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Example sentences for "falcon"

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falcate; falce; falchion; falchions; falciform; falconers; falconet; falconets; falconry; falcons
  1. Falcon Court, in that locality, perhaps derives its name from this house.

  2. At the Falcon inn, Stratford-on-Avon, there is still a shovelboard on which William Shakespeare is said often to have played.

  3. The name is still preserved in the Falcon Glass-house, which stands opposite its site, and in the Falcon Stairs.

  4. The white falcon crowned and holding a sceptre was the badge of Queen Anna Boleyn, and of Queen Elizabeth her daughter.

  5. Another Falcon Tavern connected with Shakespeare's name used to stand on the Bankside, where he and his companions occasionally refreshed themselves after the fatigues of the performances at the Globe.

  6. Dight at the sign of the Falcon in Shoe Lane.

  7. This is simply a popular rendering of the Falcon and the Fetterlock, one of the badges of the house of York.

  8. The Castle and Falcon was another of his signs.

  9. I have to-day buy the insides of this hotel, and there shall be marrying of the General Perrico Ximenes Villablanca Falcon with la Madame O'Brien.

  10. Falcon had enough English under his hat to enable him to inquire his way to the street in which El Refugio stood.

  11. At the Hotel Español General Falcon engaged rooms and established himself.

  12. It is not for the General Falcon to think of beauty.

  13. General Falcon was presented to the Secretary of War of the United States, and his mission made known by his old friend, Mr. Kelley.

  14. An hour later found General Falcon and Mr. Kelley seated at a table in the conspirator's corner of El Refugio.

  15. Falcon brushed the floor with his broad-brimmed hat, and emitted a quantity of Spanish, the syllables sounding like firecrackers gently popping their way down the string of a bunch.

  16. The yardarm on which the falcon had perched appeared to me to be my ultimate destination, or to suggest it.

  17. The lusty singing accompanied by the band made all pulses beat as fiercely as in action; and as a good omen a falcon flew down and perched upon the Takachiho.

  18. For hundreds of years our philosophers have agreed that the falcon brings good fortune to the Japanese.

  19. Short the strife; as angry falcon swoops upon its helpless prey, Arjun sped his vengeful arrow and his foeman lifeless lay!

  20. There came from the forest, but evidently from a great distance, the answer; the clear, wild cry of the old falcon when he has spied out his quarry far down below him.

  21. The falcon is happy only in the immeasurable ether on high; he dies in the foul air of our houses.

  22. In good sooth, I know not that one may learn of the air and the woods who goes as thou goest, with falcon and boar-spear.

  23. My falcon outsaileth thine," he had murmured, "but his master's heart can never leave thee!

  24. And no one, sure, could in the round world cast a falcon better.

  25. The falcon fluttered against her breast, almost thrown from her wrist by the swiftness of her pace; her heart fluttered beneath, half in fear and half in a dangerously delicious confusion.

  26. The spotless plumage of the bird against the red of the glove was wondrously fair to see, and wondrously fair was the lady as she carried the falcon against her breast.

  27. Her falcon she had given to Rupert, who rode far behind, and it occurred to her now that had she but kept it with her she might have let it escape and so produced an excitement by means of which to be freed from her entanglement.

  28. She held up her arm, and shook her falcon until he reeled again, tossing his hooded head so that his bell rang right merrily.

  29. Suddenly Lars uttered a short, sharp cry, as he looked upward, and the falcon began to ruffle his feathers.

  30. At that moment the falcon seemed to Ned a mere speck against the sky, while the heron was flying lower, as if its fear bore it downward.

  31. Forward darted Lars, before the falcon released the grip of his talons, and in a moment more the bird's bright eyes were hooded again.

  32. Higher, higher, in great circles, the falcon sped upward until he arose above the now frightened and screaming heron.

  33. Many a keen-eyed falcon has looked out over the sea from that high watch tower, round whose base wander grey arms of ivy, gnarled and wrinkled, centuries old.

  34. While roses bloomed along the plain, The nightingale to the falcon said, 'Why of all birds must thou be dumb?

  35. The Prey Mole waited in his hole and seized him; the Wood Rat, and the Falcon made him his prey; the Mouse, and the Ground Owl quickly caught him.

  36. He is an original, Mr. Falcon is, and I should like to make his acquaintance.

  37. Like a falcon darting upon geese and swans, Yaroslav fell upon the armies of Prince Daniil the White; and he hewed down not so many as his horse trampled under his hoofs, and he took Daniil prisoner.

  38. Yaroslav Lasarevich took his shield and lance, and exclaimed: "As the falcon pounces upon white swans and grey ducks, so darts the brave Yaroslav Lasarevich upon the army of Daniil the White!

  39. As the falcon swoops upon the geese, swans, and ducks, even so did Prince Ivan fall upon that terrible army; and his steed trod to the ground twice as many as he himself slew.

  40. The falcon had its nest on the top of one of the minarets of clay which are so common in the canons of Colorado, while a colony of swallows nested just beneath.

  41. I often admired their courage and agility," the old Brehm wrote, "and I am persuaded that the falcon alone is capable of capturing any of them.

  42. The monster Geryon, ever sullen as the falcon who seats himself at a distance from his dissatisfied master, shook his riders from off his back to the water's side, and then shot away like an arrow.

  43. Nor did mine host of the Falcon speak without prescience.

  44. But the force of the blow was lost upon the well-cushioned body of the Drake, he soon got over his fright and went on his way southward with his family, while the Falcon dropped heavily to the water's edge with a broken wing.

  45. All descended in dizzy spirals, but as the great Falcon swooped toward them with upraised wing, the ducklings scattered wildly hither and thither.

  46. Round and round in dizzy spirals they swung together, till with a quick spurt the Falcon struck the shining, outstretched neck of the other, and snapped it with one powerful blow of his reunited wing.

  47. Ducks, and they scattered and whirled upward like the dead leaves in autumn; but the Falcon with sure aim selected the old Drake and gave swift chase.

  48. By these words the Falcon knew his old enemy, and his courage returned.

  49. Every day a flock or two flew over the lake; but the Falcon dared not charge upon the flocks, much as he wished to do so.

  50. Advance the Red Falcon of Kalbs-Kuchen--let it strike terror into the hearts of the enemy--and forward as it pounces upon its prey!

  51. The wild fowl I can number on the wing, And mark the falcon in his towering flight.

  52. After bestowing the name of Lookout upon the great headland christened Cape Falcon by Heceta and known to us as Tillamook Head, Meares squared away for Nootka, and there he spent a very profitable season in the fur-trade.

  53. That you may always be cold, and wet and dirty, and that your shoes may ever have pools in them, till you bring me hither the blue falcon on which that feather grew.

  54. So the husband went off to hunt, with the falcon on his wrist, and the greyhound and the cat behind him--for the palace was so warm that even the cat did not mind living in it.

  55. Now all this time neither the cat nor the falcon had had any food, and the falcon soon got tired carrying such a heavy burden.

  56. Henceforth he was safe from harm, for had he not the bay colt who could leave one wind behind her and catch the other wind, and the blue falcon to bring him game to eat, and the White Sword of Light to pierce through his foes?

  57. And when this happens, wait till the giant is out of his house; then throw a cloth over the falcon and bear her away with you.

  58. Mounting the camel, he whistled the falcon to his wrist, and, followed by his greyhound and his cat, he started homewards.

  59. The falcon flew to a tree and spread his wings in the sun to dry, but the cat, after giving herself a good shake, began to scratch up the sandy banks and to throw the bits into the stream.

  60. Shaking his wrist, the falcon seated on it darted into the air, and swooped down upon the quarry he had marked, which fell dead to the ground.

  61. With his falcon on his wrist, and his greyhound and cat behind him, the young man walked a long way, inquiring of everyone he met whether they had seen his enemy the Jew.

  62. Ian Direach trembled as he saw him; but the giant only said: 'If you wish for my falcon you must first bring me the White Sword of Light that is in the house of the Big Women of Dhiurradh.

  63. As the king rode forth to hunt with falcon on wrist the eunuchs rode behind him singing ribald Mongol songs.

  64. One of his first acts was to do away with the “Dog and Falcon Bureau” which had in charge the implements of the chase.

  65. I leaned far out from the coach-door, and her falcon eye instantly distinguished my head; kiss on kiss she threw with both hands after the carriage, as it rolled down into the valley.

  66. Now tell me, wise Princess, if the soft Dove will grant to her trusty Falcon the love which he longs for?

  67. To the Falcon, in the Petty Cury, [The old Falcon Inn is on the south side of Petty Cury.

  68. It is now divided into three houses, one of which is the present Falcon Inn, the other two being houses with shops.

  69. Well, he had seen a falcon kill a partridge, but would the falconer be able to lure back his hawk?

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