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  1. As the days wore on, as famine came poking his skeleton form into the igloos of the improvident natives, the condition became truly serious.

  2. In none of the igloos did he see a single person resembling, in the least degree, the little yellow men who had attacked him on the hill.

  3. An exclamation of surprise escaped his lips as he rounded the point from which the rows of dome-like igloos could be seen.

  4. As has been said, their igloos were built near the centre of an enormous floe nearly a hundred feet in thickness and fifteen miles in circumference.

  5. A seal-skin full of blubber would have saved many of our dogs; but we had none to spare for them, as we were reduced to the point when we had to save it exclusively for lighting the igloos at night.

  6. They had barely put up igloos when an awful gale burst on them, and for four days it was a steady battle against death.

  7. With the gale ended they found themselves saved almost as by miracle, for though their igloos were safe in the centre of a tiny fragment of the great floe, its area was less than a hundred square yards.

  8. March opened with a violent storm, which kept all in their igloos save the indefatigable hunters.

  9. The very low entrances to the igloos were covered by a canvas flap frozen into the outer wall so as to exclude almost entirely the entrance into the hut of either cold air or wind-driven snow.

  10. We could not use it to warm our igloos or to cook with.

  11. Old igloos and camps at various places in the Selawik Basin.

  12. There are a number of points of significant agreement, the foremost of which is once more that in the case of Barrow and Point Barrow, and especially that of the Old Igloos near Barrow and Greenland.

  13. Barrow and Point Barrow are once more nearly the same, as are the Old Igloos and Greenland; and there are some other interesting relations.

  14. Thus the St. Lawrence material stands once more close to the medium of the southwestern and midwestern groups; Barrow and Point Barrow are almost identical; and so are the Old Igloos from near Barrow and Greenland.

  15. Taking the materials, however, regardless of sex, the proportions of ages in the earlier igloos and in the late surface burials are practically identical.

  16. By the next day all the igloos in the village were in use, and when night came their windows shone with the light of the lamps, just as they had so many months before.

  17. But that was not far away, for there were only five igloos in the whole town.

  18. Why don't they build igloos the way they used to?

  19. Kesshoo said, "If you will run to all the igloos and tell the people to come at sunset to eat the bear's head, I will help you build the snow house for the dogs.

  20. You bring in the meat," she said, "and tell the twins to go to all the igloos and invite the people to come at sunset.

  21. The bay froze over far out from shore, and the white snow covered the igloos so completely that if it had not been for the windows, and for people moving about out of doors, no one could have told that there was any village there.

  22. The igloos are all built there ready to use again.

  23. Then there were two igloos where several families lived together.

  24. Outside the igloos during the past months, as the babies had come, the number of tiny mounds had increased, and when the aurora flooded the skies heart-broken mothers could be seen weeping over these graves of snow.

  25. Snow had fallen on the land, igloos had been built.

  26. Usually our snow igloos allowed each man from eighteen to twenty inches space in which to lie down, and just room enough to stretch his legs well.

  27. What a relief it was to be clear of the innumerable horde "o' wee sma' beasties" that had been my close companions all the way down from the Eskimo igloos in the North.

  28. The portages and rapids and camp fires, the Indian wigwams and Eskimo igloos and the great, silent white world of the North that we had so recently left were now only memories.

  29. When they are away at their camps and igloos their own costume is almost exclusively worn, and is the best possible costume for the climate and the country.

  30. Only by chance had they reached the igloos of the policemen’s encampment.

  31. Thus they stumbled into the village of igloos hours later, lungs burning from the frost, bodies numb and prickling in a dozen places.

  32. But luck was with them, for they had not gone on a mile when they came upon a dozen igloos in a sheltered nook.

  33. Slowly the igloos grew smaller and smaller as they floated farther out to sea, and at last they sat down and gave up.

  34. A half hour later, the two Corporals departed from the village of igloos with a day’s provisions, and a camp stove, packed on their backs.

  35. The map indicated no exact route to the top of the glacier, except that from the abandoned igloos there was a change of course somewhat to the southwest.

  36. You know what I think,” Dick broke a long silence, “those igloos are right under the walls of the glacier where it flows down to the sea.

  37. Driving southwest, the three boys began the long trek across the tundra, hoping they might soon sight the abandoned igloos indicated on the map as the next landmark.

  38. When they came in sight of the igloos they were wholly unprepared for what met their eyes.

  39. Constable Sloan explained to the boys that the igloos had been broken down by the superstitious Eskimos in Mistak’s band, who believed that if they left the igloos intact, evil spirits would come and live in them.

  40. Two huge polar bears were mauling and crushing the igloos and camp paraphernalia, and Sandy was nowhere to be seen!

  41. Those igloos must have been built where there was some sort of wind break.

  42. I don’t like to change such a sweet smelling subject,” Sandy rejoined, “but what do you say we start building ourselves one of those igloos before bedtime?

  43. But they found the igloos deserted, their round, white domes crushed and destroyed.

  44. Grief stricken, the poor woman was wandering around among the igloos in the moonlight, wailing softly to herself, when the boys chanced to pass her on their way to the policemen’s igloo.

  45. A storm fell upon them, however, after seven days and nights of moonlight, and they were all forced to hibernate in their igloos to escape the bitter cold and heavy darkness.

  46. The pot was kept boiling, and the igloos rang with chants of primitive joys.

  47. Inside, the igloos were dimly lighted with stone blubber lamps.

  48. For the coming period of darkness and bitter cold, they made igloos of stone and snow.

  49. In a few moments the igloos of the village, with lights shining through windows where animal membranes served as glass, had sped by us.

  50. They were camped a few miles beyond, and came to our igloos at breakfast.

  51. By habit, we emerged from our igloos later and later.

  52. There was a line of old igloos partly below water, indicating a very ancient time of settlement, for since the departure of the builders of these igloos the coast must have settled at least fifteen feet.

  53. About the box-house in which Francke and I lived were igloos housing eight to twelve families.

  54. So thoroughly delighted were we with these goggles that later we wore them even in igloos while asleep, with the double object of screening the strong light which passes through the eyelids and of keeping the forehead warm.

  55. Such was the trend of interest and conversation as the building of the igloos was completed.

  56. The lamps, burning at full force, made the igloos comfortable.

  57. The blubber was taken close to their igloos and placed on raised platforms of snow, so as to be out of reach of the dogs.

  58. Worsley took a party to the floe on the 26th and started building a line of igloos and "dogloos" round the ship.

  59. It is reassuring to feel the ship beneath one's feet and to look down at the familiar line of kennels and igloos on the solid floe.

  60. The balmy air was beginning to melt the surface of the snow, and the igloos that had stood firm for full half a year were gradually becoming dangerous to walk over and unsafe to sit under.

  61. I suppose he means that they connect a number of their igloos together by means of passages.

  62. There were about twenty igloos in the village, all of which were built in the form of a dome, exactly similar to the hut constructed by Maximus on the lake.

  63. There were one or two other igloos made of the same material, but none so large, clean, or elegant as this one.

  64. When they go to each other's tupics or igloos to make calls, instead of taking their knitting, the belles of the polar circle take their chewing.

  65. Our igloos were made on the southern bank, and we were greatly surprised that we saw no sled tracks in crossing the river.

  66. Joe measured the cross-section of one he saw in the native igloos below our camp that measured over one foot.

  67. I found their igloos to be much larger and better built than those of the northern natives.

  68. He can come into their igloos and chat with them upon the topics of the day, or join in the meal that is under discussion, and the stranger would never know but that the utmost harmony existed among them.

  69. A seal-skinful of blubber each week would have saved many of our dogs; but we had none to spare for them, as we were reduced to the point when we had to save it exclusively for lighting the igloos at night.

  70. The natives soon came from their igloos on the ice about a mile away, and gathered around us.

  71. Equeesik moved his igloo about ten miles ahead this day, but the other two igloos were compelled to wait for their hunters to come in.

  72. They were very good natured and friendly, however, and helped to build our igloos and make them comfortable.

  73. Sometimes at points that are regularly occupied during the winter months igloos are built of stones, and moss piled up around and over them, so that when covered by the winter snows they make very comfortable dwellings.

  74. We then learned that they had reached the Dangerous Rapids only that afternoon, and while building the igloos the three young men we had seen in the morning returned and reported having seen us up the river.

  75. Igloos go with kiaks and are built beneath the earth.

  76. More igloos were seen during the afternoon, but they were passed as the first had been, and at night the party bivouacked in the open as they had done the night before.

  77. The several igloos were all connected by snow tunnels, which permitted of an easy passage from one to the other without the necessity of going out of doors.

  78. In the igloos Akonuk and Matuk were brewing tea for supper and the three ate in silence.

  79. As much as Bob would have liked to stop, he did not do so, for the Indians stalked past at a rapid pace, never by word or look showing that they had seen the igloos or the Eskimos.

  80. Then he and Bob drove the dogs to the lee side of the island, where they found four large snow igloos and several men, women and children, standing outside waiting to see the white traveller.

  81. Upon a visit later to the other igloos he missed Chealuk.

  82. That afternoon an Eskimo village of snow igloos was reached.

  83. Finally, one evening when all the men were assembled in the igloos after their day's hunt, Akonuk announced that he and Matuk were to return home the next morning.

  84. This village, as he knew, consisted of igloos of rock.

  85. Their steeds the swift footed reindeer, their tents the igloos of walrus and reindeer skins, they roamed over a territory hundreds of miles in extent.

  86. Of course every one knows that real igloos are made of blocks of ice or snow, not of fur, but ice was not to be had at that season of the year and would not have been comfortable to work with anyway.

  87. Then Eskimo huts or igloos were made of the burs or “furs” as the children called them.

  88. He reached the half-dozen igloos which made up the Eskimo village late the third day.

  89. The Eskimo igloos were twenty miles across the Barren, and Billy's heart sank.

  90. By the time he reached the Eskimo igloos there would be two days lost.

  91. It was all so strange that it seemed unreal after that long passage of the savage wilds, that long habitation of huts and igloos and tents.

  92. The dwellings resembled igloos more than cabins, being completely covered with snow and approached by underground passages, with heavy flaps of untanned sealskin to close them.

  93. The igloos back in the valley, which was still crusted with winter snow, were few and small in dimensions.

  94. Plenty bone ashore," said the native chief, pointing at the igloos of Indian Point.

  95. Finally they reached the opposite shore of the strait, and, while the natives built igloos and hunted, the Americans searched for records of Franklin's party.

  96. Upon arriving at the mounds, which proved to be snow igloos such as are used by the Eskimos, Brent halted the dogs, and advanced to where two men, apparently oblivious to his presence, were cutting up blubber.

  97. We found the abandoned igloos of Crane City and realized that Captain Bartlett had reached the land safely.

  98. The workmanship of this latter type of igloos is necessarily crude, for the bowlders are used in the rough state.

  99. We turned in for a rest and sleep, but soon turned out again in pandemonium incomprehensible; the ice moving in all directions, our igloos wrecked, and every instant our very lives in danger.

  100. There was a heavy gale blowing at seven o'clock in the morning, on February 22, and the snow was so thick and drifty that we kept close to our igloos and made no attempt to do more than feed the dogs.

  101. We turned the igloos over to Marvin and his Esquimos, who were to await the arrival of the Commander, and Captain Bartlett and myself got our parties under way.

  102. At a little distance from the igloos we encountered high masses of heavily-rubbled, old ice.

  103. A few igloos built of bowlders can be seen.

  104. Orders were given to camp, and while the igloos were being built, Marvin and MacMillan took soundings.

  105. We staggered into camp like drunken men, and built our igloos by force of habit rather than with the intelligence of human beings.

  106. The igloos are built of snow, and are used in winter.

  107. I, with two Esquimos, followed; leaving at the igloos the Commander and Professor Marvin, with four Esquimos.

  108. Situated on a gently southward sloping knoll are the igloos and tupiks, where I have spent many pleasant days with my Esquimo friends and learned much of the folk-lore and history.

  109. When our watches told us that it was bedtime--for we were now in the period of perpetual sunlight--we again turned into the igloos which had been hurriedly built after our exciting experience the night before.

  110. To return by the same route followed on the upward march, using the beaten trail and the already constructed igloos to save the time and strength that would have been expended in constructing new igloos and in trail-breaking.

  111. After this experience, however, some of the Eskimo families took up their winter residence in the box houses and in snow igloos ashore.

  112. In order to secure fixed data of reference, permanent bench marks were established on the land, not far from the igloos or tide staves.

  113. Toward the end of the autumn field work, the use of the canvas tents had been discontinued, and snow igloos had been constructed along the line of march.

  114. In the afternoon of the 7th, after flying our flags and taking our photographs, we went into our igloos and tried to sleep a little, before starting south again.

  115. Our former igloos being lost to us, there was nothing to do but to build another set and turn in immediately.

  116. We were able to make longer marches when on the main trail because there we camped in the igloos already built on the upward journey instead of having to build fresh ones for ourselves.

  117. Illustration: Stone igloos on the bleak coast of Greenland] All this island, a half million square miles in area, except a small part of the southern coast line and a larger area in the north, is covered by an immense glacier.

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