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Example sentences for "drubbing"

Lexicographically close words:
drowsiness; drowsing; drowsy; drub; drubbed; drubbings; drucken; drudge; drudged; drudgeries
  1. He gave those Hessians a sound drubbing if reports are correct.

  2. By means of Angus' ability to give any boy in the neighbourhood a sound drubbing if necessary he had become the recognized leader.

  3. When the Prince heard this, he left off drubbing him and said, "Wherefore couldst thou not tell me the tale until after shame and blows?

  4. So Kamar al-Zaman pulled him up out of the well, all but dead for suffering, what with cold and the pain of dipping and dousing, drubbing and dread of drowning.

  5. And so he would have his revenge on me for this excellent drubbing which I am giving him with such freedom.

  6. Give him a good drubbing on our account, and tell us thou wilt give back the deed to the baes.

  7. In due time the entire tribe fulfilled its promise except one small band under "Tall Bull," but this party received a good drubbing from General Carr on the Republican early in May.

  8. Then he stripped him of his clothes and clapping on his neck a heavy chain, bound him to a high lattice and fell to drubbing him two bouts a day and two anights; and on this wise he abode the space of ten days.

  9. And the commandant allowed this drubbing to stand as a sort of instalment of punishment when the man was brought up for trial.

  10. Perkins had another drubbing some time since coming out of church.

  11. But when she reached l'Assommoir, the fear of receiving the drubbing herself if she badgered her old man suddenly calmed her and made her prudent.

  12. Do you mistake the farce of drubbing a critic for a tragedy, Dr.

  13. Ha, my little hero, whom have you been drubbing last?

  14. Sometimes he made the drubbing the groundwork for the drink and quite as frequently the drink the groundwork for the drubbing.

  15. I'll give Thee such a drubbing as thou ne'er hast felt.

  16. Hold thy tongue, else will Iwein give thee So sound a drubbing that thou shalt fall dead Upon the ground!

  17. Now, by my faith, thou saucy rogue, thy tongue hath led thee into a pit thou wilt have a sorry time getting out of; for I will give thee such a drubbing as ne'er hast thou had in all thy life before.

  18. Then shall he not go without a ducking and eke a drubbing himself!

  19. Why, marry," answered jolly Robin, "yon stout fellow hath tumbled me neck and crop into the water and hath given me a drubbing beside.

  20. Do you know, Mr. Conceit, that I am a man to give you a drubbing in good earnest?

  21. Not for me either," said Sancho, "for more than four hundred Moors have so thrashed me that the drubbing of the stakes was cakes and fancy-bread to it.

  22. On the other hand, the devil's behaviour towards him was equally unceremonious; for on one occasion, when Hamilton had neglected to keep his appointment, he gave him a severe drubbing with a baton.

  23. Then he shall get a ducking and a drubbing himself," said Will Stutely, starting forth angrily, followed by half a dozen, all eager to carry out his threat.

  24. Yon sturdy fellow has given me a drubbing and tumbled me into the water," he said.

  25. And now be off," said the cook, "or I will call the servants and give you both a drubbing for a pair of scamps.

  26. The three advanced with the intention of administering a sound drubbing to our hero, and it is more than likely that they would have succeeded, for Jack could not tackle three at once very well.

  27. Sam was for going on, defying the men, and administering a sound drubbing to Jerry.

  28. Probably he had not told of the drubbing he had received.

  29. If you try to strike me with that I'll pull you off your pony and give you the best drubbing you ever had.

  30. I'm going to give you the best drubbing you ever had.

  31. Therefore was I surprised and puzzled--could it be that, finding me all alone upon the top, he had taken the fancy into his head that he could there give me a drubbing without being seen?

  32. I might easily cry out, so that my protector would hear me; or even if he could not, I could tell him afterwards, and though that would not save me from the drubbing it would get me the satisfaction of seeing Le Gros catch one as well.

  33. It was the hardest drubbing he had ever received in his life.

  34. Well, a drubbing or two would do the fellow no harm.

  35. Before he knew what I would be at, I fell upon him, and gave him such a sound wholesome drubbing as speedily brought him to his senses.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "drubbing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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