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battallion; batte; batteau; batteaus; batteaux; battell; battels; battened; battening; battens
  1. She had also on board some Norway logs, intended to be batted on the Rock, for supporting the railways across the gullies, or inequalities of the surface.

  2. Connected with these, a pair of sheers were set up, which were moveable upon a bolt, and worked with a crab or winch machine, the whole being strongly batted to the rock.

  3. He won a game from the strong Houston team with comparative ease and saved another from Waco after Markwith had been batted out of the box.

  4. Twice in one week Joe had gone in when Hartley had been batted from the mound and by superhuman exertions had just nosed out a victory.

  5. The Chicagos, who were like wild men, now that they seemed to have another chance with the dreaded Hughson out of the way, batted like fiends, and the two games went to their credit by scores of seven to two and six to four.

  6. The majority of the men scattered out into the field, while others, standing near the plate, batted up flies.

  7. I certainly felt sore to be batted out of the box," said Joe, his thoughts reverting to the game.

  8. Jim had held them to a tie up to the eleventh inning, but then he faltered and they batted in the winning runs.

  9. He had been batted out of the box in one of the crucial games of the season.

  10. Maurice rested his chin on his left fist, and batted the fern; then he said: "I've been infernally mean to Eleanor.

  11. The shoestring mended, Maurice batted a tall fern with his racket.

  12. By now the words "flying saucer" were being batted around by every newspaper reporter, radio and TV newscaster, comedian, and man on the street.

  13. Vandenberg, then Chief of Staff, before it was batted back down.

  14. So I batted the intelligence officer's question back to him.

  15. The balls Jack pitched now were either straight or broke so widely that almost anyone could have batted home runs galore off him.

  16. Bob Hart, who batted first, led off with a screaming two bagger, and went to third, when Tom Binns was thrown out.

  17. Pete Stubbs batted next, and was so anxious to make a hit that he popped up a little fly to the first baseman.

  18. It is to this spot that nearly all the swiftly batted ground balls come, which require more nerve and practice to stop than any other.

  19. Had Graham been dismissed cheaply, we would undoubtedly have batted for the last two hours of the first day, the only occasion of the wicket being in favour of run-getting throughout the match.

  20. Cambridge batted first, Burnup and Wilson making a long stand; Bray hit confidently at the finish.

  21. Of this last match, however, it should be said that the two sides batted under quite unequal conditions, the English on a hard dry wicket, and the Australians on one spoilt by rain.

  22. He bowled to us and he batted for us, and we learnt something.

  23. England, batted well in both innings, and Rowe and Middleton took seventeen of our wickets between them.

  24. Sinclair batted and bowled well for the Johannesburg XV.

  25. Then Moslof batted one down to Edwards and was thrown out at first.

  26. He fancied he had batted all kinds of pitching, but here was something new to him.

  27. He batted me poor Jack nigh to death wid his big hands.

  28. Denny Nolan will soon be cursin' the day he batted me about like a swile.

  29. For plain tiles the wedged and tempered clay is batted out into a slab a full 3/4" thick.

  30. This is carefully wedged and then rolled out or batted flat on a piece of leather until it is a little thicker than the thickest part of the platter (see Fig.

  31. Yes, guess he didn't like the way the scrub batted him around.

  32. You know you were pretty well batted to-day.

  33. Balls were being caught and batted about, and the new player was soon doing his share.

  34. Sam had delivered a ball that was batted over the right-field fence.

  35. In past days Gallup had batted well, but to-day Merriwell's wisdom in placing him far down on the batting order became apparent as the Vermonter continued to strike out.

  36. He batted a grounder through Bubbs and reached second.

  37. Lawrence Graves, his face as expressionless as a doormat, came up and batted a weak one into the diamond, being thrown out with ease.

  38. Shackleton batted one into right field, and Carson attempted to reach home on it.

  39. I understand you've never been batted hard.

  40. I may fall down in the World Series and be batted out of the box.

  41. But suppose I should be batted out of the box?

  42. Herman Brock was gone, but out in Medicine Hat Jock Sheridan had covered the middle garden like a carpet, and had batted four hundred and ten--some hitting!

  43. Here," said Wiley, still chipper and undisturbed, "is that jolly soul who obligingly batted an easy one into my fin the last time.

  44. The fellows found the High School pitcher and fairly batted him off his feet, and when the side went out it had added six runs to its tally, and lacked but one of being even with its opponent.

  45. They looked at him reproachfully, but Tom never "batted an eye.

  46. I saw him in an opening game in New York before thirty-five thousand people, when he was batted out of the box like any bush leaguer.

  47. For Place the lumbering Horton hit a twisting grounder to McCord, who batted it down with his mitt, jumped for it, turned and fell on the base, but too late to get his man.

  48. Of the few balls batted to Ken in practice he muffed only one, and he was just beginning to feel that he might acquit himself creditably when the coach called the team in.

  49. His baseball fortune was at stake, and he worked himself in such a frenzy that if a ball had been batted in his direction he might not have seen it at all.

  50. Hickle then batted up a tremendously high fly.

  51. The upper half of him was swathed in the red sweater; beneath that flapped the end of his short nightgown; and out of that stuck his thin legs, all knotted and spotted with honorable bruises won in fielding hard-batted balls.

  52. Prince batted a hot grounder to Blake, who fumbled.

  53. The Wayne team batted and bunted a few balls, and then Homans led them to the bench.

  54. More and more ambitious players crowded into the cage, until there were so many that batted balls rarely missed hitting some one.

  55. Ken, after pitching to Dean for a while, batted to the infield and so had opportunity to see the improvement.

  56. Another told him to play in close, and when the ball was batted to turn and run with it.

  57. Having secured a batted ball, he should throw it at once, waiting only long enough to regain his balance and make sure of his aim.

  58. Having stopped a batted ball, he should throw it as quickly as possible after having regained his balance, so that if the aim be slightly inaccurate the first baseman may have time to leave the base and return.

  59. We only know that a team of base-runners wins game after game in which it is out-batted and out-fielded by its opponents.

  60. He will have a longer reach for both thrown and batted balls, he will be a better mark to throw at, and, by reason of his superior weight, he will have more confidence in the face of reckless base-running.

  61. Home run (Baseball), a complete circuit of the bases made before the batted ball is returned to the home base.

  62. A batted ball that falls inside the foul lines; -- called also a fair hit.

  63. But Sam could not stem the winning tide, and he was batted for five runs, making the even twenty.

  64. I'll need some new pitchers next season, I guess, for you certainly batted Ted and Sam all over.

  65. Ted Clay was being batted all over the field, his support was poor, while the Morningside lads could not seem to find the ball.

  66. The ball must always be batted with the open palm.

  67. The ball may be batted (not thrown) in any way, but by only one hand at a time.

  68. Because of their size, these balls cannot be batted as far as the usual baseball, and this and their softer texture make them especially useful for limited areas.

  69. If the ball hits the stool, the one who threw it changes places with the stool defender; if the ball be batted by the defender and caught by another of the players, the one catching it changes places with the stool defender.

  70. This game somewhat resembles tennis, but is played over a lower dividing line, and the ball is batted with the hand instead of with a racket; it is always played from a bound, never "on the fly.

  71. In serving, the ball must be batted at least ten feet by the server before being touched by any other player on his side.

  72. They are suitable for games in which the ball is batted with the open hand or fist and where it is to be kept continuously in the air, such as the game of Volley Ball.

  73. In bounding the ball it must always be hit or batted from the upper side with the palm of the hand.

  74. From this position the ball is tossed upward lightly from one hand and batted with the palm of the other hand toward or into the opponents' court.

  75. He batted once more, but a third "out" on the bases saved him from the fluke which, he had been certain, must inevitably follow.

  76. When Anthony batted next it was with calculated nicety; he drove the ball between shortstop and second base, and, by dint of hard running, achieved a rapturously acclaimed "two bagger.

  77. She batted well, but Princeton seemed to be right on the ball every time.

  78. They had trailed the banners of their opponents in the dust, they had raced around the bases, they had batted the ball into the far corners of the field, and they had raced home with the runs.

  79. And he was justified, for Joe got himself well in hand, and the 'varsity, as if driven to desperation by another defeat staring them in the face so near to the Amherst game, batted as they never had before.

  80. I bet your father or mine wouldn't a-batted an eye.

  81. MacLaren himself batted magnificently, and so did Hayward and Tyldesley.

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