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Example sentences for "gypsies"

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  1. The gypsies will never forget or forgive us for this day’s work.

  2. All day long, too, the other gypsies kept coming up to my show in order to tell me of what was in store for me later.

  3. I could see that the gypsies were watching me.

  4. The other gypsies picked him up, and took him away.

  5. These generous laws for the gypsies and the descendants of Jews were as little capable as those just mentioned concerning artisans of overcoming social prejudices, wherefore they failed of their objects.

  6. Zincali; or, An account of the gypsies of Spain.

  7. These people are monteros, and are members of a tribe of gypsies who haunt the islands of the Parana.

  8. She stood still for a moment--she was very anxious to prowl around the place and examine the ground while the gypsies still slept, but the watchful dogs deterred her.

  9. Zillah had told her what uses the gypsies liked to make of these underground passages, and how they often chose those which had two entrances.

  10. Gypsies had a fascination for her, she loved stories about them; if a gypsy encampment was near, she always begged the teachers to walk in that direction.

  11. She had made a decided conquest in the person of Tiger, who followed her round and round the tents, and when the gypsies at last began to stir, and Annie crept into the hedgerow, the dog crouched by her side.

  12. I don't know; Annie is very impulsive and very pretty; the gypsies may like to steal her too--of course she has gone straight to one of their encampments.

  13. She knows how I love gypsies who are good.

  14. But tomorrow--no, the day after--we become water gypsies again.

  15. There is a boat load of gypsies out there by Duncan's Bay.

  16. People," she said slowly, "believe that all gypsies are bad.

  17. Sometimes they slip away and live with the gypsies for a time.

  18. They shall know that the gypsies are good to deal with, and that the worst of them is not James Lee.

  19. The gypsies must eat sitting on the ground, and sleep, perhaps, on that great heap in the corner.

  20. But you must remember, Susan, that the gypsies don't go to school or to church, and so they don't know the difference between right and wrong as well as the people who do.

  21. Some people like gypsy life, Susan, and know and understand the gypsies better than others do.

  22. The glass is gone and the stove is gone from the schoolhouse, and what is more, the gypsies themselves have gone from the grove.

  23. Though puny, he is far from being unwell; and still engaged in polishing tea-spoons and other plated articles, at a rate cheaper than travelling gypsies do horn.

  24. Gypsyism they think is particularly low, and the use of gypsy words in literature beneath its gentility; so they object to gypsy words being used in Lavengro where gypsies are introduced speaking--"What is Romany forsooth?

  25. Like enough, brother; gypsies have been transported before now for choring.

  26. I stayed with him till the time of his death, which happened in about three months, travelling about with him and his family, and living in green lanes, where we saw gypsies and trampers, and all kinds of strange characters.

  27. The gypsies lost considerably, and I saw clearly that the jockeys were cheating them most confoundedly.

  28. Of course, Ursula; the gypsy trail, the handful of grass which the gypsies strew in the roads as they travel, to give information to any of their companions who may be behind, as to the route they have taken.

  29. She said that the trail was called patteran, because the gypsies of old were in the habit of making the marks with the leaves and branches of trees, placed in a certain manner.

  30. And the gypsies have mentioned me to you?

  31. That autumn a band of gypsies came to the strath.

  32. Very often I went with my professor to visit the gypsies camped about Brighton, far or near, and certainly never failed to amuse myself and pick up many quaint observations.

  33. The reader may find most of the results of Matty's teaching in my work entitled "The English Gypsies and their Language.

  34. He declared that telling fortunes to gypsies was the very height of impudence!

  35. Because I am," I replied slowly and grimly, "the chief of all the gypsies in England, the boro Romany rye and President of the Gypsy Society.

  36. Thus she wrote the "Spanish Gypsy," having only seen such gypsies two or three times.

  37. Bulwer and Tennyson were such to me, and apre miro zi, as the gypsies say--on my life-soul!

  38. It came to pass that after a while I wrote my book on "The English Gypsies and their Language," and sent a note to Mr. Borrow in which I asked permission to dedicate it to him.

  39. Besides, Ida, you forget that though we are living in a hut, we are still at home on our own ground, and certainly gypsies have never been allowed to camp inside the lodge gates.

  40. I would almost rather you went about in a caravan like the gypsies we passed on the road.

  41. No, something more like real gypsies camping near us, and coming to ask us to lend them things, and telling our fortunes.

  42. It was during the Feast of Tabernacles; you were eating almost on foot, like those gypsies that wander over the earth and resume their journey at the end of their meal.

  43. To-day there have been Gypsies in the village.

  44. Now tell me, Padre Cura,--you know all things, How came these Gypsies into Spain?

  45. But tell me, has a band of Gypsies passed this way of late?

  46. The Gypsies go out in confusion, showing signs of fear and discontent.

  47. Tell us, Padre Cura, Who are these Gypsies in the neighborhood?

  48. The book is, on many accounts, both valuable and fascinating, and is undoubtedly the fullest and most reliable account of the gypsies ever written.

  49. I have no doubt that they belonged to a gang of gypsies that are roaming through this neighborhood.

  50. The gypsies immediately proceeded to execute the sentence, and left Jones and Partridge alone with his majesty.

  51. This was no other than the king of the gypsies himself.

  52. It was one of the gypsies on Netherwood Common.

  53. There was a slight stir when they were seen approaching; and then the gypsies went on with their usual work, the women weaving baskets from osiers, the men cutting up gorse into skewers.

  54. I've heard say there are some gypsies camped on Netherwood Common, four miles away," that functionary said, in answer to Captain Ripon.

  55. Two of the gypsies leaped forward, stick in hand; but the oldest man present said a word or two to them, in their own dialect.

  56. Half an hour later, the gypsies struck their tents, loaded the van, and went off.

  57. The gypsies rose to their feet, with angry gestures.

  58. Do you know I have got so fond of the Gypsies and Russian songs.

  59. They had race horses, and Russian pancakes and bear hunts and three-horse sledges, and gypsies and drinking feasts, with the Russian accompaniment of broken crockery.

  60. They were sad looking creatures, far worse than the Spanish gypsies we afterwards saw in Andalusia.

  61. Gypsies worship high colors and cheap jewelry, and would spend their last farthing for either, though the question of whence the next meal was to come from might be an unsolved problem.

  62. But I did feel a little curious to know where she got hold of the gypsies she had in the tent this afternoon.

  63. Oaths in a dozen languages and dialects filled the putrid air; races and classes united against each other; the Slavs cursed the Magyars, and they together beat the Jews and drove the Gypsies into a corner by themselves.

  64. It was a Sunday and May-day, the Gypsies had gone to the houses of the nobility and also to the lesser folk, in whose pockets they suspected small change which they would lure out by their stirring music.

  65. The gypsies will swear that they stole her seventeen years ago.

  66. And dreams come true, you know--the dreams that gypsies dream.

  67. Forget that the gypsies called you Flora.

  68. She watched the foot-free gypsies pass; She never knew or guessed The wistful dream that drew them close-- The longing in each breast Some day to know a home like hers, Wherein their hearts might rest.

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