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  1. Black-pencilling in the hackle is considered objectionable at good shows.

  2. The White Dorking must have the plumage uniformly white, though in the older birds the hackle and saddle may attain a light golden tint.

  3. The hackle in both sexes should be free from dark marks.

  4. The shells are shredded, the feathers are caked and bitten, the hackle is frazzled and frayed out.

  5. They may be taken by almost any of the ordinary surface flies, by a red tag, or by means of many of the pale watery hackle flies fished wet.

  6. One thing I certainly have learned with regard to grayling fishing with a hackle fly, fished wet and up stream, and that is, how easily one may miss them through want of rapidity in the strike.

  7. Perhaps the Greek is using the red hackle described by AElian in the only known Greek reference to fly-fishing.

  8. Why then, pazienza, Scholar, or listen while I sing that sweet ditty of country contentment and an angler's life, writ by worthy Master Hackle long ago.

  9. Wings of the dark mottled feather from the tail of a partridge, the body of fur from a hare's ear, well mixed with a little yellow worsted, and a grizzled cock's hackle for legs.

  10. The wings of the feather of a landrail, the body of yellow camlet, mixed with a little brown bear-fur, and a ginger hackle for legs; the wings should be dressed flat.

  11. The body of peacock's harl, ribbed with gold twist, and a dark-red cock's hackle over all.

  12. Wings of a snipe's feather, body of blue fur wrapped with yellow silk, and a blue cock's hackle for legs; the tail of two hairs from a coloured muff.

  13. The wings of a light starling's feather, the body of peacock's harl made thick at the tail, and a ginger hackle for legs.

  14. Wings of a feather from the wing of a white owl, the body of white cotton, and a white cock's hackle wrapped round the body.

  15. Body of brown fur, ribbed with gold twist, and a grouse hackle over all; hook No.

  16. The red hackle in their bonnets was won at Guildermalsen in 1794.

  17. To-day, the white in the red and white hackle now worn by them refers back to that terrible death-struggle.

  18. Anglers also make something having no counterpart in nature—a winged hackle—by tying the hackle in a winged fly back from the bend to the end of shank—a sort of winged caterpillar.

  19. Now wind your hackle towards the right, twisting the quill as you wind to keep the fibres sticking outwards, and picking out any fibres that get entangled with a dubbing-needle (a needle stuck in a piece of soft pine, like fig.

  20. Mrs. Hackle replied, that they merely contained a change of linen, or so, and a few immediate necessaries for himself and his son.

  21. He had scarcely uttered these words, when the door of the room was opened, and The Reverend Reginald Hackle entered, with an open note in his hand.

  22. Young Waldron had scarcely time to take leave of his mother and sisters; and as to packing up his clothes, Mrs. Hackle declared such an exploit to be impossible.

  23. The Reverend Reginald Hackle now took up the examination, and, with some difficulty, discovered that the prisoners had quarrelled at the fair, sought out the constables, and insisted upon going before a magistrate.

  24. I had supposed that the Red Hackle was an imitation of the small red caterpillar, but the veteran Nessmuk affirms that it resembles nothing below or above.

  25. Yet these nondescripts (flies tied anyway to suit the fancy), yet having hackle wings, etc.

  26. But the hackle seemed to please the trout; all sizes appeared to jump at it.

  27. Mary Orvis Marbury's wonderful volume on artificial flies and fly-fishing, and 130 of them declared the Brown Hackle their favorite pattern.

  28. The brown hackle which killed twelve of the eighteen was on a No.

  29. I have proven to my own satisfaction that a Quill Gordon sparsely dressed as it should be, but tied with a black hackle and yellow mallard wings, is just as successful as the customary dressing.

  30. Bind these hackle quills to the top of the hook, so that the tip ends project about 1 1/2" in front of the eye.

  31. Clip the hackle pliers to the tip of hackle (F) and wind about two turns edgewise in front of the wings, wind two turns close {31} in back of the wings.

  32. TAILS: A few fibers from a golden or silver pheasant neck tippet, whisks from a hackle feather, a strip of wing or breast feather, a few hairs, etc.

  33. One hackle of the proper size and stiffness is usually enough, so we will use one tied in as Fig.

  34. Now grasp the tip of the hackle with the hackle pliers and wind four or five turns clockwise around the hook.

  35. Be sure that the hackle is tied on edgewise with the shiny side to the front.

  36. I then use a brown saddle hackle with fibers about 3/4" long for legs.

  37. The next step of putting on the hackle (F) is done the same as Fig.

  38. Many patterns are tied palmer, that is the hackle is wound the whole length of the body.

  39. The hackle should now be standing straight out from the hook, with the most of it in front of the wings.

  40. But here the hackle is much more important than on the wet fly.

  41. If he made up his mind that he would have her, he must go armed with all implements, from the red hackle to the harpoon.

  42. A red and a grizzled hackle will always take them; but the best fly of all is an imitation of the black beetle-- the 'undertaker' of the London shops.

  43. I have found, again and again, this drake, in which the hackle is ribbed all down the body, beat a bare-bodied one in the ratio of three fish to one.

  44. I should say, by the soft black- hackle which Mr. Stewart recommends as the most deadly of North- country flies.

  45. A brown mallard, or dark hen-pheasant tail for wing, a black hackle for legs, and the necessary peacock- herl body.

  46. But failing them, you may do well with a drake which is ribbed through the whole length with red hackle over a straw-coloured body.

  47. For the latter retains its uniform blackness, while the former gains red on the wing-bar, and saddle and hackle lacing (plate 4).

  48. The body is made of bronze brown mohair, a very small brown grouse hackle round the head, and the wings from a brown spotted hen's wing, No.

  49. There should be but little hackle used on small flies in the early season, as the fur is sufficient or nearly so.

  50. The body is made of white mohair, which is lively ribbed with orange floss, a white cock's hackle rolled round the shoulder; the wings from a white feather of the swan that grows over the back.

  51. The body is made of orange and hare's fur, a honey dun hackle for legs, and grey mallard wings.

  52. The body may be also made of dun fox fur, grey at the ends, a silver grey hackle for legs, and forked with three hairs from a fitch's tail; the wings grey mallard and widgeon mixed.

  53. I didn't see the Black Hackle or the Silver Doctor for a moment.

  54. I was only half listening, for a brown hackle and a Montreal were competing for the middle place on my cast, and it was a vital point.

  55. The homemade hackle shredded flax in preparation for making linen cloth.

  56. This hackle consists of a piece of wood, 6 by 12 inches, with square iron nails protruding from one side.

  57. This would include not only the imago, but the larva, as represented by the various hackle flies.

  58. Any of the conventional hackles are capital, especially if the hackle is tied so as to stand out at right angles to the shank of the hook.

  59. It has a body of green peacock harl, hackle of white hairs from a deer's tail, gray wings, and tail of a fibre or two from the tail feather of a peacock; they will rise to this fly when no other will tempt them to the surface.

  60. To separate, as the coarse part of flax or hemp from the fine, by drawing it through the teeth of a hackle or hatchel.

  61. Body, black ostrich harl, ribbed with gold twist, black cock's hackle wound over the whole.

  62. Or, body, a peacock harl with a red cock's hackle wrapped over it, and tied with dark brown silk thread.

  63. Take the hair of a black Spaniel for dubbing, ribbed with gold twist, and a red hackle over all.

  64. Little Black Ant--feather of a Bluecap's tail for wings, black Ostrich herl dressed small in the middle for body, brown hackle for legs.

  65. When there is much water some of the Spring and Autumn Hackle flies may be dressed on No.

  66. My cast was a red hackle for tail-fly, with something like the brown hen for hand-fly.

  67. Now light a fresh pipe, and put on a pale Ginger Hackle for your tail-fly, and a little white-winged Coachman for your dropper.

  68. He was using a tail fly and dropper, a red hackle for the former, and an imitation of the common blue house-fly for the dropper.

  69. But after I had sent my favorite gray hackle on its mission and had snatched a ten-inch trout from his native element, my nerves were braced.

  70. On this occasion I tried a white miller as tail fly, and a common gray hackle as dropper, and they succeeded so well that I only thereafter changed them as a matter of experiment.

  71. It is really Hackle Island, girls, and has been known by that name since our great-grandparents' days.

  72. But is it really true, Daddy, that Hackle Island belongs to little Henrietta and Bertha?

  73. That nasty little freckle-faced young one from Dogtown will never get a foot of Hackle Island--you'll see!

  74. On Station Island--Hackle Island it used to be called?

  75. I'll not be fit to go to Hackle Island--if we go.

  76. She could not get into any trouble if she stayed on Hackle Island," declared Darry.

  77. At the other end is the Hackle Island Hotel, always popular with a certain class of moneyed people.

  78. But some time before evening haze gathered along the sealine and hid the main shore and Hackle Island, too.

  79. She had a really wonderful suite at the Hackle Island Hotel, for she had furnished it herself and came here every year, she told her young visitors.

  80. You remember I said I had a great idea about our going to Hackle Island.

  81. Next were the premises of the Hackle Island Gold Club, with its pastures, shrubberies, and several water-holes.

  82. Hackle Island Hotel sprawled upon the bluff over their heads.

  83. And then, at the first cast she made into a still, deep pool, where the night loitered under the very eye of day, an imprudent trout took the gray hackle fly, and made off with it.

  84. On this he drew a book of flies from his pocket, and replaced the gray hackle with a brown one.

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