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  1. The failure of all other attempts to improve the race may force upon the public the necessity of Eugenic experiments.

  2. Where women cannot be convinced that Eugenic reform is in the interests of the race we must trust to personal persuasion, individual example and such public opinion as we are capable of influencing.

  3. The first need then for Eugenic study is some systematic collection of the ascertainable facts as far as they relate to human beings.

  4. Then bear in mind that the endowment of the healthy for Eugenic purposes, for the regeneration of mankind, is absolutely unknown.

  5. There is no immediate danger that Eugenic principles will suddenly rush society into extreme action.

  6. I close this chapter abruptly, fully realising that Eugenic zeal has carried me beyond any narrow view of elementary education, and will inevitably lead the nation into economic controversy.

  7. The modern feminist movement is in harmony with Eugenic science, in insisting on this point being made clear.

  8. It has to be categorically repudiated lest it should be mistakenly regarded as a Eugenic proposal.

  9. The daily work of Eugenic education is independent of these short cuts to the Eugenics millennium.

  10. The real struggle for race supremacy would be concentrated on the Eugenic groups.

  11. I am convinced that we have only to realise the national danger and we shall heartily follow the Eugenic lead, even if it costs us the price of a fifth-rate war.

  12. After we have done all we can to make marriage a more perfect institution we are only beginning the ideal of Eugenic life.

  13. Patience, study, discrimination and courage are the principal weapons in the Eugenic armoury.

  14. The lethal chamber is not a Eugenic remedy.

  15. We may not be such a long way off from this ideal, which is an essential for the inauguration of eugenic practice upon a large scale.

  16. Finally, the eugenic program calls for the spread of the facts, far and wide, through all classes of society.

  17. A most fruitful field for eugenic investigation is open here.

  18. Biologists, social workers, thoughtful students and observers of human life everywhere, have felt the growing necessity for some kind of action leading to what are now recognized as eugenic ends.

  19. As a concrete example of a most commendable eugenic practice we should mention the sterilization of certain classes of criminal and insane as it is now practiced in the States of Indiana and Connecticut.

  20. Teach them to understand the force of the eugenic ideal of good breeding.

  21. This proved to be a statement of the elementary principles of the subject--a sort of eugenic creed.

  22. Eugenic practice for the immediate future is the third part of our program.

  23. In concrete eugenic practice it seems probable that most can be accomplished for the present by striving to limit the multiplication of the undesirable, dependent, or dangerous elements of the social group.

  24. All the common Eugenic arguments are drawn from extreme cases, which, even if human honour and laughter allowed of their being eliminated, would not by their elimination greatly affect the mass.

  25. The Eugenic professor may or may not succeed in choosing a baby's parents; it is quite certain that he cannot succeed in choosing his own parents.

  26. All his thoughts, including his Eugenic thoughts, are, by the very principle of those thoughts, flowing from a doubtful or tainted source.

  27. If they are voluntary, if they spring out of a fine eugenic aspiration, it is another matter.

  28. Such minute investigations are at present confined to men of genius, but some day, perhaps, we shall consider that from the eugenic standpoint all men are men of genius.

  29. The eugenic ideal will have to struggle with the criminal and still more resolutely with the rich; it will have few serious quarrels with normal and well constituted lovers.

  30. On the one hand there is the desire to breed the individual to a high degree of efficiency by eugenic selection, favouring good stocks and making the procreation of bad stocks more difficult.

  31. Such notions are idle, and even the mere fact that unbalanced brains may air them abroad tends to impair the legitimate authority of eugenic ideals.

  32. One aspect of the better America, proposed by the American Eugenic Society, will perhaps be the adoption of a sliding-wage scale, characterized by a rise in pay upon marriage and with the arrival of each successive child.

  33. Economic conditions being adequate, there is no reason to suppose that real lovers will put off having children until it is too late to obtain the best eugenic results.

  34. Sidenote: Instances of Eugenic Improvement] But not all human abnormalities are recessive.

  35. The accomplishment of a true eugenic program will be the crowning work of the health movement and the grandest service of science to the human race.

  36. Eugenic improvement is attainable through the control of heredity.

  37. Reproduction, rules of, under a eugenic program, 167.

  38. The development of an enlightened sentiment against improper marriages and the putting at the disposal of individuals contemplating marriage the data accumulated and principles worked out by eugenic students.

  39. Sex hygiene is, of course, one of the considerations in eugenic improvement.

  40. Eugenic knowledge is, therefore, not only a personal advantage but a social necessity.

  41. Such was the theme of his reflections on the route from the Hotel de Montgeron to that of Eugenic Gontie's, with whom he was engaged to dine with some of her friends, invited to celebrate her success of the evening before.

  42. After dinner, while her other guests went into the smoking-room, Eugenic made a sign to her lover to remain with her, and seated herself beside him.

  43. We conclude, therefore, that unless Eugenic activity be restricted to monstrous things like mania, there is no constituted or constitutable authority that can really over-rule men in a matter in which they are so largely on a level.

  44. The Eugenic optimism seems to partake generally of the nature of that dazzled and confused confidence, so common in private theatricals, that it will be all right on the night.

  45. The Eugenists' books and articles are full of suggestions that non-eugenic unions should and may come to be regarded as we regard sins; that we should really feel that marrying an invalid is a kind of cruelty to children.

  46. Arguments about these Eugenic authorities, reports of the controversies at the Eugenic Congress, filled countless columns.

  47. What is novel and what is vital is this: that the defence of this crazy Coercion Act is a Eugenic defence.

  48. Now, if anyone thinks these two instances extravagant, I will refer to two actual cases from the Eugenic discussions.

  49. If nothing but this mad minimum of accident were involved, there would be no such thing as a Eugenic Congress, and certainly no such thing as this book.

  50. Now, even if I could share the Eugenic contempt for human rights, even if I could start gaily on the Eugenic campaign, I should not begin by removing feeble-minded persons.

  51. This first Eugenic Law clears the ground and may be said to proclaim negative Eugenics; but it cannot be defended, and nobody has attempted to defend it, except on the Eugenic theory.

  52. That is the real, rude, barbaric sense behind this Eugenic legislation.

  53. Also, she informed me that she had relentlessly dedicated herself to a eugenic marriage.

  54. And furthermore, she told me that I was perfectly suited for a eugenic marriage.

  55. War is the greatest of dysgenic forces, and undoes the effect of a hundred eugenic laws.

  56. For a falling-off in this alarming number of mental defectives we must await scientific eugenic laws to be discussed in chapter xxx.

  57. Moreover, for eugenic reasons, we must urge the freeing of wives from husbands who have transmissible diseases, inheritable defects, or chronic alcoholism.

  58. Of an entirely different nature is the movement to secure state support for mothers; a movement, however, which is also eugenic in its intent.

  59. Such baneful inheritances will some day be minimized by eugenic laws; and individuals whose abnormal mental condition makes them dangerous to society will be kept under permanent restraint.

  60. The Eugenic Staff would cut down the birth rates so that there would only be enough soldiers and workers to fill the working jobs.

  61. This is only a formal call which I have made because the Eugenic Staff ordered it so.

  62. If I live to be ninety I shall break all records of the Eugenic Office.

  63. I was her physician, for I have not always been in the Eugenic Service.

  64. Not only is my pedigree of the purest of chemical lines, reaching back to the establishment of the eugenic control, but I myself have taken the highest honours in the training for motherhood.

  65. Isn't the Eugenic Office a little unfair at times?

  66. Yet since there is no eugenic control, no selection, the quality of that blood would deteriorate from inbreeding, were there no fresh infusion.

  67. In the weeks that followed, my acquaintance with the Chief of the Eugenic Staff ripened rapidly into a warm friendship.

  68. My next duty as a German father-elect was to report to the Eugenic Office.

  69. Ludwig Zimmern, Chief of the Eugenic Staff, a man guilty himself of the very crime of possessing rebellious instincts for which he had decided me unfit to sire German children.

  70. A week later I received a most disturbing communication, a bulky and official looking packet bearing the imprint of the Eugenic Office.

  71. A mothers' eugenic club would rightly become an instrument for good in all local sociological interests.

  72. It is to remove this disastrous stigma on our intelligence that we have been forced to study the conditions which the eugenic idea represents.

  73. There are many arguments which may be advanced limiting the eugenic applicability of certain of these diseased conditions.

  74. They must be instructed in eugenic principles in a way that will impart to them the definite knowledge that it is the highest and holiest science.

  75. It is the duty of the mother with any eugenic sense to preach and to practise this gospel.

  76. It must be our highest educational aim to cultivate or create the eugenic sense.

  77. Unfortunately, the popular mind has received the impression that this incident constitutes the sum total of the eugenic idea, while the truth is that the eugenist is only slightly concerned with its modus operandi.

  78. This is the eugenic opportunity and it is an opportunity that should devolve upon the women of the race.

  79. In this way the eugenic aim is materially furthered.

  80. The object of such education of course would be to ensure that they will act intelligently when any legislative proposal is made having a eugenic interest.

  81. Even the high schools do not seem to be wisely availing themselves of their opportunity from the eugenic or economic standpoint.

  82. In recent years in certain communities the sexes have been segregated (see Eugenic Review, 1910, Jordan) with the result that in such places cretinism has about disappeared.

  83. Increasing popular comprehension of the inevitable nature of human inheritance must engender a sense of responsibility as to the positive eugenic fitness of a contemplated marriage.

  84. It is to such a growth, to the establishment of a disapproval which is the product of its own sentiments rather than to legislative enactments, that society must look for the greatest furtherance of the eugenic program.

  85. An objection not infrequently urged by such persons against the application of certain eugenic principles is that they demand an unwarranted curtailment of personal liberty.

  86. In Connecticut it is mainly eugenic though partly therapeutic.

  87. Studies carried on by Pearson, Elderton and Barrington of the Eugenic Laboratory in London lead these investigators to the conclusion that extreme alcoholism is a result not a cause of degeneracy.

  88. It is the supreme eugenic task, and it is the most pressing and the most vital question for statesmen to solve.

  89. We must determine and analyse the qualifications of what constitutes the "best" babies, according to the eugenic ideal.

  90. Diseases of women" rank first as a eugenic problem.

  91. Inasmuch as it has been proved that the regeneration of the race is dependent upon the maintenance of mentally and physically fit mothers, any condition that interferes with this standard is contrary to the eugenic requirement.

  92. A mother rendered incapable through sickness is, therefore, a menace to the home and to the eugenic promise.

  93. These could be taken up by mothers in their eugenic clubs and developed until successfully legislated upon.

  94. The Eugenic Marriage A Personal Guide to the New Science of Better Living and Better Babies By W.

  95. I would suggest that the above resolution be printed on cards in the form of a motto, to be hung on the wall, and distributed from house to house by the eugenic clubs.

  96. Thus the entire process of colonial settlement was one continuous, drastic cycle of eugenic selection.

  97. We will probably never (unless we adopt positive eugenic measures) be the race we might have been if America had been reserved for the descendants of the picked Nordics of colonial times.

  98. Some Europeans would fain deny that colour prejudice affects their view of the problem, which they regard as essentially eugenic and economic.

  99. Eugenic agitation, education, will bring about such a strong public opinion that none but idiots, who will be vasectomized or segregated, will dare to bring into the world children that are physically and mentally handicapped.

  100. In short, the eugenic problem in the human is not, and never will be, as simple as it is in the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

  101. Other factors affecting marriage, either in the eugenic or dysgenic sense, will be discussed more briefly in the present chapter, and more or less in the order of their importance.

  102. The Limitation of Offspring: the Most Important Immediate Step for the Betterment of the Human Race, from an Economic and Eugenic Standpoint.

  103. If, on the other hand, we want talent, if we want genius, if we want benefactors of the human race, then we must go very slow with our eugenic applications.

  104. If unsuitable marriages from the eugenic point of view were banned socially, or even regarded with the unreasonable disfavour which some attach to cousin marriages, very few would be made.

  105. The point to be ascertained is the status of the two parents at the time of their marriage, whence its more or less eugenic character might have been predicted, if the larger knowledge that we now hope to obtain had then existed.

  106. So we are to plunge into the whirlpool of eugenic delights without any fear of that "bugbear of a hell" which another writer congratulates us on getting rid of.

  107. We can, it appears, enter upon our eugenic experiment without a single moral scruple to restrain us or a single religious restriction to interfere with us.

  108. Knight, Iva Lowther Peters, and Phyllis Blanchard, it is claimed that "The chief interest of society should be in the eugenic value of the children born into it.

  109. There is need of eugenic responsibility for sexual actions that concern future generations.

  110. There is an enormous amount of what is called eugenic literature and discussion to-day.

  111. In eugenic combination with Ireland, California is peculiarly happy.

  112. Had he only done so, what a lot of letters to the Times, advertisements of patent medicines; and Eugenic discussions we should have been spared!

  113. That, I believe, is no longer the method of the Eugenic teacher.

  114. The state, in its efforts at self preservation, cannot lay too much emphasis on the training for eugenic choice.

  115. Since he ceased to work, each bit of scientific data along eugenic lines serves to confirm his opinion.

  116. Does the burden of Eugenic Choice rest heavily upon the shoulders of the individual?

  117. The science of Education aims to assist the child in unfolding and developing the hereditary qualities of the Super Man, provided through eugenic guarantees.

  118. Eugenics is indeed one means of race salvation, yet what care do we take to perfect eugenic measures?

  119. This is but a part, and by far the least important part, of the eugenic programme.

  120. The Super Race, dim and indistinct, may be made a living reality by a eugenic choice in the present--a choice for which each man and woman who marries is in part responsible.

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