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heredes; heredibus; hereditaments; hereditarily; hereditary; hereges; herein; hereinabove; hereinafter; hereinbefore
  1. Gunsaulus says,” I ventured, “that all these streams of heredity set toward business affairs.

  2. Heredity and environment conspired to make Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward a woman of letters.

  3. The curse of heredity lies upon Rosmer, who is highly intelligent up to a certain point, but who can go no further.

  4. Much of a wire-drawn ingenuity has been conjectured about the probable strains of heredity which met in Ibsen.

  5. It is enough for all the requirements of Weismann’s theory of heredity that the material basis of heredity should present a merely high degree of stability, such as the facts of atavism, degeneration, &c.

  6. Readers who may happen to be acquainted with De Vries’ important essay on heredity will perceive how well this suggestion fits in with his modification of Pangenesis.

  7. We are now in a position fully to understand Professor Weismann’s theory of heredity in all its bearings.

  8. For, on their common supposition that the substance of heredity is particulate, it matters not in the present connexion whether we suppose the particles to be ids or gemmules.

  9. In as far as his theory of heredity is concerned, there is no reason why it should differ from Darwin’s in this respect.

  10. Were one to insist that we know nothing certainly concerning the relation of heredity in other primates than man, the statement could not well be disputed.

  11. Hominidae (Man) When we turn to the science of genetics we meet a similar condition, for the literature reveals only scattered bits of information concerning heredity in the primates.

  12. All the circumstances seem to point to it: the Osmia of the quarries is an inveterate user of Snail-shells; so far as heredity is concerned, she knows nothing whatever of reeds.

  13. The slow school of the ages, the gradual acquisitions of the past, the legacies of heredity count for nothing therefore in the Osmia's education.

  14. Heredity through sex may be defined as the resultant of consecutive environments.

  15. Contrast with this the corresponding type of heredity in woman.

  16. With that heredity environment has coalesced, and I think no one will deny that a continuous suggestion of helplessness and mental inferiority must affect woman.

  17. I submit that each man and woman has two heredities: one the ordinary heredity from two parents and their forbears, the other more complex and purely mental--the tradition of sex.

  18. With especial theories of Heredity advocated by Haeckel we are not concerned, except in one respect.

  19. The first matter which presents itself to us, in this connection, is the theory of Heredity and Adaptation mentioned above.

  20. Use and disuse are rather the fundamental concepts with which, in a consideration of function under Heredity and Adaptation, we have to do.

  21. The chief point at issue between various theories of Heredity seems to be the degree of importance to be attached to Adaptation: however we may express the question, this is the ultimate form to which it is reducible.

  22. But apart from this fact, the fact of cross-heredity is to be taken into consideration.

  23. The consideration of the question of heredity is, however, necessary to any complete or wide-reaching theory of moral progress.

  24. We tend, generally, to emphasize heredity in the case of the plant and the animal, and environment in the case of the human being.

  25. No theory of development which goes beyond the individual life and considers the progress of society as a whole can scientifically disregard the element of heredity in this progress.

  26. Heredity and the origin of life must be taken into account; the "inconceivability" of the process has some weight; and the apparent infringement of the law of Conservation of Energy is a serious objection.

  27. Biology contends that heredity and environment alone are capable of explaining the actions and movements of the lower organisms, without postulating any "will.

  28. And I could not hear this appeal to heredity without thinking of the not at all humble Southern blood which flowed in the veins of some of these men and women.

  29. There are millions of us who have the blood of both races, and, if heredity means anything, who have the traditions, feelings, and passions of both.

  30. It is environment and heredity that governs us--that's all.

  31. Our social environment is what modifies heredity and develops human character.

  32. Neither will Heredity hold good upon the plane of the intellect, for many cases may be cited where a genius and an idiot spring from the same stock.

  33. The organization of our nervous system which we get through heredity undoubtedly has much to do with the feeling tone into which we most easily fall.

  34. Perhaps no animal, not even those most susceptible to fright, has behind it the fear heredity of the child.

  35. Education adds nothing to what heredity supplies, but only develops what is present from the first.

  36. Heredity counts for nothing among them, and official positions are conferred only by popular vote.

  37. Ley, of Antwerp, who was for some time medical specialist to a school for defectives, has made a very complete study of the heredity and personal antecedents of hundreds of defective children.

  38. One would like to believe that, in making observations upon heredity and stigmata, the doctors are collecting, in their daily work, materials for a great scientific work which will be produced by degrees.

  39. Still less are those who accept the theory bound to any particular views as to the causes of heredity or of variation.

  40. He stated that he believed there was an element of heredity in his case, his father having been a dipsomaniac and one brother having died insane.

  41. It need not be asserted that "heredity extends to the object of the appetite," but simply that heredity culminates in an organism which is sexually best satisfied by that object.

  42. Alcohol has sometimes been considered an important exciting cause of homosexuality, and alcoholism is certainly not uncommon in the heredity of inverts; according to Hirschfeld (Die Homosexualität, p.

  43. I possess some record of heredity in 62 of my cases.

  44. Upon the question of heredity I may say that I belong to a reasonably healthy, prolific, and long-lived family.

  45. Spindrift= for February has as its leading feature an essay on "Heredity or Environment," by the Editor.

  46. This sort of animal interprets Nature by physical, not mental associations, and is unfitted by heredity to receive impressions of the beautiful in its less material aspects.

  47. The Determinist would say: "This peer is what heredity and environment have made him.

  48. You have power to choose, then, but you can only choose as your heredity and environment compel you to choose.

  49. I believe that I am what heredity and environment made me.

  50. Each is what heredity and environment have made him.

  51. We are all creatures of heredity and environment.

  52. Heredity decides how a man shall be bred; environment regulates what he shall learn.

  53. Neither is responsible for his heredity nor for his environment.

  54. So you have, but that power is limited and controlled by heredity and environment.

  55. He is by Heredity what his ancestors have made him (or what God has made him).

  56. And you do not select your own heredity nor your own environment.

  57. Man is what he is by the act of God, or the results of heredity and environment.

  58. Man is what heredity (or God) and environment make him.

  59. As all men are what heredity and environment have made them, no man deserves punishment nor reward.

  60. Man is a creature of Heredity and Environment.

  61. Take away from a man all that heredity and environment have given him, and there will be nothing left.

  62. Erroneous systems of training, which do not injure the health, will not appear through heredity in the offspring of parents thus wrongly trained, except as a result of environment.

  63. If acquired characters are not inherited, then heredity and education have a very different relation.

  64. If we take the unicellular organisms which multiply by division, we may see that heredity is simple.

  65. There is a spectre of heredity of a more serious nature.

  66. Our theories of heredity will depend on the extent of our knowledge, and especially our knowledge of embryology.

  67. If acquired characters are transmitted, the relation of heredity to education must be very close and important.

  68. He says: "The doctrine of heredity may seem to take out of our hands the conduct of our lives, but it is the idea, not the fact, which is really terrible to us.

  69. A happy and contented mind is the best guarantee that the due action of the law of heredity will not be disturbed at the time of conception or afterwards.

  70. Von Krafft-Ebings, who has considered the heredity of psychical diseases, and in connection therewith mentions three "essential facts" which it is necessary to keep in view when dealing with that subject.

  71. It occurred to Galton, whose studies in heredity have been more prolific of good than those of any other man, to test it by practical experiment.

  72. By heredity he understands the production from a fertilized ovum of an individual, with all the general characteristics of structure and function of body and brain of the species to which it belongs.

  73. The resemblances of heredity are due to the fact that the new organism takes its origin from a definite piece of the substance of its parent or parents.

  74. Now, if it could be shown that these reproductive masses arose directly from the reproductive masses which formed the parent body, the problems of heredity would be extremely simplified.

  75. The fundamental basis of heredity is the separation of a mass from the parent (germ-plasm) which under certain conditions grows into an individual resembling the parent.

  76. In such cases the problem of heredity does not differ fundamentally from the symmetrical repetition of parts.

  77. Amphimixis has a vast importance in the theory of evolution (Weismann, for instance, regards it as the chief factor in the production of variations); for its relation to heredity we are as yet dependent on empirical observations.

  78. Heredity is God's visiting of sin to the third and fourth generations.

  79. Heredity and environment, and above all the settled dispositions which are the product of past acts of will, render a large part of human action practically automatic.

  80. On heredity and depravity, see Phelps, in Bib.

  81. George Eliot's school is nearer the truth; although she exaggerates the doctrine of heredity in turn, until all idea of free will and all hope of escaping our fate vanish.

  82. Heredity is God working in us, and environment is God working around us.

  83. The tainted past may bring forth flowers, As blossomed Aaron's rod: No legacy of sin annuls Heredity from God.

  84. But this writing belongs to a past generation, when the facts of heredity were unrecognized.

  85. The greatest fact in heredity is our descent from God, and the greatest fact in environment is his presence in human life at every point.

  86. The new conceptions of the reign of law and of the principle of heredity which prevail in modern science are working to the advantage of Christian theology.

  87. The donkey is determined, but not self-determined; he is the victim of heredity and environment; he acts only as he is acted upon.

  88. The perpetuation of the criminal class by heredity is a question difficult to grapple with on many accounts.

  89. I could add cases from at least three different families in which the heredity is quite as strongly marked.

  90. Power, or command, or leadership by heredity is looked upon as a convenience, not as an unimpeachable right.

  91. It has become of late the fashion for any one who writes of his own life to see himself against a dark background, to see his development frustrated by some shadow of heredity or some horror of environment.

  92. In this case a young man of somewhat neuropathic heredity had as a youth of 16 or 17, when romping with his young sister's playfellows, experienced sexual sensations on chancing to see their white underlinen.

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