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  1. I shall speak first of apples, pears, and cherries, and I have been at some pains to secure the opinions of eminent horticulturists as to the best selections of these fruits for the home table, not for market.

  2. Experienced horticulturists have learned to recognize this truth, which the Hon.

  3. He prefaces his opinion with the following words: "How much and how often we horticulturists have been puzzled with questions like yours!

  4. Horticulturists were slow to learn that in our own native species were the possibilities of the best success.

  5. I feel there are many things of interest in this museum and in our program to interest you, because you are horticulturists and people interested in the out-of-doors.

  6. In it he will find (under Section F) a series of rules for his guidance, based on the accumulated experience of horticulturists of many nations.

  7. These provisions are important mainly to the comparatively few horticulturists and botanists who take on the unenviable job of sorting out the nomenclature of cultivated plants, though the results of their labours affect us all.

  8. There are several answers to the first query, but the most significant is that here for the first time we have a Code that represents the thinking of horticulturists from all leading horticultural centers of the world.

  9. It is evidently an old sort and some horticulturists believe it to be an old variety renamed.

  10. The name of David Thomas ought long to be preserved by horticulturists of the State and country together with that of his illustrious son, John Jacob Thomas.

  11. His theory received the support of several of the leading English horticulturists of the last century and Darwin gave it credence to the extent of collecting data for its substantiation.

  12. It is too scarce as yet to be procurable by horticulturists generally, but should be looked for by all who take an interest in these matters and have a house in which to grow it.

  13. It was the first named hybrid between Vitis labrusca and Vitis vinifera to be disseminated and as such awakened the slumbering hopes of the horticulturists of a continent.

  14. Thus some horticulturists put Northern Muscadine, both for the table and for wine, well toward the head of the list of American grapes, while others condemn it as unfit to eat.

  15. Some horticulturists seem to think that this kind of a tree is hardier.

  16. I know that any suggestions of the production of trees without plowing is unorthodox, and therefore not likely to be heard straight, and particularly perilous in the presence of professional horticulturists in state or national employ.

  17. If we were to develop all of our plant resources at once it would be an unkindness to the horticulturists of two thousand years from now, who would be left moping around with nothing to do.

  18. If horticulturists will secure specimens of Castanopsis chrysophilla from the region of Mount Shasta in California I presume that this beautiful evergreen chinquapin may be taught to grow in some of our gardens.

  19. I do not know how far the mulch-fertilizer method can go, but I am sure it may go much farther than most professional horticulturists will admit.

  20. The American chinquapin is one of the many beautiful and valuable plants which have not as yet been taken up by horticulturists for extensive development.

  21. If the horticulturists of England were instructed how to collect the odors of flowers, a new branch of manufacture would spring up to vie with our neighbors' skill in it across the Channel.

  22. The horticulturists of England, being generally unacquainted with the methods of economizing the scents from the flowers they cultivate, entirely lose what would be a very profitable source of income.

  23. All lovers of roses, and all amateur horticulturists will find the little monograph interesting and suggestive.

  24. Rarely higher than fifty feet, these scraggly undersized spruces are ignored by horticulturists and lumbermen, but the wood-pulp man has taken them eagerly.

  25. Horticulturists have produced new varieties by crossing some of these sturdy natives with cultivated apples, or their seedling offspring.

  26. They are of peculiar interest to horticulturists and to the general public, because they have the largest flowers of any trees in cultivation.

  27. Varieties without number belong to the cultivated members of the family, and new forms are being produced by horticulturists all the time.

  28. The native butternut is a species which has been quite neglected by our horticulturists but through the efforts of Mr. Bixby, a few varieties have been brought out and are now being propagated by the nurserymen.

  29. Jefferson was one of our great horticulturists and gave the first complete botanical classification of the pecan.

  30. Those companies with financial resources and intelligent horticulturists have developed orchards that are a source of perennial pleasure and profit to their owners.

  31. At the end of the eighteenth century the tradition existed in England that this plant had been formerly cultivated; later English and French horticulturists do not mention it.

  32. Before concluding this article, I think it pertinent to say that no grain taken from an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and sown by horticulturists has ever been known to germinate.

  33. Decaisne also quotes two French horticulturists of the seventeenth century, Colin and Sagard, who evidently speak of the Jerusalem artichoke, and say it came from Canada.

  34. Horticulturists now number more than three hundred.

  35. Sidney and Carl Schlagenbusch are true horticulturists by nature and are fine folks.

  36. We have had the same experience with some agricultural experiment stations where one of the horticulturists is interested in the plantings, but has moved away, and we have lost our plantings.

  37. I had an opportunity to give a talk on the Carpathian English walnuts in the presence of many horticulturists in the Government Experimental Farm at Skieerniewice near Warsaw.

  38. The flowers with much red have been named by horticulturists as var.

  39. Under a practical point of view, agriculturists and horticulturists may learn something from the conclusions at which we have arrived.

  40. Everyone who has seen one of these has evinced pleasurable surprise at this new form of leaf and it may become very popular with horticulturists in the future.

  41. Horticulturists believe that this hybrid is the result of a cross between a shell-bark hickory, which produces the largest nut of any hickory growing in the United States, and a large pecan.

  42. Herman Last, Steamboat Rock, Iowa, and many other professors and horticulturists who lent their time and effort assisting me in my experiments throughout the years.

  43. Many even, who are in the habit of observing this method, practice it so slightly, that little if any benefit results from it; and by far the greatest number of horticulturists take no notice of it whatever.

  44. Many horticulturists experience much difficulty from the effects of the red spider and canker in melons; the former being caused by keeping them too dry, and the latter arising from too much moisture.

  45. Horticulturists in such cases are in the habit of limiting themselves to the sale of so-called mixed seeds.

  46. As there are no flowers, the variety is quite sterile, and as it is not regarded by horticulturists as an improvement on the ordinary bright carnations, it is seldom multiplied by layering.

  47. At least this statement has been made to me by some of the horticulturists at Erfurt, whom I visited some years ago in order to learn as much as [627] possible about the methods of production of their novelties.

  48. Horticulturists and amateurs generally know that seed can be obtained from single stocks only, and that the double flowers never produce any.

  49. The common belief among horticulturists is that, as a rule, they appear in a single plant.

  50. Annual and biennial species cannot as a rule, be propagated in this way, and even with some perennials horticulturists prefer the sale of seeds to that of roots and bulbs.

  51. The variety of snapdragon chosen was of medium height and with the yellow ground-color, and is known by horticulturists as A.

  52. This peculiarity has attracted the attention both of horticulturists and of botanists.

  53. Such large crops were often raised that the theory was advanced by many that pistillates as a class would be more productive than staminates, and horticulturists became as controversial as the most zealous of theologians.

  54. In America there are innumerable varieties, since Nature produces wild seedlings on every hillside, and not a few seeds have been planted by horticulturists in the hope of originating a prize berry.

  55. This clique of horticulturists is rapidly diminishing, however, for the fruit grower who does not read is like the lawyer who tries to practice with barely a knowledge of the few laws revealed by a limited experience.

  56. As the fruits described are being improved, so in the future other and more skillful horticulturists will develop the literature relating to them into its true proportions.

  57. Subsequent observation has confirmed the views I then held, and, what is of far more weight in my estimation, they have been endorsed by the best and most thoroughly informed horticulturists in the land.

  58. There are secrets about this stirring of the earth which chemists and horticulturists would do well to study with the utmost scrutiny and care.

  59. All experienced horticulturists testify to the superior eligibility of small trees.

  60. Hybrids between these two species are already known, and they will, no doubt, become more plentiful as soon as skillful horticulturists are encouraged to produce them.

  61. Now that horticulturists at the present moment are turning so freely toward the idea of producing quantities of hybrids artificially, the next generation will see hickory nuts which were not dreamed of in the days when I was a boy.

  62. While many of the hybrid products of horticulturists are certainly infertile, others appear to be indefinitely fertile.

  63. Whitten ranks as one of the most prominent of professional horticulturists of the country, and we are certainly fortunate in being able to secure his attendance, as we hope to do another year.

  64. You horticulturists never expect to raise such an apple as Lindsay describes; if you did, they would be more valuable than the golden apples of Hesperides.

  65. It has long been the custom for horticulturists to recommend, and fruit growers to use, dressings of various kinds on the wounds of trees when branches are removed in pruning.

  66. I will say it is a pleasure to me to be with the Minnesota horticulturists again.

  67. As this was then new business to me, I had fallen into no deep ruts, and of course I took it for granted that all horticulturists practiced what they preached.

  68. Governor Byrney was present at the banquet and in his address congratulated the horticulturists of South Dakota on what they have attained and encouraged them in their difficult undertakings.

  69. In fact, the horticulturists in this part of our state have much to be thankful for.

  70. The horticulturists of the service especially might help to arouse the interest of the clubs in this movement.

  71. Horticulturists have read that striking results are being obtained with these on certain crops in the eastern and central states, and they want to know whether the same fertilizers will pay here.

  72. Greater care with insect pests, and better methods of preparing fruit for market seem to be the two greatest needs of the horticulturists of the Fifth District.

  73. That is the one thing that orchardists and horticulturists have to concern themselves about first of all, so far as soil fertility is concerned.

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