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  1. Fleurus, where General Jourdan made use of the services of a balloonist to observe and give notice of the movements of the Austrians.

  2. The children were delighted to talk to a real live man that had been up in a balloon, and the balloonist was indeed very pleasant with the little ones.

  3. He had been delighted to take up Gregg, believing him to be the son of his old balloonist comrade, so you would, be sure to receive a really grand welcome, Dave.

  4. My head is just bursting with all the ideas that interesting balloonist has put into it.

  5. The balloonist took an approving look at Frank, patted Christmas and began arranging his disordered attire.

  6. The balloonist extricated himself successfully from the swaying branches and poised in a crotch nearer to the main trunk of the tree.

  7. Frank showed by the expression of his face that the balloonist had struck a theme of great interest to him.

  8. Christmas was allowed to stay in the house, and seemed to enjoy the animated ways of the balloonist as much as the others.

  9. Frank's heart almost stood still as he realized that a single waking moment, a treacherous shifting of the wind, might precipitate the imperilled balloonist to the ground with a broken neck.

  10. John Hampton, a noted balloonist of the time, was also engaged for many ascents.

  11. A balloonist named Thomas Harris ascended from the grounds, accompanied by a young lady named Sophia Stocks, who was described by the journalists as ‘an intrepid girl’ who entered the balloon ‘with but slight appearance of fear.

  12. The balloonist Gypson, who ascended from the Standard gardens in 1839, varied this device by attaching to his night-balloon ‘a model of the late Royal Exchange.

  13. The farmer spoke the truth: the Globe balloonist was a dummy!

  14. At last, after a little more delay, the reluctant balloonist was seen to enter—or rather to be pushed headlong into—the car.

  15. Like the Wrights, he believed in practice, and was a skilled and experienced balloonist before he attempted to navigate an airship.

  16. The balloonist was Charles Green, and they were accompanied by Mr. Monck Mason, who published an account of the voyage.

  17. The balloonist had witnessed the explosion and a number of gunners had been killed and wounded within his sight.

  18. A balloonist hovering here would see the river streaming through these islands in countless channels that wind and twist in a maze of silver threads.

  19. After I started in to be a balloonist I never saw my mother for seven years.

  20. The people about were so occupied with the parley growing warm between balloonist and police that few paid attention when a little shaver in knickerbockers crept close to the basket and then slipped over its side.

  21. Then, while the balloonist was protesting and pleading, Stevens formed his plan.

  22. This the balloonist used in making his daring jumps from the clouds.

  23. About this time the "Greatest Show on Earth" was joined by a balloonist named Professor Ricardo, and his assistant, Larry Greson.

  24. The balloonist scowled and was about to speak, but suddenly changed his mind and walked away.

  25. At last both balloon and balloonist passed out of sight of those on the fair grounds.

  26. When Porler reached the spot he was out of sight, and the old balloonist went on.

  27. You will, or else--" The old balloonist paused.

  28. Why, the balloonist is nothing but a boy!

  29. I thought you were here," cried the old balloonist in his harsh tone.

  30. A man who could step from department store life into the perilous life of a wartime balloonist was a man!

  31. Grace’s hand, the balloonist was being guided to his billet.

  32. When the boy tried to arrange for an ascension the balloonist he consulted put so unconscionable a price on one ascent that he bought an automobile instead--one of the first made, for this was in 1891--and with it returned to Brazil.

  33. Such real dangers as it has are confined usually to the landing, and the balloonist of experience knows how to meet them; while from its imaginary dangers in the air one is regularly very safe.

  34. Even to the spherical balloonist the oversea problem has great temptations, concerning which an expert of the French Navy has said: "The balloon can render the navy immense services, on condition that its direction can be assured.

  35. Some day a spherical balloonist will close up that hole; indeed, they already talk of doing it.

  36. The bursting of this little craft taught the future balloonist his first great lesson, namely, that on leaving earth he must open the neck of his balloon; and the reason of this is obvious.

  37. It will have been gathered from what has been already stated that the balloonist is commonly in much uncertainty as to his precise course when he is above the clouds, or when unable from darkness to see the earth beneath him.

  38. The practical balloonist was none other than the veteran Charles Green, now in his sixty-seventh year, but destined yet to enjoy nearly twenty years more of life.

  39. A balloonist in these circumstances is apt to think little of a single small object in his way, knowing how many are the chances of missing or of successfully negotiating any such obstacle.

  40. But Green proved himself something more than a practical balloonist of the first rank.

  41. No balloonist had as yet ever crossed its waters.

  42. His brother, a balloonist of national reputation, had been visiting him recently, and on account of some sickness at the house, had taken a room at the hotel.

  43. The balloonist had evidently been overcome by sleep before he thought to undress, and dropped over just as he had come from his lame brother's house.

  44. If he wished to go higher, the balloonist opened his spinnerets, set his tiny silk factory agoing, and thus by adding to the number and length of the filaments increased the buoyancy of the machine.

  45. To say that the balloonist was astonished is putting it mildly.

  46. You'll never build an airship; even if you have a balloonist to help you!

  47. In the morning careful calculations were made to enable the travelers to tell when they had reached a point directly over the small city of Shagmon, and, with the skill of the veteran balloonist to aid them, this was accomplished.

  48. They began a study of Mr. Sharp's plans, and the balloonist was now in a fair way to have the difficulty solved.

  49. We'll come out all right," and the balloonist assumed a confident air.

  50. Just because you helped save that balloonist from being killed when his balloon caught fire," went on Andy, for want of something better to say.

  51. The skill of Tom and the balloonist was never shown to better advantage.

  52. I'll start the engine again as soon as I rescue him," for it was risky to venture out on the platform with the propeller whirring, as the dangling piece of scarf might whip around the balloonist and toss him off.

  53. After supper the three gathered around the table on which were spread out sheets of paper, covered with intricate figures and calculations, which Mr. Swift and the balloonist went over with care.

  54. This the lad accomplished by a simple but effective device which, when the balloonist saw it, caused him to compliment Tom.

  55. The balloonist glanced at several gauges near the steering wheel.

  56. You take the wheel," called the balloonist to Mr. Damon.

  57. We're getting off cheap," the balloonist whispered to Tom, as the head of the seminary started down the scuttle to the class-rooms below.

  58. The veteran balloonist took a careful look over the craft before replying.

  59. His idea was to have the balloonist grab the strands and be pulled out of danger by the speedy motor-boat, for the blazing canvas would cover such an extent of water that the man could not have swum out of the danger zone in time.

  60. One night when he was looking over some papers he had taken from his trunk the balloonist came over to where Tom was making a drawing of a new machine he was planning and said: "Like to see my idea for an airship?

  61. As Tom and the balloonist strolled up the walk to the handsome house Andy Foger passed them.

  62. Then, while the young inventor held the gun, the balloonist tied the hands and feet of the thieves in a most scientific manner, for what he did not know about ropes and knots was not worth putting into a book.

  63. The balloonist had sent to Pratonia for his clothing and other baggage and was now installed in the Swift home, where he was invited to stay a week or two.

  64. I'm willing," agreed Tom, and the balloonist spread his plans out on the table, he and the young inventor soon being deep in a discussion of them.

  65. Tom told Mr. Sharp and his father of the proposed races of the Lanton Motor-boat Club, and, as it was required that two persons be in a craft the size of the ARROW, the young inventor arranged for the balloonist to accompany him.

  66. I'm a special deputy sheriff for this county," answered the balloonist simply.

  67. The boys and Mr. Swift were much interested in the experiences of the balloonist and asked him many questions, which he answered modestly.

  68. Down shot the balloonist and down more slowly settled the collapsed bag, yet not so slowly that there was any time to spare.

  69. Tom, as he sank upon a bench, and gazed from the balloonist to the Humming-Bird, and hack to Mr. Sharp again.

  70. Well, old General Rumor is sometimes a person not to be relied upon," remarked the balloonist grimly.

  71. The balloonist paid another visit to Mr. Swift, who was feeling pretty good, and who expressed his pleasure in seeing his old friend again.

  72. The balloonist was Mr. John Sharp and he was rescued by Tom in a thrilling fashion.

  73. This fitted right in with Tom's ideas, and soon father, son and the balloonist were constructing the Red Cloud, as they named their airship.

  74. Gladys climbed high up in the Balm of Gilead tree, from which she could look over the country for miles around and easily see the lake and the distant amusement park from which the balloonist was to ascend.

  75. One afternoon when the girls had planned to go for a long walk to the woods Gladys read in the paper that a balloonist was to make an ascension over the lake.

  76. All in favor of changing our plans, and trying to rescue the lost balloonist right now, say yes," the scoutmaster demanded, in as firm a tone as he could muster.

  77. Mr. Swift of the balloonist one afternoon.

  78. The balloonist lay an inert heap on the floor, with Captain Weston trying to force a few drops of stimulant down his throat.

  79. There's a possibility," remarked the balloonist "We might try for it.

  80. The young inventor found his father and the balloonist busy in the engine-room.

  81. The band struck up "Blue Bell" by way of welcome, and one of the sweaty pages ran forward and presented the balloonist with a large bouquet of artificial flowers.

  82. Other things being duly considered, the chief business of a balloonist in descending is to select an open and unincumbered locality.

  83. But in the nature of the case man has little chance to learn this art of balancing in the air, and it is for this reason that the many members of the balloonist school advocate the inflated bag in place of the aeroplane.

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