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  1. I replied: The springs of the caboose are softer than down; I am as happy as a clam at high water; I am being carried towards Fort Wayne in a style never surpassed by Cæsar’s triumphal march into Rome.

  2. The caboose was gone, and so was everything on deck not thoroughly secured.

  3. Our caboose being gone, and as we had no stove below, we were unable to light a fire to cook anything.

  4. Though the caboose had been washed away Peter managed to light a fire in the cabin stove and to cook a tolerable breakfast, of which all thankfully partook.

  5. Yes, massa officer, me soon do dat same," answered the black, grinning and looking towards where the caboose had lately stood.

  6. It was composed of empties with a caboose attached.

  7. The caboose had its rear wheels on one track and its front wheels on the track south.

  8. The snowplow service with one caboose was ordered out.

  9. The caboose stood hitched behind a mile or so of freight train, and the train was headed west.

  10. He walked beside the caboose as we puffed slowly forward from the water-tank to our siding.

  11. But from inside the caboose loud laughter and noise broke on us.

  12. Inside the caboose rose a gust of laughter.

  13. The atmosphere of the caboose was charged with voiceless currents of thought.

  14. Our caboose was clicking comfortably westward, rail after rail, mile upon mile, while night was beginning to rise from earth into the clouded sky.

  15. The greeting they vouchsafed and the sight of them clustering expressionless in the caboose brought last evening's uncomfortable memory back to me.

  16. By way of a friendly beginning to the three hundred miles of caboose we were now to share so intimately, I recalled myself to them.

  17. He's played for a show-down here before the caboose gets off the bridge.

  18. That meal done and that station gone, our caboose took up again its easy trundle by the banks of the Yellowstone.

  19. I suppose we had made twenty miles to the imperturbable clicking of the caboose when one at length asked his neighbor had he ever seen New York.

  20. On the caboose shelves the others slept sound and still, each stretched or coiled as he had first put himself.

  21. My Dear Boy:--Do you think it logical and just to pay a train (including engine) crew the same wages for going over the freight district with a light caboose as with 50 or 75 cars?

  22. He was probably in the caboose making out some of those imaginary reports about which grievance committees tell us and which are most in evidence during investigations of head-end collisions.

  23. How much better, and how much easier, to run two fractional trains in the direction of unbalanced traffic than one light caboose and another dreary drag!

  24. The chief dispatcher will let freight be delayed in a yard for a full train with power needed at the other end, if he can start a light caboose without its being included in the average train load showing.

  25. For the pink tea contact of the telephone, for the absent treatment of the typewriter, I would ask him for a while to substitute the strong coffee of the caboose and the surprise test of the through freight.

  26. A Tin-pot with cover, in shape like a coffee boiler, with a hook at the side to hang upon the bars of the Caboose grate.

  27. Pay's as good for stopping in the caboose as for humping rails in the snow.

  28. The caboose rolled ahead again, faster than before, for the wheels had cut a channel through the snow, and somebody said, "Watch out!

  29. He'll surely try; Jake hates to be beat," another remarked, and the caboose began to shake as the train ran backwards down the line.

  30. The speed slackened, a jarring crash ran backwards along the train, and the caboose tilted as if the wheels had left the rails.

  31. He started next morning, in the caboose of a returning supply train, and Festing, who went to see him off, stood for a few minutes on the snowy track while the rattle of wheels and snorting of the locomotive died away.

  32. Black smoke streamed about the cars and he heard a heavy snorting some distance off, but the caboose lurched slowly along the uneven track.

  33. Besides, after the comfort of the homestead, the caboose jarred.

  34. In fact, he did not waken until a stinging draught swept through the caboose and he saw that it was daylight.

  35. The hand he laid on the wall as a brace against the rocking of the light caboose was on a level with her eyes, and they rested there.

  36. I have orders to hold them for the eastbound silk train, and they'll let you ride in the caboose up to Kittitas.

  37. After constant coaxing, they succeeded in gaining unwilling permission to climb up to the engineer's caboose and watch Jim work.

  38. We couldn't have a speck of fun if they were," worried Don, as he climbed up inside the caboose to investigate.

  39. Ralph was very sorry for this, for almost instantly the robbers took the alarm and all lights near the caboose were extinguished.

  40. Ralph neared the caboose and then dropped flat to the top of the car he was on.

  41. Before the runaway caboose slowed down entirely it must have gone fully three-quarters of a mile.

  42. We can't back that caboose loaded with men through this storm.

  43. Mears, from the caboose ahead, signalled all in, and, with a whistling scream, the engine started to back the caboose to Piedmont.

  44. Stevens, who stayed close to McCloud, pulled the cord within five minutes, and before the caboose had stopped the men were tumbling out of it.

  45. The conductor, swinging up the caboose steps, made his way inside among the men that were passing out tools.

  46. I'll have the men put him in the caboose and send him to Barnhardt's hospital at Medicine Bend when the engine comes back.

  47. They regained the flat cars and made their way back to the caboose and engine, which stood uncoupled.

  48. I'll ride on the front platform of the caboose till we get to where we want to go to work.

  49. A little apart, McCloud lay on a leather caboose cushion trying to get a nap.

  50. They were working in the usual way, with the flat cars ahead pushed by the engine, the caboose coupled to the tender being on the extreme hind end of the train.

  51. They were without food, with a caboose packed with men on their hands, and they realized that their supply of fuel for either engine or caboose was perilously slender.

  52. The engine and caboose faded in the blur of the blizzard as the break was made in the track.

  53. Apprehensive, he crawled back on the coal to watch the caboose himself, and stayed long enough to see that the rapidly drifting snow threatened to derail the outfit any minute.

  54. Among them were the weather-beaten remnants of the old guard of the mountain-river workers, men who had ridden in the caboose the night that Hailey went to his death, and had fought the Spider Water with Glover.

  55. Then, as the tail-lights on the caboose sped by, a deep hoot of the whistle came back from about a quarter of a mile off, and soon afterwards the fading glimmer vanished round a curve.

  56. Having boarded the barque by the forechains, they must pass the caboose going aft.

  57. The spectacle in the caboose was nought to what is now before their eyes.

  58. I noticed that she carried a small boat hanging in davits on the starboard side, and a large boat abaft the little caboose or kitchen that stood like a sentry-box forward.

  59. That had the caboose to itself, and Bambo every now and then stumped off to see how it was going on, Miss Deborah also occasionally looking in for the same purpose.

  60. I was put to do all sorts of unpleasant work, such as blacking down the rigging, greasing the masts, and helping Dirty Dick to clean the caboose and sweep out the forecastle.

  61. A boy whom I had seen busy in the caboose soon came down with a kettle of hot tea.

  62. Caboose is at the present day the name of the kitchen-house on the deck of a merchant-vessel.

  63. They cut away the blazing woodwork with keen-edged wrecking axes torn from their racks in the uninjured caboose and in Snyder Appleby's special car.

  64. Then, as briefly as possible, he gave them the whole history of his adventures, beginning with the bicycle race, and ending with the disappearance of the young tramp through the rear door of the caboose in which they sat.

  65. Coming back with a disappointed air, he proceeded to light a fire in the little round caboose stove, and prepare a pot of coffee for supper, leaving Rodman's case to be managed by Conductor Tobin as he thought best.

  66. If Rod Blake had only known the number of the caboose for which he was searching, he could easily have learned what had happened to it.

  67. In the meantime Rod, who was happily ignorant of this conversation, had been warmly welcomed in caboose number 18.

  68. They walked together to caboose Number 18, where Rod poured into the sympathizing ears of his railroad friend the story of his day's experience.

  69. The man had been a passenger in the caboose of the through freight, and was so crushed and held by the shattered timbers of the car that, though the rescuing party reached his side, they were unable to drag him out.

  70. Brakeman Joe went out over the tops of the cars to call in the other two brakeman of the train, and keep watch for them, while they went into the caboose and ate their supper.

  71. When not thus engaged he haunted the freight yard, mounting the steps of every caboose he saw, in the hope of recognizing it.

  72. A track-walker passed the word to us early yesterday morning just as we were starting out from the caboose for the day's work.

  73. They gazed after the end of the caboose until the fluttering green flags faded out in the swirl of dust that pursued into the distance.

  74. The battered old freight caboose in which the young engineers lived was moved ahead from siding to siding by passing freight trains as Rutland advised the Chief Despatcher of the work's progress.

  75. We can stop at Rutland's caboose long enough for you to pick up your nightie and your safety razor.

  76. He could only risk a flashing glance backward--the caboose was gone!

  77. The light caboose was swinging after its groaning pilot like the tail of a kite.

  78. The foreman directed their movements to a track where a plug engine had just backed in with a light caboose car.

  79. The door of the caboose was open, and the light streaming from within showed the railroad president clinging to the platform railing, swaying from side to side.

  80. He had grasped its rear end, and had climbed over it just as the caboose went hurtling to destruction.

  81. There was no chance anyway for the cab: but the caboose held twenty of his faithful men.

  82. Maje Sampson killed the time by going back to the caboose to talk equities with the conductor.

  83. Not a man in the caboose was killed; it was as if Hailey had tempered the blow to its crew.

  84. As they whipped over bridges and fills the caboose reeled like a dying top--fear froze every soul on board.

  85. Shockley had gone over to open the caboose switch; Shockley couldn't hear, and he knew it.

  86. Why, I have seen him start to say something to my engineer pulling out of Mankato, and he would finish it just as the caboose went by, and we had some forty cars in the train at that.

  87. I called one of the doctors and had him taken to the caboose of the wrecker, and when I had time I went in and heard the rest of his story.

  88. I yelled like a mad man, but the brakeman had gone to the caboose for his lunch pail.

  89. At Louisville Levi tried hard to get his caboose taken across the river and attached to a train on the other side, so that the boys could go clear home in it.

  90. The sound of rushing feet was heard, and a man armed with a shot-gun came into the plane of light from the open caboose door.

  91. There were plenty of strong, willing hands to help carry Si from the caboose to the wagon.

  92. That was long before the days of private cars, even for railway magnates, but Rosenbaum had impressed a caboose for himself, which he had had fitted up with as many of the comforts of a home as were available at that era of car-building.

  93. I recollect your stealing the caboose door down there at Murfreesboro.

  94. Hitherto, I have always looked upon a caboose as something commonplace, but now, I know it may be truly a Castle of Indolence.

  95. Journalists, and important people with stamped passes, go on private cars, but the advantage of mediocrity is that you can travel in a caboose and need not view the scenery as a commercial commodity.

  96. I fell asleep in the cupola of the caboose and dreamed that my head was a rubber band holding too many notes, and that it was going to snap any second.

  97. It was a week after this farewell supper in the caboose hotel at Saint's Rest when Ford went down to Denver to borrow, on his P.

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