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  1. In the second place, we must observe strict bacteriological cleanliness in all our manipulations.

  2. It should always be remembered that a chemical report and a bacteriological report should assist each other.

  3. A detailed study of tuberculosis from its pathological and bacteriological aspect will be found in La Tuberculose et son Bacille, pt.

  4. It should be remembered that here, perhaps, more than anywhere else in bacteriological research, careful control experiments are absolutely necessary.

  5. Probably we must look to the advance of bacteriological science to answer this and similar questions at all adequately.

  6. Owing to its relation to disease, physicians have entered keenly into the arena of bacteriological research.

  7. Thirdly, it is important that periodic bacteriological examinations should be made.

  8. The +Bacillus coli communis+ occupies such an important place in all bacteriological investigation that a few words descriptive of it are necessary in this place.

  9. The example of bacteriological symbiosis with which we are concerned here is that partnership between bacteria and some of the higher plants (Leguminosæ) for the purpose of fixing nitrogen in the plant and in the surrounding soil.

  10. Some notable exceptions are found in the work of the Bath and West of England Society, Lord Vernon's model dairy, and the Essex County Council Bacteriological Teaching Laboratory.

  11. Something may here be said, from a bacteriological point of view, relative to what is called domestic purification.

  12. Another doctor also resides in the Government station whose bacteriological studies are unremitting and worthy of much praise.

  13. Since the bacteriological test was put into effect, a number of persons once declared lepers and sent to Molokai have been found to be wholly clean of the disease, and been returned to their homes.

  14. When a person is suspected of the disease, he is summoned to Kalihi, in the outskirts of Honolulu and put through a thorough bacteriological test.

  15. The ripening of such cheeses as Gorgonzola and Stilton is due to bacteria and allied organisms, and here again light has been shed on the 'diseases' of cheese by bacteriological investigation.

  16. A second bacteriological laboratory and two hygiene laboratories were sent out before permission was obtained from the Director of the Canadian Medical Service, to send out a Canadian laboratory.

  17. When we brought down the bacteriological apparatus by passenger train a few days later we paid excess baggage on 780 pounds but we got it through.

  18. This is practically the only way of eliminating diseases, such as measles and scarlet fever which cannot be diagnosed by bacteriological methods, but of course the procedure is employed in all other kinds of epidemic disease as well.

  19. Our laboratory had charge of both the bacteriological and hygiene work of a given area; it was the only laboratory that did both types of work.

  20. But the bacteriological work on typhoid fever has been directed also to the working out of a very different problem: and that is the method of diagnosis which is called "Widal's reaction.

  21. We hear of a proposal for a bacteriological laboratory on anti-vivisectionist principles, where no inoculations shall be made.

  22. The patient died, made miserable by the effect of inoculations which even on bacteriological grounds gave no promise of success, but the scientific physician, nowadays, must inject something in the way of a serum.

  23. In 1893, the board established a bacteriological and chemical laboratory where rural municipalities can have their analyses made free of cost, as well as physicians the bacteriological diagnosis.

  24. In Calmette's view the function of the visite domiciliaire was an outgrowth of his bacteriological training and his bactericidal plan for treating tuberculosis.

  25. She finds the children, brings them or has them brought to the dispensary, and sees that financial aid or other assistance is given so as to carry out the isolation demanded by our bacteriological knowledge of the disease.

  26. The apparatus for bacteriological and physiological work were got in Sydney, in arrangements and suggestions for which our thanks are due to Dr.

  27. This is, of course, an exceptional occurrence; but the routine practice is to keep the patient isolated for three weeks after the membrane has disappeared, unless a bacteriological examination shows that the bacillus is absent.

  28. All cases of sore throat in school-children should be examined bacteriologically, but unfortunately the bacteriological examination for diphtheria is a complicated process which requires an expert bacteriologist and a laboratory.

  29. I have finished forever with my profession and my medical and bacteriological studies.

  30. I succeeded at first in my practice and my bacteriological researches.

  31. His unfortunate bacteriological work was on his book shelf.

  32. A bacteriological examination of the various cultures which have been placed on the market not infrequently reveals an impure condition.

  33. The latter two are of utmost importance in bacteriological research, for their use, which was introduced by Koch, permits the separation of the different forms that may happen to be in any mixture.

  34. An exposition of its principles is now recognized as an integral part of dairy science, for modern dairy practice is rapidly adopting the methods that have been developed as the result of bacteriological study.

  35. The following bacteriological studies as to the effect which a variation in temperature exerts on bacterial life in milk are of importance as indicating the foundation for the selection of the proper limits.

  36. These processes do not involve any bacteriological principles other than those that are incident to cleanliness.

  37. For details of this nature consult standard reference books on bacteriological technique.

  38. Since the subject has been investigated from the bacteriological point of view, much light has been thrown on the cause of many changes that were heretofore inexplicable.

  39. Another method of treatment based upon bacteriological principles is the addition of a starter to induce the formation of acid.

  40. While it is possible, by bacteriological methods, to determine with accuracy the actual condition of a starter as to its germ content, still such methods are inapplicable in creamery practice.

  41. The preparation and propagation of a starter for cream-ripening is a process involving considerable bacteriological knowledge, whether the starter is of domestic origin or prepared from a pure-culture ferment.

  42. Indeed, it may be safely predicted that future progress in dairying will, to a large extent, depend upon bacteriological research.

  43. In this custom, developed in purely an empirical manner, is to be seen a striking illustration of a bacteriological process crudely carried out.

  44. In order to settle the question it seemed best to undertake a bacteriological study of the disease.

  45. Bacteriological examination of afterbirths from aborting cows at this Station revealed the presence of this germ.

  46. The principles of bacteriological nomenclature have not as yet been universally adopted, and most of the investigators quoted in this paper have avoided the use of a specific name for the abortion bacillus.

  47. Zwick (1910) has made a preliminary report of the bacteriological investigation of contagious abortion at the German Imperial Health Office.

  48. Water supply in the service of supply was placed under as fine and complete a system of bacteriological inspection and examination as is customary under more normal conditions.

  49. The quality of a water supply is dependent upon physical properties and upon chemical and bacteriological characteristics.

  50. The chemical and bacteriological examinations, if taken together, form a much safer guide, and with these analyses should go hand in hand a detailed survey of the water source and its surroundings.

  51. The average bacteriological results obtained during the first six months operation were as follows: Bacteria Per c.

  52. The bacteriological results were entirely satisfactory but many complaints were received that the treatment had imparted a mawkish taste to the water.

  53. A practical handbook for those engaged in the chemical and bacteriological examination of milk for public health purposes.

  54. He also stated that the bacteriological experiments of American workers were open to criticism and that they employed antiquated methods.

  55. From the bacteriological results given by Dakin and Dunham it would appear that 3 parts per million of halazone (1.

  56. Excellent bacteriological results were obtained but the manufacture of tablets again presented difficulties.

  57. The effect of sodium chloride on the bacteriological results, like that on the hydrolytic constant, is anomalous.

  58. The dosage was reduced until the bacteriological results were adversely affected and continued at values slightly in excess of this figure (0.

  59. This method should be checked up as soon as possible by bacteriological examinations.

  60. Treated water is always tested by the starch-iodide method and a bacteriological examination is frequently made by mobile laboratories.

  61. Evaporate to dryness; mix acid by tests within the with equal quantity of scope of the bacteriological arsenious oxide and heat laboratory.

  62. Gruebler lists four varieties, of which two only are useful for bacteriological work: Eosin, aqueous yellowish.

  63. There are several commercial varieties of eosin, which, from the bacteriological point of view, possess very different values.

  64. The ~bacteriological examination of the blood~ is directed solely to the demonstration of the presence in the circulating blood of the organisms previously injected into the animal.

  65. The accompanying table of normal averages for the animals usually employed in bacteriological research may be of use in preventing the erroneous assumption that pyrexia is present in an animal, which merely shows its own normal temperature.

  66. The following regulations are laid down for observance in the Bacteriological Laboratories under the direction of the author.

  67. The essentials of a microscope for bacteriological work may be briefly summed up as follows: [Illustration: FIG.

  68. The use of living animals for inoculation experiments may become a necessary procedure in the Bacteriological Laboratory for some one or more of the following reasons: A.

  69. Each bacteriological or bacterioscopical analysis of air, earth, sewage, various food-stuffs, etc.

  70. These results are in harmony with the bacteriological study of Torrey and Hess, who found that there was no increase in the proteolytic flora of the intestine in infants or in guinea-pigs suffering from scurvy.

  71. When we turn to bacteriological studies we find that some years ago Ausset claimed to have isolated "a pasteurella type of organism" from a case of infantile scurvy, and suggested it as the causative agent of this disorder.

  72. This mechanism for concentrating light on the object is a necessity for bacteriological work.

  73. It is impossible, within the limits of this work, to attempt any adequate description of the modern methods of bacteriological investigation.

  74. Much fine butter, indeed, was made long before the bearing of bacteriological science upon the practice of dairying was recognized--made by using acid buttermilk from a previous churning.

  75. Long ago, before the bacteriological tests, he was sent to Molokai as a leper.

  76. And then, one day, after having been for years a perennial source of minor annoyances, the bacteriological test was applied, and he was declared a non-leper.

  77. They can determine by bacteriological examination whether or not a person is a leper; but they are as far away as ever from knowing how that bacillus finds its entrance into the body of a non- leper.

  78. Other tests for the bacteriological condition of milk will be described in Chapter IX.

  79. The manufacture of Swiss cheese presents a striking example of the disregard which factory operators show toward the employment of bacteriological principles.

  80. Indeed, it may be said that the science of dairying, as related to the problems of dairy manufacture is, in large degree, dependent upon an understanding of bacteriological principles.

  81. If a bacteriological examination is made of the milk drawn from each teat at different periods during the milking process, it will be found that the fore-milk, i.

  82. The bacteriological examination also gives an indication as to whether the large number of bacteria is due to gross contamination of the milk with mud and manure, or actual growth of bacteria as in old milk.

  83. Tests for the bacteriological condition of milk.

  84. The latter two, which were devised by Robert Koch, are of utmost importance in bacteriological research, for their use permits the separation of the different forms of bacteria that may happen to be in any mixture.

  85. The rennet should be prepared with due regard to bacteriological principles, a condition that is rarely met in Swiss factories in this country.

  86. There is a laboratory devoted to summary analyses; more complete chemical or bacteriological analyses are carried out in the town institution.

  87. The bacteriological analysis made every week when the supply was first opened--now once a month--showed the water to be perfectly pure.

  88. The first of these was a Bacteriological Laboratory, now known as the General Wood Laboratory, located on Carlos Tercero Street in front of the Botanical Gardens.

  89. Bacteriological experiments, which up to that time had been conspicuous by their absence, have since been carried on faithfully in Havana under the direction of the celebrated expert in that science, Dr.

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