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  1. Penrose averred, "is one stated by the authorities to be due to the effects of consanguineous marriage.

  2. Honesty demands, therefore, that consanguineous marriage be not credited with results for which the consanguineous element is in no wise responsible.

  3. There was, indeed, a considerable amount of consanguineous marriage involved.

  4. It is doubtless a mating of like with like; and biologically, consanguineous marriage is nothing more.

  5. If one is going to credit consanguineous marriage with these evil results, what can one say when evil results fail to follow?

  6. The Jukes have mostly been country-dwellers, a fact which has tended to increase the amount of consanguineous marriage among them.

  7. In the second generation it ran to another island, and when the data gave out, at the fourth generation, there was not a single case of consanguineous marriage involved.

  8. The consanguineous marriages shown in this line of descent are by no means the only ones of the kind that took place in the family, many like them being found in collateral lines.

  9. We are unable to see in such a history as that of Hopetown, Bahama Islands, any evidence that consanguineous marriage necessarily results in degeneracy.

  10. TYLOR, Mr., on the prohibition of consanguineous marriages.

  11. At the same time the justice of such laws receives support if medical observation leads to the conclusion that consanguineous marriages tend to generate idiocy and insanity.

  12. He calculates that the percentage of consanguineous marriages generally in Scotland is 1.

  13. Rilliet[112] cites cases tending to show that consanguineous marriages, in themselves pernicious, tend with certainty to lower vital force.

  14. Now this accentuation of all family characters is what must always happen in the case of consanguineous marriages.

  15. It is interesting to know that among the Egyptians, Persians, and Incas of Peru close consanguineous marriages were very common.

  16. The idea that the children from consanguineous marriages are apt to be deaf and dumb has no foundation in fact.

  17. If 95 per cent, of the deaf and dumb had non-consanguineous parents, how could one say that even in the other five per cent, the consanguinity was the cause?

  18. The popular idea is that consanguineous marriages are bad per se.

  19. Bell in 1891, as to the probable results of the consanguineous marriage of deaf persons.

  20. Dugdale, The Jukes] In this family consanguineous marriages have been very frequent, perhaps partly because the Jukes came to be looked upon as pariahs and could not associate on equal terms with other members of the community.

  21. Many efforts have been made to investigate the occurrence of degeneracy in the offspring of consanguineous marriages, by studying communities in which such unions have been frequent, but the results are untrustworthy.

  22. The ills which have at one time or another been attributed to consanguineous marriage include nearly all those which cannot otherwise be satisfactorily accounted for.

  23. Hedemarken, which has the fewest consanguineous marriages has a great many deaf-mutes.

  24. Within recent years the theory has prevailed among certain sociologists that positive masculinity is stronger in the offspring of consanguineous marriages than in the offspring of unrelated parents.

  25. The need for statistics of the frequency of occurrence of consanguineous marriages has been strongly felt by many far-sighted men.

  26. In regard to the youthful death-rate among the offspring of consanguineous marriages, comparison with non-related marriages is more feasible.

  27. German writers have usually preferred more general subjects, but many of them have given much space to consanguineous marriage in sociological and biological works.

  28. Westermarck continues: "Taking all these facts into consideration, I cannot but believe that consanguineous marriages, in some way or other, are more or less detrimental to the species.

  29. There have been differing opinions among physicians in reference to the effects upon offspring, both physical and mental, of consanguineous marriages.

  30. The ancient Egyptians, the Persians, the Syrians, and some other nations, were accustomed to practise consanguineous marriages.

  31. Here, then, becomes apparent the danger arising from consanguineous marriages, i.

  32. Something relating to the subject of consanguineous marriages, which are not uncommon in some communities, may properly be added here, as bearing on this subject, and as in some measure supplemental to the preceding chapter.

  33. Here the consanguineous relation between mother and child is considerably reduced in social importance, and consanguinity as it appears to the social mind is purely paternal.

  34. But this theory of procreation is quite clear and categorical in acknowledging exclusively what seems to the native mind important for the formation of consanguineous ties in the act of procreation.

  35. It is interesting to note that in the examples just quoted this consanguineous kinship seems to give some claims to authority.

  36. Eternal federation of the five consanguineous tribes on the basis of perfect equality and independence in all internal tribal matters.

  37. The impulse to prevent marriage of consanguineous relatives started by the gens went still further.

  38. But the husbands of these sisters cannot be chosen among their brothers any more, can no longer come from the same ancestress, and do not, therefore, belong to the consanguineous group of relatives, the gens of a later time.

  39. In this ever more extending restriction of marriage between consanguineous relations, natural selection also remains effective.

  40. The murder of a man not consanguineous, even though he be the husband of the murderess, is expiable, does not concern the Erinyes; it is only their duty to prosecute the murder of consanguineous relatives.

  41. The rule for non-consanguineous marriage has therefore broken down, and when it breaks down the Australian introduces a new rule which satisfies immediate necessities.

  42. These are tabu to one another, being, as I have said, regarded as being as closely consanguineous as actual brothers and sisters.

  43. Among primitive tribes the groups of consanguineous relations are much larger than among civilized peoples, because there is always a tendency for persons owning any tie of kinship to band together for mutual protection.

  44. Thus far the results of the two customs are the same; but in the Banks group consanguineous marriage is checked by public opinion, which in Fiji favours such marriages.

  45. We cannot absolutely demonstrate the phylogenetic existence of an instinctive disgust for consanguineous sexual intercourse.

  46. We shall see later on that nearly all peoples have a certain repugnance to consanguineous marriages.

  47. In Ceylon, the Weddas perpetuate their consanguineous unions; insanity is rare among them, but they are small, unfruitful and tend to become extinct.

  48. It was formerly said that consanguineous marriage was contrary to the commandments of God; that it offended the natural sentiment of modesty; that it obscures relationship, etc.

  49. Westermark admits that it is difficult to show clearly that consanguineous marriages are prejudicial in man.

  50. Influenced, no doubt, by general opinion, Westermark tries to believe in some instinctive repulsion of man for consanguineous unions.

  51. The prejudice against consanguineous unions may, however, depend on the accumulation of certain pathological defects.

  52. Under the heading of consanguineous marriages, we have seen to what extent the conception of incest should be limited, in respect to civil law.

  53. Among many savages the prohibition of consanguineous marriage may be extended to relationship of the third degree.

  54. Nevertheless, the perpetuation of consanguineous unions in the same family is not as a rule advisable.

  55. I know I could never in Zeelup get there, with this consanguineous handle," hesitated the Teacup, in tears.

  56. A] The question of the effect on offspring of consanguineous marriages was some time ago particularly enquired into by Mr. A.

  57. Like Vishnu looking after the celestials, thou shouldst always look after all consanguineous relatives.

  58. But it is difficult to adduce direct evidence for the evil effects of consanguineous marriages.

  59. Taking all these facts into consideration, I am inclined to think that consanguineous marriages are in some way or {371} other detrimental to the species.

  60. I am inclined to think--and so is Frazer--that consanguineous marriages are in some way or other detrimental to the species.

  61. Consanguineous unions are notoriously unfavourable to the propagation of a numerous and healthy progeny, and therefore to the welfare of the community.

  62. The word people, on the contrary, when applied to an aggregation of individuals living under the same government, implies no immediate consanguineous ties among them.

  63. It may either have lived under the domination of a superior but consanguineous race, or living in its vicinity, have, in an humble and feeble degree, profited by its lessons.

  64. Powerful as many of them have been, they assimilated, in this respect, with nations differently governed, but of consanguineous affinity; they formed a fragment only of a greater and more general civilization.

  65. According to Morgan, the punaluan family has its start with the exclusion of consanguineous brothers and sisters, on the mother's side.

  66. The children inherited as consanguineous heirs; if there were no children, the relatives of the male line inherited; were none of these in existence, then the property reverted to the gens.

  67. These rules of avoidance are especially severe in the Fiji Islands where they concern not only consanguineous sisters but group sisters as well.

  68. The attachment to a totem is the foundation of all the social obligations of an Australian: it extends on the one hand beyond the tribal relationship, and on the other hand it supersedes consanguineous relationship[9].

  69. A more plausible suggestion is that in consanguineous marriages there is a tendency for the family ties to be reunited and the family ideal restored.

  70. Philip’s mother, the Empress Isabel, came from the same stock, and was the offspring of several generations of consanguineous marriages.

  71. Charles’s sister Catharine, another consanguineous marriage of which we shall see the result later.

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