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  1. He had been thinking about the woman out there now talking to the computer hacker with the scraggly beard.

  2. Ardent and intense, Georges looked every inch the computer hacker he was; but he also was one of the finest aerospace engineers ever to come out of Cal Tech.

  3. The beauty of Altos was that, like Pacific Island or any other local BBS, a hacker could take on any identity he wanted.

  4. He might engage a hacker in conversation, but he let the hacker do most of the talking.

  5. The company probably hadn't meant to become the world's most prestigious hacker hang-out, but it soon ended up doing so.

  6. Nothing is so tempting to a hacker as the faintest whiff of information about a system he wants, and Par hounded Force until the Australian hacker relented just a bit.

  7. To break into computers on the network, you had to find them first, which meant either hearing about a particular system from a fellow hacker or scanning.

  8. Why, any sixteen-year-old hacker would have step-by-step directions showing how to break into thousands of individual computers!

  9. However, Scott opened a new telephone account at the same address with the same name on the same day--all of which made the job of tracking down the mysterious hacker named Par much easier for the law enforcement agencies.

  10. He and his friend, fellow British hacker Pad, had the best four legs in the chorus line.

  11. He certainly didn't want to end up like the West German hacker Hagbard, whose petrol-doused, charred remains had been discovered in a German forest in June 1989.

  12. Par happened to be on-line, chatting away with his friends and hacker colleagues.

  13. Gavin was definitely not part of the hacker BBS scene.

  14. Each time he almost got his footing, the agent shoved the hacker backward again until he landed against the wall.

  15. A well-known German hacker with links to the German hacking group called the Chaos Computer Club, Pengo was also a friend and mentor to Electron.

  16. The thoughtless, in unison with Hacker and his companions, cheered this announcement most lustily.

  17. Hacker and Runner were the first to see the dead Indian.

  18. William White, William Hacker and John Cutright massacred five inoffensive Indian families at Bulltown on the Little Kanawha as a reprisal for the Stroud family, slain on Elk River.

  19. Men like Hacker and his companions would do very little manual labor.

  20. We never see no friendlies," Hacker grimly reminded.

  21. By to-morrow the mountain trace will probably be shut in by the reds," declared Hacker ominously.

  22. In the hacker viewpoint, any system could benefit from that easy flow of information.

  23. In the monastic confines of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, people had the freedom to live out this dream--the hacker dream.

  24. Rarely would a hacker try to impose a view of the myriad advantages of the computer way of knowledge to an outsider.

  25. It was among the first computer hacker escapades of the Tech Model Railroad Club, or TMRC.

  26. Still, the TX-0 was the center of his college career, and he shared the common hacker experience of seeing his grades suffer from missed classes.

  27. LISP Machine The ultimate hacker computer, invented mosly by Greenblatt and subject of a bitter dispute at MIT.

  28. Stewart Nelson Buck-toothed, diminutive, but fiery AI lab hacker who connected the PDP-1 comptuer to hack the phone system.

  29. Gordon French Silver-haired hardware hacker whose garage held not cars but his homebrewed Chicken Hawk comptuer, then held the first Homebrew Computer Club meeting.

  30. The peak hour itself was tremendously intense, but during the hours before, and even during the hours afterward, a hacker attained a state of pure concentration.

  31. TMRC hacker Bob Wagner once had to explain to an engineering professor what a computer was.

  32. He was not the last administrator to feel the wrath of a hacker thwarted in the quest for access.

  33. Warren Schwader Big blond hacker from rural Wisconsin who went from the assembly line to software stardom but couldn't reconcile the shift with his devotion to Jehovah's Witnesses.

  34. IBM-PC IBM's entry into the personal computer market which amazingly included a bit of the Hacker Ethic, and took over.

  35. Richard Greenblatt Single-minded, unkempt, prolific, and canonical MIT hacker who went into night phase so often that he zorched his academic career.

  36. Hacker before I went, and he had me to his bedside.

  37. Hacker was in prison in London, a day or two before he was executed, he was put in mind of what he had done against the innocent.

  38. Hacker and his Major, and Captains, a great company of them; and a great deal of discourse we had about the priests, and about meetings (for at this time there was a noise of a plot against O.

  39. Hacker at me presently again "To go home and keep no more Meetings.

  40. Hacker asked me again "If I would go home and stay at home?

  41. This morning Hacker and Axtell were hanged and quartered, as the rest are.

  42. Francis Hacker commanded the guards at the King's execution.

  43. This morning, it being expected that Colonel Hacker and Axtell should die, I went to Newgate, but found they were reprieved till to-morrow.

  44. I thought you said virus hacker connection was a big ho-hum.

  45. You still haven't told me what you think a hacker is.

  46. So, where do these hacker horrors come from?

  47. Not only must the hacker responsible for this travesty be caught, but NASA must also explain how their computers can be compromised so easily.

  48. I got my confirmations from a couple of engineers and a hacker type who is up on computer security stuff.

  49. I tied in with a hacker last night, 'round midnight.

  50. A thorough investigation has determined that the hacker was either a figment of the imagination of a local paper or was based upon unfounded hearsay.

  51. But Jonathan made as though the whole thing was nonsense, and wouldn't let neither Thomas nor Hacker move a pebble.

  52. The next autumn Jonathan went up beyond Exeter to buy some of they black-faced, horned Scotch sheep, and he wanted for Parsons to go with him; but his man falled ill the night afore, and so young Hacker went instead.

  53. Hackers spoke openly about changing the world through software, and Stallman learned the instinctual hacker disdain for any obstacle that prevented a hacker from fulfilling this noble cause.

  54. Although professors and administrators outnumbered hackers two-to-one inside the AI Lab, the hacker ethic prevailed.

  55. I apologize for the whirlwind summary of ITS' genesis, an operating system many hackers still regard as the epitome of the hacker ethos.

  56. To be a hacker meant more than just writing programs, Stallman learned.

  57. Although forbidding to most newcomers, the program contained many built-in features that provided a lesson in software development to hacker apprentices such as himself.

  58. In the process of doing so, they inculcated Stallman in the ethical traditions of the "hacker ethic .

  59. For the next two hours, he and his hacker colleagues would discuss everything from ITS to the internal logic of the Chinese language and pictograph system.

  60. Later, LoD was to subsume the personnel of the hacker group "Tribunal of Knowledge.

  61. Like most hacker parents, Leftist's mom and dad had only the vaguest notions of what their son had been up to all this time.

  62. Goldstein is probably the best-known public representative of the hacker underground today, and certainly the best-hated.

  63. The mechanisms of hacker peer-pressure, "teletrials" and ostracism, are rarely used and rarely work.

  64. Here are some revealing excerpts from an especially vivid hacker manifesto: "The Techno-Revolution" by "Dr.

  65. Knightmare," a high-school age hacker from Arizona, was a close friend and disciple of Atlanta LoD, but he had been nabbed by the formidable Arizona Organized Crime and Racketeering Unit.

  66. Drugs and/or illegal weapons show up in a good third of anti-hacker computer seizures (though not during Sundevil).

  67. Devices, laws, or systems that forbid access, and the free spread of knowledge, are provocations that any free and self-respecting hacker should relentlessly attack.

  68. None of them shared his peculiar prominence in the hacker underground.

  69. But in any case, no one was hurt during Sundevil, or indeed during any part of the Hacker Crackdown.

  70. Colonel Hacker led the king through his former banqueting-hall, one of the windows of which had originally been contrived to support stands for public pageantries; it had been taken out, and led to the platform raised in the street.

  71. The king entered, conducted under the guard of Colonel Hacker and thirty-two officers.

  72. I went to the shoemaker in Hacker Street, but he would not promise any repairs for me under forty-eight hours.

  73. The hacker who accomplished this near-superhuman feat was presented with an award by his fellows.

  74. A hacker who hires out for legal cracking jobs, snooping for factions in corporate political fights, lawyers pursuing privacy-rights and First Amendment cases, and other parties with legitimate reasons to need an electronic locksmith.

  75. Since a hacker is likely to feel that a standards document is both unnecessary and technically deficient, the deprecation inherent in this term may be directed as much against the standard as against the person who ought to read it.

  76. Soon after he had taken this refreshment, Colonel Hacker came to the chamber with the warrant in his hand, and called for Charles Stuart.

  77. I desired that he would let me speak with Colonel Hacker before I went; and he took me to his bedside.

  78. Amongst them that so suffered, Colonel Hacker was one.

  79. Then Colonel Hacker said I might go home, and keep at home, and not go abroad to meetings.

  80. Colonel Hacker again admonished me to go home, and keep no more meetings.

  81. Colonel Hacker asked whether it was not this Light of Christ that made Judas betray his Master, and afterwards led him to hang himself?

  82. I was sent up a prisoner out of my own country by Colonel Hacker to Oliver Cromwell, as a plotter to bring in King Charles in the year 1654.

  83. Colonel Hacker and his regiment superintended the execution of Charles I.

  84. Colonel Hacker asked me again if I would go home, and stay at home.

  85. Colonel Francis Hacker commanded the guards at the King's execution.

  86. Appendix C: Bibliography Here are some other books you can read to help you understand the hacker mindset.

  87. Where comparatives are used, the implicit `other' is a randomly selected segment of the non-hacker population of the same size as hackerdom.

  88. Hacker folklore that pays homage to `wizards' and speaks of incantations and demons has too much psychological truthfulness about it to be entirely a joke.

  89. I directed my hacker to my apartment, and grabbed the phone in the bubble.

  90. I waved to a cab standing at the rank up the block a way and watched the skim-copter rise a couple inches off the ground as the hacker skimmed on the ground-cushion toward me.

  91. Footnote: The original of this Warrant, a parchment eighteen inches wide and ten inches deep, is in the possession of the House of Lords, having been produced before that body by Colonel Hacker in 1660, and then retained.

  92. He went, and asked Colonel Hacker why he knocked.

  93. The bishop and Hacker melted into tears as they bade their master farewell.

  94. Before the arrival of Samuel Pringle, John Hacker had begun to improve the spot which Pringle had chosen for himself.

  95. Complying with this condition Pringle took possession of the farm on Buchannon, and Hacker of the land improved by Pringle on the creek, which was hence called Hacker's creek.

  96. To prevent any unpleasant result, Hacker agreed that if Pringle would clear as much land, on a creek which had been recently discovered by the hunters, as he had on Buchannon, they could then exchange places.

  97. William Lowther was the son of Robert, and came with his father to the Hacker creek settlement in 1772.

  98. They left Hacker and Axtell, who had been prominently concerned in the king's death, to their fate.

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