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  1. The root of this aster is but one of nineteen that can be used to make a smoke or incense when smoked in a pipe, which attracts the deer near enough to shoot it with a bow and arrow.

  2. The leaves of this aster are eaten when young and tender.

  3. New England Aster (Aster novae-anglae) is one of the largest of the genus, its stem attaining heights of from 2 to 6 feet.

  4. New York Aster (Aster novi-belgii) is one of the very commonest of the "blue asters.

  5. B) Sharp-leaved Wood Aster (Aster acuminatus) is a low-growing woodland Aster growing from 1 to 3 feet in height.

  6. Illustration: ] (A) Aster umbellatus is a common species of white Aster found growing in moist woodland or thickets.

  7. The Aster swayed and murmured: "I will be yours till death!

  8. Said the Aster to the Violet: "What shall the dowry be, And what my stated fortune, If I should marry thee?

  9. Then Lavinia Cortright coming up to exchange Dahlia bulbs and discuss annuals and aster bugs.

  10. Then turn backward toward the front of the catalogue, find the letter A, and buy, in place of cosmos, aster seeds of every variety and colour that your pocket will allow.

  11. Yow be lookin' to see how t'owd ma'aster was hulled dune th' pit?

  12. How my beautiful Aster used to glory in the spectacle of the setting or rising sun,' he thought.

  13. Aster enquired, laying her hand with its crooked little finger upon his.

  14. I thought that the fair Aster had a monopoly of your company for this evening.

  15. Aster lived very happily with Roland, and she still retains the beauty for which, in those olden days, she was so noted.

  16. Aster turned upon him a look of infinite scorn.

  17. He likewise put a sealed letter into his hand directed to 'Miss Aster Atwell, 'Oaklands, York County.

  18. In about a quarter of an hour, Roland returned from the room, radiant with happiness and leading Aster by the hand.

  19. But I was not aware that Aster had seriously contemplated taking such a step.

  20. Why, however, he asked himself, was Aster the central figure in the picture of desolation that he was painting?

  21. Aster followed her guide without question; but she turned her head every few minutes to look for Roland.

  22. But oh, my Aster whatever issue fate allots to me, believe this that my love for you shall be my only star to the end.

  23. On the first day of sweet May,' she said to herself, 'I shall be Aster Gray; what a pretty name!

  24. There is a part called the Centrosome observable in many cells, and this is made up of one or two minute dots surrounded by a radiating aster called the Attraction-Sphere.

  25. In the centre of each aster is a Centrosome, and this may have a Centrosphere about it.

  26. The aster commonly disappears and the centrosome persists, usually outside the new nucleus, but sometimes within it.

  27. This consists of a fibrous spindle-shaped body, the Spindle, at either pole of which is an Aster made up of rays.

  28. There are several kinds of Xylorrhiza, nearly related to the Aster group and by some authorities regarded as Asters.

  29. In the very difficult group of asters which has caused endless confusion to human botanists these insects seem always able to select the one species--Aster umbellatus.

  30. Here they hibernate, to come forth the following spring and feed again upon the new growth of the aster plants, often doing considerable damage by denuding the young shoots of their leaves.

  31. These eggs hatch into caterpillars that feed upon the aster leaves for several weeks and then change to chrysalids, remaining in the latter stage ten days or two weeks.

  32. A few weeks later the females lay their eggs upon the aster leaves, the eggs being deposited in clusters of twenty or more on the under side of the leaf.

  33. Instead of laying their eggs singly as do so many of the more active butterflies, they lay them in clusters, often of a hundred or more, one layer of eggs being placed above the other upon the aster leaf.

  34. These lay eggs upon the aster leaves again and the little caterpillars that hatch from them feed for a few weeks or until about the last of September.

  35. The butterflies appear on the wing in early summer, lay their eggs upon the aster leaves, and die.

  36. Unlike the larger social caterpillars of the Mourning Cloak and other butterflies these larvae do not spin any threads as they crawl from place to place, so there is absolutely no nest made upon the aster leaf.

  37. The spring form of the adult appears in May and lays eggs upon the aster leaves.

  38. The caterpillars appear about a week after the eggs are laid and remain together in crowded colonies that feed upon the upper surface of the aster leaf.

  39. This Taur-Aster is exactly analogous to [1005]Zor-Aster above.

  40. I like my blue aster better than that yellow weed of yours, Tom!

  41. Jake, you are unnecessarily uprooting an aster with the toe of your boot," he said.

  42. One of the species, Aster alpinus, grows at a considerable height on the mountains of Europe.

  43. The China aster (Callistephus chinensis) is also a member of the order Compositae.

  44. The only British species is Aster Tripolium, found abundantly in saline marshes near the sea.

  45. Some of them, such as Aster spectabilis of North America, are very showy.

  46. The genus of composite plants named aster (natural order Compositae) is found largely in North America, and scattered sparingly over Asia, Europe and South America.

  47. SEA ASTER This somewhat dingy-looking plant loves to grow in muddy salt marshes close to the seashore; you find it in bloom all round our sea-coasts in autumn.

  48. The Sea Aster is a stout, coarse plant, with straight, stiff stems which are ribbed from top to bottom.

  49. The heads of the Leafy Aster have yellow disk-flowers and red-purple rays.

  50. This Aster has purple rays and yellow disks.

  51. The Aster differs from the Daisy in having fewer and broader ray-flowers.

  52. A pretty pink aster grew here in great clusters, and a few blue poppies were still out.

  53. On a few hillsides the savory-leaved aster and mouse-ear alone made quite a dense sward, said to be very pretty when the aster is in bloom.

  54. Yours alone the privilege of unveiling that radiant aster that will dazzle us all!

  55. Of flowers, mixed asters and Shirley poppy are to be recommended, the poppy being an early blooming flower and the aster late blooming.

  56. The true aster is named from its star shape, and in England is much prized and is called the Michaelmas Daisy, because they are in full bloom at the time of the feast of St. Michael.

  57. Why it received the common name of aster I have never been able to find out.

  58. And what though the toil of the farm be stopped And the tireless plans of the place be dropped, While the prayerful master's knees are set In beds of pansy and mignonette And lily and aster and columbine, Offered in love, as yours and mine?

  59. What, but a spirit of lustrous love White as the aster he bends above!

  60. The wild seashore aster, Aster Tripolium, will serve as an example.

  61. Discoid forms of the ordinary camomile, of the daisy, of some asters (Aster Tripolium), and of some centauries have been described.

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