it is confined to the region of the Andes, from the Straits of Magellan to 4 deg.

  28. They are exceedingly voracious, a single condor of moderate size having been known, according to Orton, to devour a calf, a sheep and a dog in a single week.

  29. Condor was not down a moment; up he jumped again, looking as savage as a bull, but somewhat dazed.

  30. It was not only among the midshipmen that the defeat of Condor established Edgar as the most popular member of the mess.

  31. It were just a massacre of the innercents, and I don't think a fellow was ever more thoroughly sucked in than Master Condor when he undertook the job.

  32. How lucky Condor being promoted to the Theseus, or of course he would have had it.

  33. I guessed pretty well, from what Blagrove was telling Sir Sidney when he dined with him, that Condor would meet his match, but I did not think that it was going to be a hollow thing like that.

  34. Condor fought pluckily enough, but he knows next to nothing of boxing, while, though I say it myself, I am a first-rate boxer.

  35. The young one moved about quick on his pins for a moment, and then, it was so quick that you could scarce see how it was done, he gave a sort of bound, and hit out with his right, and the next moment Condor was on his back.

  36. Edgar had that morning particularly asked the others as a personal favour to give Condor a hearty welcome on his return.

  37. Condor is a powerful fellow, and must be nearly three years older than the lad.

  38. His delight was excessive, and I fancy Condor is rather a bully.

  39. Condor had to go on the sick-list half an hour after the fight was over.

  40. The fight, too, raised rather than lowered Condor in their opinion.

  41. Condor is about three inches taller than the young 'un, and much more strongly built.

  42. The condor appraised these manifestations of life carefully, weighed them by contrast with his experiences with crippled sheep and helpless calves.

  43. A quick upward twist of the head gave the condor view of a putative and too-anxious fellow guest at the bounty spread there.

  44. The difference between the most and the least prolific species is of no account: "The condor lays a couple of eggs, and the ostrich a score; and yet in the same country the condor may be the more numerous of the two.

  45. The condor was approaching in the circles of his flight a sort of inaccessible plateau a quarter of a mile distant.

  46. In the claws of the condor an inanimate body was seen suspended and dangling.

  47. The condor had disappeared behind the lofty boulders.

  48. His name was the Jester; and, as might be guessed from the tuft of condor feathers passed through his warlock, he was one of the principal chiefs of the nation.

  49. The cry of the condor will be their signal to rush on the palefaces.

  50. The condor is a great vulture of South America; the word here suggests the Fates preying on human happiness, health, and life.

  51. The Condor is not an easy bird to capture, for it has a fierce temper and a powerful beak.

  52. From the facts at hand, it appears that the California Condor lays but a single egg.

  53. The condor had dropped out of sight behind the crags.

  54. It was a human body the condor had in his claws, dangling in the air, and apparently lifeless-- it was Robert Grant.

  55. An avalanche sweeps some of them away; a condor carries off a lad.

  56. The condor was encircling in his flight a sort of inaccessible plateau about a quarter of a mile up the side of the mountain.

  57. The condor has the loftiest flight of all the winged race.

  58. The condor enjoys the privilege of an exceptional longevity.

  59. I must confine myself here to mentioning the largest and most formidable species, which surpasses all the others in sweep and speed and power of flight--the Condor of the Andes.

  60. Above your head, and far away in the azure of heaven, you perceive a black point; it is a condor describing slowly its sinister circles.

  61. An idea seemed to enter the head of the vaquero, while his guests were still at breakfast, and he asked Leon if he would like to see a condor caught.

  62. At other times the condor is a shy and wary bird.

  63. His large quills, moreover, are much prized in the South American cities, and the killing of a condor is worth something.

  64. What boy wouldn't like to see a condor caught?

  65. It was as yet only an hour or so after daybreak--for the vicuna hunt had occupied but a very short time and the capture of the condor a still shorter.

  66. What could a crocodile, full ten feet long, fear from these, even had they been eagles, or the great condor himself?

  67. The condor is killing the children of the sea.

  68. The artistic expression of his overpowered feelings at the discovery, would have frightened every galanasa and condor from the coast had they been familiar with the English, French or Spanish languages.

  69. To their amazement they found the condor gasping its last breath, while the ninas were comfortably pluming themselves in their corner.

  70. The condor lays a couple of eggs and the ostrich a score, and yet in the same country the condor may be the more numerous of the two.

  71. The similarity of their habitations favors this conjecture; but the truth is, the Condor of Peru has not been well examined, and his history is imperfectly known.

  72. The Condor is supposed to be the largest bird of prey hitherto known.

  73. The Condor frowning from a southern plain.

  74. The red comb on the head and the white silky collar are sufficiently characteristic of the Condor to distinguish him from other Birds of these mountains.

  75. In the illustration we see how a powerful Condor has pursued one of the most useful of domestic animals until he has fallen exhausted, and now proceeds to kill and consume him.

  76. As in the Alps and Pyrenees the Vulture and his kin reign and build their aerie, so in the mountain heights of the South American Andes, from the equator to the 45 degrees of latitude, the mighty Condor reigns.

  77. When the Condor pursues an animal, he continues the chase until either the prey, leaping over a precipice, dashes to pieces, or he pounces upon and crushes it, battering in its skull with his powerful bill.

  78. But the condor is only one of a thousand wild birds of prey, or of song, found in the Andean regions or giant Cordilleras.

  79. Why, your golden eagle of Scottish wilds isn't a circumstance to the condor of the Andes.

  80. If that is so, I want to ask them where the condor comes in.

  81. They finished the dance almost opposite their table and were met by a patter of applause from Mrs. Condor and Stillman, who were already seated.

  82. What had contrived to give Mrs. Condor this disagreeable air of assurance toward Ned Stillman, she found herself wondering.

  83. A perfectly discreet woman, for instance, would have made an effort to live down her flaming hair and almost immorally dazzling complexion, but Mrs. Condor had been much more ready to live up to these conspicuous charms.

  84. Mrs. Condor herself opened the door in answer to Claire's ring.

  85. As he tossed his cigar butt aside, Lily Condor appealed to him as just the person for the emergency.

  86. I thought last night when I was talking to Mrs. Condor and watching you and Mr. Stillman how nice it would have been if.

  87. He was good enough, or rather I should say Mrs. Condor was good enough, to include me in a little musical evening.

  88. You'll have to go," Lily Condor announced with an intimate air of dismissal to Stillman.

  89. Mrs. Condor has hired me to play her accompaniments.

  90. He had seen Mrs. Condor deftly construct a card-table out of an easy-chair, and he had no doubt that the oak table in the center of the room could have been converted into a chiffonier or a chassis-lounge at a given signal.

  91. They were interrupted by Lily Condor sweeping rather arrogantly toward them.

  92. She was confident that by this time he had heard through Mrs. Condor of her mother's illness and her loss of position.

  93. His directness brought Lily Condor out of her languidness with a sharp turn.

  94. She could not have said why, but somehow the presence of Ned Stillman and Mrs. Condor at a table spread with such vacuous delights seemed little short of ridiculous.

  95. Of late, eternal Condor years So shake the very Heaven on high With tumult as they thunder by, I have no time for idle cares Through gazing on the unquiet sky.

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