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  1. Each cannery was manned by about a half dozen white men as directors and workmen in the trades departments, the Chilkats doing the rougher work, as well as furnishing the fish.

  2. The nearest point to the Upper Yukon at which regular observations of this character are recorded is the Chilkat salmon-cannery of the North-west Trading Company, on Chilkat Inlet.

  3. The cannery was about half completed and the stores were landed on a raft made of only two logs, which impressed me with the size of the Sitka cedar.

  4. Stanley Park overlooks the harbour, where lie ships of all nations, from the liners of China and Japan to the tiny tugs of the Cannery Companies.

  5. He is the manager of only one cannery here, and there are several others all working amicably together.

  6. And she was pleased, as well as angered, when she chanced to overhear two of the strapping young cannery girls.

  7. Down on the water front they found a fish cannery and an asparagus cannery in the height of the busy season, where they looked in vain among the toilers for familiar American faces.

  8. Mr. Brackett: They are talking of starting a cannery where I live and I wondered what they can afford to pay.

  9. But as a rule they require pretty fair quality of apple for cannery and above a certain size.

  10. No canning factory uses any preservative, and no home cannery should use them.

  11. Mr. Dunlap: I have never been in the cannery business, I could not tell.

  12. Mr. Brackett: What can a cannery afford to pay for apples?

  13. I don't suppose he has ever picked tomatoes from sunup to sundown, but the cannery opens next week and we'll be picking steadily until it closes.

  14. Sarah didn't come to lunch, and Mother is worried," announced Rosemary, meeting the wagon as it returned from the cannery with Warren driving and Jack sitting on the empty crates in the back.

  15. Mr. Hildreth is shipping some crates to-day, but the real picking starts when the cannery opens.

  16. Jack was sure he could be trusted to drive Solomon and his mate to the cannery and back and this hauling afforded a welcome break in a monotonous day.

  17. In 1890 the largest cannery in the world was located in Karluk Bay, but now that distinction belongs to Bristol Bay, north of the Aliaska Peninsula.

  18. Beyond Clover Pass, at the entrance to Naha Bay, is Loring, a large and important cannery settlement of the Alaska Packers' Association.

  19. Pyramid Harbor, at the head of Chilkaht Inlet, has an Alaska Packers' cannery at the base of a mountain which rises as straight as an arrow from the water to a height of eighteen hundred feet.

  20. At six in the evening we landed at Chignik, another uninteresting cannery place.

  21. I have lived to see a cannery etched upon an exquisitely carved paper-knife; while the things produced at infinite labor and care and called cribbage-boards are in such bad taste that tourists buying them become curios themselves.

  22. The cannery and the saw-mill, which is operated by water, belong to companies in which stock is held by Indians who receive dividends.

  23. I remembered that the cannery the man worked in was shut down, so's he'd likely be at home.

  24. There is a salmon cannery in Lowe Inlet, beside a clear stream which leaps down from a lake in the mountains.

  25. These natives were once thrifty hunters and trappers of wild animals, from the reindeer down to the beaver and marten, but the cannery life has so debauched them that they have no strength left for this energetic work.

  26. There is a salmon cannery at Nutchek, and the furs of the Copper River country were brought here for many years for barter.

  27. All the tomatoes they can are raised around Denver, and all the tomatoes not consumed in the city are sent to this cannery to be canned.

  28. The cannery demanded these vegetables at so late a date that the market-price was generally low.

  29. I bet I take in from my patch--net income, I mean--this year as much as your father gets at the cannery for his whole crop.

  30. And we'll put in five acres for the cannery this year, as usual," said Henry, with some scorn.

  31. The cannery did not want the tomato pack to come on until late in August.

  32. The cannery won't get many of my tomatoes," laughed Hiram.

  33. But the cannery won't take 'em yet awhile--and they'll all be gone before September.

  34. By hauling the boats over into this body of water--a task made easy by the presence of a tiny tramway with one dilapidated push-car which had been a part of the cannery equipment--it would be possible to save much time and labor.

  35. Close huddled at the water-front lay the old cannery buildings, greatly expanded and multiplied now and glistening with fresh paint.

  36. During the afternoon Miss Gerard sent for him and he went to the house of the cannery superintendent, where she had been received.

  37. You'll be well by morning, for there's a cannery in the next inlet and I've sent a boat's crew for help.

  38. You don't cut your cannery hands' pay because on certain days your pack falls off.

  39. I'm not here to buy fish just till the Folly Bay cannery opens.

  40. So when I saw that you would fight me till you broke us both, and also that if I kept on I would not only be broke but so deep in the hole that I could never get out, I shut the damned cannery up and let everything slide.

  41. No cannery man would touch it unless he could first make a contract with MacRae for the bluebacks.

  42. MacRae often wondered why Gower stubbornly refused to pay more, when his collecting boats came back to the cannery so often with a few scattered salmon in their holds.

  43. No cannery can make anything worth reckoning at a dollar or so a case profit.

  44. There were other places nearer the cannery than Cradle Bay, if none more sightly, where he could have built a summer house.

  45. Then MacRae took the next train to Bellingham, a cannery town which looks out on the southern end of the Gulf of Georgia from the American side of the boundary.

  46. The Folly Bay cannery gets practically all that catch?

  47. I can pay a little more, because the cannery I'm supplying is satisfied with a little less profit than most.

  48. But I'm in no position to clash with the rest of the cannery crowd and the banks too.

  49. But MacRae believed he had gone too far to be stopped now, even if his tactics did not please the cannery interests.

  50. I know of one cannery where every employee except the superintendent and the bookkeeper is a native, and one has but to observe their work to be convinced of their capability.

  51. I got over it, and after several years' residence in the country became so accustomed to the sights of a cannery that they now make little or no impression.

  52. The development and growth of this asparagus cannery is one of the marvels of California.

  53. In 1879 a steamer which had no well was used to run lobsters to the cannery at Castine.

  54. The second cannery was located at Harpswell about the year 1849.

  55. The establishment of a cannery at Oceanville, about 1860, also caused a considerable development of the fishery.

  56. Dole, built a cannery next to pineapple growing on his own lands in Wahiawa on Oahu.

  57. Pidcock, fishing for his cannery from 3 a.

  58. In spite of adverse prophecies, possibly the cannery and fish traps may never be built, for the quinnat is mostly useful to the angler.

  59. There are sinister rumours of a cannery and fish traps to be established in the near future, and should these things come to pass then the fishing which has been enjoyed will become a mere memory and perhaps these pages its only record.

  60. The length of the room away, in the end gallery, was the cannery girl queen and her guard.

  61. His cannery girl, of course, will swear he was with her; but there's no corroborating testimony.

  62. As usual, everything seems to be going to the devil here," she went on; "Got a cannery girl elected festival queen this time.

  63. Moms had a letter from her that singed the envelope; but I sort of enjoy seeing the cannery district break in.

  64. Got him a girl there, one of these cannery girls.

  65. A cannery has been located at this point for a number of years, and there is an old native trail from Larsen Bay to Karluk River, so presumably natives have frequented this section and no doubt have at some time had settlements there.

  66. The natives from this village also live during the canning season at the cannery in False Pass directly across the strait from Morzhovoi and at Ikatan a short way to the south.

  67. You'll be at the cannery two days ahead of her, anyway, and there's no reason why you shouldn't get every case they have on hand.

  68. It's just as well you made the New Cannery people a half-promise you'd call this trip," he said.

  69. Then the cannery people put on their steamboat, and he couldn't keep the Eagle going without their trade.

  70. We're going to oblige people, and make our connection with the ranchers and small cannery men a personal thing.

  71. As it happened, the man in charge of the cannery on its bank was unusually pleased to see him, though he did not say so.

  72. That's one of the new cannery men starting the bidding.

  73. When Shane finally landed at a cannery fifty miles from Katleean the boat was abandoned and they were taken to the trading post in the canoes of some fishing Indians.

  74. It was the latter part of March before the smoke of the first cannery boat was seen moving slowly to the westward.

  75. Many cannery steamers and whalers on their way south were sighted, but all gave the Island a wide berth.

  76. A cannery steamer put in and landed no less person than his royal nibs--the president of the Alaska Fur and Trading Company!

  77. If the party could exist until spring, a cannery boat, a whaler, a ship of adventure, might call in and get them, even though the White Chief did not come.

  78. The cannery steamer will be back in ten days and we'll all strike out for San Francisco together and get our outfit.

  79. While the work went on everyone kept a sharp lookout for cannery ships going west, for along the Alaskan coast the first sign of spring is the coming of the fishing fleet from the States.

  80. We'll show that gang what a cannery can do.

  81. When the black bulk of Marsh's cannery loomed ahead of him, he left the gravel beach and turned up among the buildings, seeking to retrace his former course.

  82. These various cares, added to the consequences of his inability to finance the cannery project, had reduced Emerson to a state bordering upon collapse.

  83. He discovered the Kalvik River, built the first cannery here, and was its foreman until he quarrelled with Marsh, who proceeded to discipline him.

  84. In the days that followed she was at his elbow constantly, aiding him at every turn in his zeal to acquire a knowledge of the cannery system.

  85. Boyd returned to the cannery with the old mood of self-disgust and bitterness heavy upon him.

  86. At the upper cannery Mildred found Alton Clyde with the younger Berry girl.

  87. Cherry's house was situated a short distance above the cannery which served as Willis Marsh's headquarters, and Boyd's path necessarily took him past his enemy's very stronghold.

  88. It's her own business, and-- I've got troubles enough with this cannery on my hands.

  89. No man dares to furnish food to George Balt; no man dares to give him a bed, no cannery will let him work.

  90. They have learned to fear the hand of the companies, and to know that they are absolutely dependent upon the cannery stores during the winter.

  91. Cherry would not return to the ship, but Emerson and Clyde re-embarked and were rowed down to the cannery site, abreast of which lay The Bedford Castle, where they lingered until the creeping twilight forced them to the boat again.

  92. Outside, Fraser said: "This cannery guy has certainly buffaloed these savages.

  93. He is the head of the cannery combination at Kalvik, and a bitter enemy of George's.

  94. And besides this one, another cannery is being talked of.

  95. A local company is being organized to build a cannery and this will be in operation next year.

  96. The business of the Cannery must be a profitable one.

  97. Associated with the Cannery is a general store kept by the Cannery owners, and payment is partly made in goods, so the Cannery has the double profit, first on the fish and then on the goods bartered in exchange.

  98. I heard afterwards that when weighed at the Cannery it scaled 68 lb.

  99. I inquired carefully from the manager of the Cannery Factory in Quatiaski Cove, and believe the following to be the correct nomenclature.

  100. I don't believe he ever thought of the Cannery or of the sum which under happier auspices would have stood to his credit.

  101. Otherwise, much of the fruit will be rejected by the cannery as over-ripe.

  102. Other trucks were pulling up to the cannery every few minutes.

  103. It has been ripening so fast that the cannery soon will start rejecting.

  104. I once asked a fellow who ran a cannery why he used such expensive labels.

  105. Sonnet ("Three bills known as the Thompson-Bewley cannery bills have been advanced to third reading in the Senate and Assembly at Albany.

  106. Now to the cannery with jocund mien Before the dawn come women, girls and boys, Whose weekly hours (a hundred and nineteen) Seem all too short for their industrious joys.

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