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Example sentences for "bobs"

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  1. Prethee peace, good Girl hold thy tongue; Od's bobs thou'lt make us all Cowards, to hear a Woman preach up Valour thus.

  2. Nay then all's well, ods bobs it is, and they shall hear it, ods bobs they shall.

  3. Why that's well said Mr. Spruce, Ods bobs it was, and I thank you heartily.

  4. Ods bobs I have done so my self, and hope I shall do so still.

  5. Well Brother, I'm glad you're Friends: Ods bobs I am.

  6. The roads are not very muddy," Bobs said.

  7. Bobs did a war dance with whoops, which were plainly heard by the departing ones.

  8. Be careful of our child and get your think out," laughed Bobs as Jane left.

  9. Jerry came in and Bobs turned to him her tear-stained face.

  10. Bobs slipped off upstairs to see baby, and Jane followed.

  11. Jerry was in and out all day, and Bobs and Jinny Chatfield spent much of the time with her.

  12. She almost disgraced herself, when she heard Bobs giving Mrs. Brendon an elaborate and fictitious biography of their hostess.

  13. Jerry was sarcastic and bitter at the expense of women, so that finally Bobs turned on him.

  14. Bobs and the Chatfields came in, during the evening, to wish them welcome.

  15. Bobs rose and stretched herself luxuriously, with a yawn.

  16. He would not have known that it was Oscar Wilde, but Bobs said it was.

  17. That type so often is," remarked Bobs ingenuously.

  18. He suggested that Jane summon Bobs for company, in his absence, but she preferred to be alone.

  19. Bobs said, and dismissed them for the more congenial topic of the book.

  20. Bobs was ensconced at the tea table and the party broke up into smaller units.

  21. We had not another Lord Bobs and it would not have been reasonable of us to expect him.

  22. Had Lord Bobs been Commander of the 9th Corps; yes, just think of it!

  23. Lord Bobs used to say that a soldier asked, for the good of the cause, to serve as a drummer boy under his worst enemy should do so not only with alacrity but with joy.

  24. Mr. Mildmay was seen on the road by the last of the little scholars going away, who made him little bobs of curtsies, and of whom he asked where Miss St. John was?

  25. Now as they returned, dragging the bobs after them, he recognized in the steersman Carter Irvine, and in the others the rest of his intimate friends.

  26. Thus if the bobs upset, or the horse went too fast, he could detach the bobs from the cutter by the simple expedient of letting go the rope.

  27. To jump on too soon was a disgrace; to delay too long was a certainty of rolling over and over in the snow while your bobs went on without you.

  28. With a creak the runners gave way their hold on the frozen snow; the bobs began slowly to move.

  29. In an instant he shot close to the bobs ahead.

  30. When the occupants "jounced," the spring of this board naturally helped the bobs to keep going for some distance after it would ordinarily have come to a stand-still.

  31. Even after the bobs had come to a complete standstill, they sat a moment on the off-chance of another inch of gain.

  32. The bobs shot away in a whirl of snow-dust.

  33. The mark set by the first bobs had been passed and passed again.

  34. Each pair of bobs made its best on distance, trying for the record of the "farthest down.

  35. The bobs swerved and he darted by with lofty and oblivious superiority.

  36. Three seized the ropes and began to drag the bobs back toward the hill.

  37. At last Bobby saw bearing down on him a magnificent bobs that had not before appeared.

  38. He saw a ten-foot pair of bobs laden with children seated astraddle the board.

  39. As I wheeled toward the door, I saw Bobs and Worth in it, apparently wrestling over something.

  40. He looked up as I entered to remark quietly, "Bobs said she'd be over later, and I told her to come on down here.

  41. Don't know why we shouldn't let Bobs in on the fun, same as you and me, Jerry.

  42. He only shook his head and answered, "You heard what Bobs said, Jerry.

  43. While I was fixing up that door--after you and Bobs came to the house.

  44. Bobs walked out here, and I followed her.

  45. But he ought to have been hung for the way he brought Bobs up.

  46. Better come here and listen to what Bobs has been saying to me, Jerry, before you ask any questions.

  47. Bobs doesn't think that Skeels is Clayte, caught or uncaught," Worth said briefly and went on eating his dinner.

  48. Light pleasure bobs are attached to the box with eyebolts without bolster stakes.

  49. The bobs in the center show the bolster reach, principally used for road work.

  50. It was making bobs by the reeds by the old rail fence where the singing creek goes under and on.

  51. It was very nice, standing there on top the cook-stove watching the bobs they made in the boiler.

  52. There's enough strength left in you to make a feeble fight against capitulation, isn't there, Bobs Bahadur?

  53. Only Kruger Bobs was fully in his element.

  54. Instantly, as he caught sight of Carew, Kruger Bobs veiled his emotion and sought to become properly nonchalant.

  55. Twice the gray broncho was on her knees; once The Nig came down so sharply that Kruger Bobs rolled forward out of his saddle, to land on his back, nose to nose with his astonished mount.

  56. An hour later, Kruger Bobs was squatting on the ground, a heaped plate on his knees and a smile of rapture surrounding his smacking lips.

  57. At last Kruger Bobs drew his mangy brown felt hat across his eyes.

  58. Let your things soak for a while, and I'll send Kruger Bobs over to take them in hand, as soon as he gets through polishing off The Nig.

  59. Kruger Bobs saw you coming, and we rode out to meet you.

  60. I can remember at least one dark night when Kruger Bobs made an excellent showing.

  61. Kruger Bobs was invisible behind the spreading limits of his smile; but Weldon had scarcely heeded the words which had been addressed to him.

  62. But unfortunately Kruger Bobs and The Nig are left behind in the shadow of Naauwpoort's dreary heights.

  63. Below, in the courtyard of the hospital, Kruger Bobs squatted on his heels in the sun and waited.

  64. Kruger Bobs doesn't show up well, on a dark night.

  65. It would have been good to have the ability of Kruger Bobs to give audible token of his appreciation of Paddy's bounty.

  66. Perhaps, if he put Bobs at the steepest it might calm him a little, and he might be able to pull him up.

  67. She made a violent effort and found herself back in the saddle; and Bobs was plunging wildly, his bridle free.

  68. She let Bobs canter slowly, not wishing to appear to be hurrying after Cecil.

  69. But Norah preferred to unsaddle Bobs herself and let him go; she held it only civil after he had carried her well.

  70. Personally, I think a velocipede is about Cecil's form, and it's absolute insult to a pony like Bobs to ask him to carry him!

  71. And, anyhow, Bobs is Norah's, and no one else has any say about him.

  72. Oh, Bobs is like a mountain goat when it comes to sure-footedness," she said.

  73. The dogs promptly gave chase; and, almost without knowing it, Norah and Bobs were in hot pursuit, with Monarch shaking the earth behind them.

  74. Simultaneously Bobs was off like a shot--tearing over the paddock a little wide of the fugitive.

  75. They understood each other perfectly; if Norah carried a hunting-crop, it was merely for assistance in opening gates, for Bobs never felt its touch.

  76. If Bobs were keen, there was no doubt that his mistress was even keener.

  77. Bobs began to dance as he went, and Cecil, hauling at his mouth, broke out into a mild perspiration.

  78. He had never seen Bobs other than quiet; and though big and well bred and spirited, he was still only a pony--a child's pony.

  79. Then they were in the gully, and he saw Bobs above him, and knew in that instant that he could spare her nothing.

  80. I let Bobs go, and ran down to the fowl yard without waiting to change my habit.

  81. Before him Bobs was galloping freely, Norah riding with her hands well down, and on her face a smile that was like a child's laugh of sheer happiness.

  82. Bobs and Snip were no longer on the farm, having gone to town, to work there with their old master, so the Hog was the next to speak.

  83. Bobs was a steady old gray Horse, and he was used to the Brown Hen.

  84. I spoke to the Horses about it afterward, and Bobs was very polite, but that didn't give me the bath which he and that silly young Snip had spoiled.

  85. The Ducks never kept up with the others, and they were close to the house when Bobs and Snip stopped there.

  86. The Brown Hen drew her right foot up under her ruffled plumage and turned her head to one side, looking severely at Bobs and Snip as they backed the lumber wagon up to the side porch.

  87. She turned her head to the other side and looked severely at Bobs and Snip with that eye.

  88. The Water Ouzel bobs most absurdly as he repeats his inquiry after your health.

  89. And then both bobs took another ridge and rushed on to the end of the course, less than a hundred yards away.

  90. Half of the course was soon covered and still the bobs kept side by side.

  91. The two bobs lined up side by side, and Larry Colby gave the word to go.

  92. Tug, just shovel the drifted snow out of the house, or pack it between the bobs under the boat, while I whittle some kindling.

  93. An hour later the three boys were standing beside the boat, gazing first at it and then at the pair of strong bobs they had brought along.

  94. The sledge bobs hanging on her bottom weighted her down, and canted her so much, though the water was perfectly smooth, that it was necessary to make the trip very carefully.

  95. Well, didn't you two fellows build a pair of bobs last winter big enough to carry that boat?

  96. By God, da jurandi, I will feast you with flirts and raps on the snout, interlarded with a double row of bobs and finger-fillipings!

  97. Do you never commit dry-bobs or flashes in the pan?

  98. Bobs and Kitchener direct the advance; French heads it.

  99. Kitchener has disappeared, no one knows exactly where; and Little Bobs has curled himself up at Government House here, and given orders that he is not to be called for a fortnight.

  100. Each time it says kok it points to the ground with its beak and bobs its head.

  101. Robin-like in habits; continually bobs its head.

  102. As it hops about it continually bobs its head.

  103. And yet he bobs up again," went on George.

  104. There was Jimmie and Sam and Bobs and Buck.

  105. He was eagerly telling them that Bobs should have his undercoat, Jimmie his hat; they must take his gloves to Jane, and there was nothing left for Sam but his stockings and shoes, but he gave them all willingly.

  106. Bobs who had never felt warm in winter in all his small life before.

  107. I guv him the shtraight about Bobs an' Jimmie, fer they wuz beyant his troublin' but he'll niver foind Sammie from the directin' I sayed.

  108. Bobs hurried back ahead of her little tapping crutch to don his fine attire once more before she arrived.

  109. Bobs was a little boy who was always asking questions; and if he could only get his mother to tell him a story, he was quite content.

  110. He stood thus, greeting me with as many bobs of the head as a bird makes when pecking an apple; and at first he poured out a string of salutations (I suppose) in English, a language with which I have no familiarity.

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