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Example sentences for "counterbalancing"

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  1. That is one of the inevitable disadvantages of a federal regime, but, as a very distinguished Canadian statesman once said to the writer, the counterbalancing advantages of a de-centralized system far outweigh all such drawbacks.

  2. In some automobile engines, extremely good results have been secured in obtaining steady running with minimum vibration by counterbalancing the crank-shafts as outlined at Fig.

  3. If counterbalancing crank-shafts helps in an automobile engine, it should have advantages of some moment in airplane engines, even though the crank-shaft weight is greater.

  4. Schiaparelli and affirm the certain existence of unknown forces capable of moving matter and of counterbalancing the action of gravity.

  5. So, therefore, it is always through the blood that we must assist nature in the process of counterbalancing and rectifying or healing abnormal conditions.

  6. In such cases as the former, physiological chemistry will point to the counterbalancing of the acids to establish a correct composition of the blood, and thus to prevent the impending danger.

  7. Even where he has a fairly good case, he spoils it by gross exaggeration and by the suppression of counterbalancing facts.

  8. Illustration (f081a): Radiating, Recurring and Counterbalancing Lines in the Structure of the Skeleton and the Muscles.

  9. Second Ascent: The machine carried Roziers and the counterbalancing weight--fire being in the grating--to the height of 700 feet.

  10. Yet as soon as it was achieved the more distinguished spirits in every country began to feel the need of counterbalancing it.

  11. The key to the situation, it is now beginning to be more and more widely felt, is to be found in the counterbalancing tendency of Individualism, and the eugenic guardianship of the race.

  12. In most cases it is the high death-rate in infancy and childhood which exercises the counterbalancing influence against a high birth-rate; the death-rate in adult life may be quite moderate.

  13. The answer is, it is not practicable, hence the above numerous injunctions as to preliminaries, and which have to do with counterbalancing the impossibility of direct and strong pressure.

  14. In this case, therefore, the centre pieces are provided with seats for the bars E, E, which may be bolted on to carry the counterbalancing weights, the bars being changed on the centre pieces when the centres are changed.

  15. The bars, for example, are shown in their position when the centres A are being used to turn up the journal A, the necessary amount of weight for counterbalancing being bolted on them with a set-screw through the weight.

  16. This may be offset by increased counterbalancing, of course, but the counterbalancing becomes cumbersome, and is not so easy a matter.

  17. The counterbalancing forces of the vaulting do not seem to me contradictory in the arch.

  18. And while I think Holt is wholly right in connecting the possibility of error with objectively plural and conflicting forces, I should hardly regard it as linguistically expedient to call counterbalancing forces "contradictory.

  19. From the unity, however, of the origin of these two forces, we might have expected to find them as they are found--the one accurately counterbalancing the other.

  20. They have their faults indeed, but let charity cover them: they may have also their counterbalancing excellencies--let piety observe and imitate them.

  21. In the case of force, however, there is the counterbalancing consideration that the unlawful aggressor may be led to inflict worse injury on his victim, if he is unable to rely on the latter's promise.

  22. But it has counterbalancing disadvantages.

  23. At M is a lever, with a weight at the end of it, counterbalancing the weight of the blocks, and plate D, all which are above the centre on which they move.

  24. Equilibrium of things produced by the counterbalancing of fixedness and movement, 778-l.

  25. Two primary laws exist in nature, two essential laws, which produce, by counterbalancing each other, the universal equilibrium of things.

  26. Instead of counterbalancing their native frivolity by some real instruction----good heavens!

  27. The drain can only be stopped if we can rapidly bring to bear our counterbalancing claims.

  28. A drain of gold can only come about if foreigners choose to turn into gold claims, which they have against us for immediate payment, and we have no counterbalancing claims against them for equally immediate payment.

  29. It was during the American war that the Press rose to be a great counterbalancing power.

  30. It was put together on the ground within the tower of the church, and when finished it was drawn up at once, with the assistance of counterbalancing weights, to the top of the tower, and there to be fixed in its place.

  31. Of course such transfer, following as it did a similar change with regard to all our North American colonies, materially reduced the amount of our revenue, the counterbalancing advantage being the benefits usually arising from autonomy.

  32. And thus, by an actual reduction in Post Office labour, unattended with any counterbalancing disadvantage, the desired reduction in postage would be warranted.

  33. If you mean such past things as refer to the body, then I see that you are counterbalancing your agonies with your reason, and not with your recollection of pleasures which you have felt in the body.

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