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  1. Every thought was dissected into its parts, and every one of these parts was written down.

  2. This girl always dissected his soul with a smile on her face.

  3. She bent for a while over the half-dissected brain in deep thought.

  4. Leaves: All from root, delicate, compounded of 3 very finely dissected divisions.

  5. Sometimes all the parts of the whole are given and only the arrangement or order is to be found, as in the test with dissected sentences.

  6. There are dissected maps, quiet games, and stereopticon views on their tables beside Caldecott's and other picture books and they are so well entertained that there is no occasion for mischief.

  7. The intelligent care of books can be re-emphasized by an explanation of book structure from dissected examples.

  8. The straight scissors being held with the right thumb and ring finger, the conjunctiva is divided freely all the way round, as close as possible to the cornea, and dissected back.

  9. He also stated that ‘the vein could have been easily dissected out, and possibly the fatal result might have been averted’.

  10. The lower end of the larynx is hooked forward, and dissected away from the œsophagus by means of scissors or a sharp scalpel (Fig.

  11. The jugular vein is then dissected upwards towards the bulb.

  12. The skin is then dissected up for about 3 millimetres from the crescentic part of the incision back towards the straight one forming the base of the semilune.

  13. The eyebrow having been shaved, an incision 2 inches long is made about in the line of the brow, and the skin is dissected down almost to the lid margin.

  14. In some cases, when the cyst has persisted for a considerable time, the sac-wall becomes so thickened that it has to be dissected out before the mass in the lid will disappear.

  15. The whole lower lid, together with the growth, is removed by the V-shaped incision and the flap to form the new lid is dissected up from the outer canthus.

  16. The outer part of the lid has been undermined and dissected up.

  17. This crescentic flap is then dissected up from the deeper tissues all round, except for a small pedicle at its centre (Fig.

  18. This flap of skin and subcutaneous tissue is dissected up from above downwards (Fig.

  19. The gland is first separated from the periosteum of the depression in the bone in which it lies, and is drawn forward and carefully dissected out from the lid.

  20. The abrasion or solution of the epithelium on the dorsum of the tongue has dissected out the circumvallate and fungiform papillae, so that they project with unusual distinctness.

  21. I should really like to know the particular practical idealist of that Department who dissected a circular letter sent out under Mr. Walsh's signature to his Congressional colleagues.

  22. He has, so the soldiers told me, dissected over a dozen clocks in an effort to secure the machinery for a model of an automobile sled he is working on.

  23. It is affirmed that its bones are of an excessive hardness, a circumstance which we are unable to determine, having never dissected but one, which was very young.

  24. Another nominalist, Berengar of Tours, skilfully dissected the doctrine of Transubstantiation, which had grown up in its grossest form during the Dark Ages and was first really developed in an answer to Berengar by Anselm of Bec.

  25. Pierre de Bruys was burnt, but a small sect of Petrobrusians survived him for several years, their heresies being dissected by Peter the Venerable of Cluny.

  26. The alibi provided for Burke was shown to be unreliable, and the charges against the triangle, the row in Camp 20 and the appointment of a secret committee to try the physician were dissected at length.

  27. Judge Wing dissected the evidence of the medical experts at length, ridiculing them mercilessly, casting doubt upon the theory of the State, that the blood found in the Carlson cottage was that of a human being.

  28. He dissected the dead in order to learn the structure of the human body.

  29. The awful sentence, that he was to be hanged on the succeeding Monday, and his body afterwards dissected and anatomized, was immediately pronounced by the recorder; which the prisoner heard without any visible emotion.

  30. Birds dissected in this study are listed below (in the order of the A.

  31. All specimens were dissected with the aid of a low power binocular microscope.

  32. He dissected the brain minutely so as to investigate its structure.

  33. If it has encroached upon the cornea, the portion interfering with vision must be dissected off with great care and removed.

  34. The peritoneum must again be divided very cautiously at the point selected, and the aortic plexus of nerves carefully dissected off, in order that they may not be interfered with by the ligature.

  35. The trachea must be divided and tamponed by a Trendelenburg canula, after which the larynx must be carefully dissected out.

  36. The bones were then dissected out, leaving the trapezium, which was not diseased, and hand placed on a splint.

  37. If the distal phalanx be so much crushed that a flap cannot be obtained, two short semilunar lateral flaps may be dissected (Fig.

  38. The flaps thus formed must then be dissected up and down, and the internal and external lateral ligaments divided, thus thoroughly opening the joint and exposing the crucial ligaments.

  39. The flap thus marked out was dissected up, and consisted of the integuments, areolar tissue, and extensor tendons of the four fingers, together with large deposits of fibrine, the products of repeated and prolonged inflammatory action.

  40. The soft parts at the radial side are to be carefully dissected up, and the tendon of the extensor carpi radialis longior divided at its insertion.

  41. These flaps should then be dissected back, including the muscles and exposing the joint.

  42. The trapezium is then to be seized by forceps and carefully dissected out, the metacarpal bone of the thumb pared like the others, the articular surface of the pisiform removed, the rest of the bone being left if it is sound.

  43. The flaps must then be raised in both directions, the inner one specially dissected off the bones, so as to expose thoroughly the nasal cavity.

  44. It is then dissected from the other parts as high as it has been slit on the inner side and to above the prominence (trochanter major) on the upper end of the thigh bone on the outer side of the joint.

  45. When they are broad and flattened, they may be dissected out and the wound cauterized if necessary.

  46. They should be dissected out and the wound dressed with carbolic-acid lotion and pine tar once a day until healing is completed.

  47. A threaded needle is passed through the body of the enlarged mass, by which the membrane is drawn out as far as possible, then with a blunt pair of scissors it may be dissected away from its attachments.

  48. To remove the lower jaw the skin is dissected away from it until the throat is reached.

  49. In the first period during which the human body was dissected in Europe, the thirteenth century, a certain amount of progress was certainly made, despite the rarity of subjects.

  50. Aristotle, who probably never dissected a human body, derived his anatomical conceptions largely from cold-blooded animals, in some of which the heart is provided with three cavities.

  51. Leg-of-mutton piece,—the muscles of the shoulder dissected from the breast.

  52. The breastbone, and also the first anterior rib, are also dissected from the side.

  53. The rectum is removed in both cases, and the silvery peritoneum dissected off from the kidneys.

  54. Most of these nerves are easily dissected and no student should rest satisfied until he has actually seen them.

  55. A small dissecting dish may be made by pouring melted paraffin wax into one of those shallow china pots chemists use for cold-cream, and tadpoles may be pinned out with entemologists' pins and dissected with needles.

  56. These bones will be studied at the greatest advantage when dissected out from a boiled rabbit.

  57. All these vessels should be patiently dissected out by the student, and drawn.

  58. Partially incubated hen's eggs may be obtained at a small cost almost anywhere, and the later stages profitably examined and dissected under warm water.

  59. By doing this before the brain is dissected a considerable saving of time is possible.

  60. This spot is constant in position with reference to the sun in whatever position the fish be turned and is lost if the lens be dissected away and only the reflector left.

  61. I have taken the ova just ready for the young to come forth out of the mouth and fauces of the parent (male) fish; and in every animal dissected there was no trace of food in the intestinal tract.

  62. They rode together, dissected animals and plants, and the young man assisted in operations.

  63. Leonardo dissected many plants, but later fell back upon the rose for decorative purposes.

  64. Mn, Mandible, and Mxl, maxillula, dissected out of head.

  65. View from below of a scorpion (Buthus occitanus) opened and dissected so as to show the pericardium with its muscles, the lateral arteries, and the tergo-sternal muscles.

  66. Low, stemless perennials (as to our wild species) with ternately compound and dissected leaves, and racemose nodding flowers.

  67. Coarse homely weeds, with opposite or alternate lobed or dissected leaves, and inconspicuous greenish flowers, in late summer and autumn; ours annuals, except the last.

  68. Low western plants, of dry ground, with thick roots and finely dissected leaves.

  69. Branched and leafy-stemmed annuals, with finely dissected compound leaves, and small flowers in dense racemes or spikes.

  70. Stout glabrous aromatic herb, with leaves dissected into numerous filiform segments, no involucre nor involucels, and large umbels of yellow flowers.

  71. Perennials, with palmately cleft or dissected leaves, and showy flowers in racemes or panicles.

  72. Biennial or perennial herbs, with alternate mostly dissected leaves, and corymbed small heads of usually whitish flowers.

  73. Pappus a row of chaffy scales dissected into many bristles.

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