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cooped; cooperage; cooperate; cooperated; cooperates; cooperation; cooperative; cooperatively; cooperatives; cooperators
  1. Our citizens and our local governments have given a magnificent display of unity and action, initiative and patriotism in solving a multitude of difficulties and in cooperating with the Federal Government.

  2. Greek reintegration exemplifies the importance which the allies place on cooperating in the common defense and shows that the allies can make the difficult decisions necessary to insure their continued security.

  3. The rebellion which has so long been flagrant in China has at last been suppressed, with the cooperating good offices of this Government and of the other Western commercial States.

  4. In all former revulsions the blame might have been fairly attributed to a variety of cooperating causes, but not so upon the present occasion.

  5. Promptness in following through with legislation will be the best possible evidence of American unity of purpose in cooperating with our friends.

  6. This has been made possible in part through the service of the Federal Board for Vocational Education, which is cooperating with the States in a program to increase the technical knowledge and skill of the wage earner.

  7. Later on they united into districts, all the Brotherhoods of a given district cooperating in their demands.

  8. Our aircraft did most useful work in cooperating with the artillery and infantry.

  9. Flotillas of American destroyers have been sent to the submarine zone, where they are now effectively cooperating with the Allied Navies.

  10. Christ repeats as Redeemer His work as Creator, to give life and force to these second causes, and while He works in the members of His body both "to will and to do," bestows on them the privilege of cooperating with Him.

  11. We are cooperating with the Red Cross in the fight against the White Plague, and have succeeded in having a child labor law enacted, and are now working for a juvenile court.

  12. The report of its Committee on Conservation will naturally not deal with the direct economic questions with which most other cooperating societies and organizations would naturally be concerned.

  13. It is and has been for some years the leading spirit in this work, as witness the organization of the National Good Roads Convention with the above-mentioned cooperating associations to be held in Saint Louis toward the end of this month.

  14. Thomas Stegg, who was in London, no doubt told the Council of State that there were many in Virginia who favored the Commonwealth, and that by cooperating with them they might take over the colony without firing a shot.

  15. The test of this his behaviour is doing good, that is, cooperating with his creator, as far as his narrow sphere of action will permit, in the production of happiness.

  16. Mrs. Catt and her Board then undertook another Herculean task of bringing to Connecticut an influential woman from every State, and, cooperating with those of Connecticut, a mass meeting was held in Hartford.

  17. When my private opinion is asked by those who are cooperating with me, I am most glad to give it, but I am not at liberty until I speak for somebody besides myself to urge legislation upon the Congress.

  18. In addition the National Association, cooperating with the women in the States, had secured in fourteen others the right for their women to vote for Presidential electors.

  19. In 1912 the Child Welfare Exhibition found the local council from the first one of the coordinate cooperating societies organizing and carrying out the exhibition.

  20. Nature and habit cooperating had made him the best keeper of secrets in Europe.

  21. His influence, cooperating with their own great abilities and with the force of circumstances, had induced the King to commit the direction of the internal administration of the realm to a Whig Cabinet.

  22. The Free-Will Baptists while cooperating with the American Home Missionary Association made some efforts by themselves.

  23. To make proper use of the schools various organizations cooperating under the name of Freedmen's Aid Societies sent workers into the South to meet every need of the Negro.

  24. Ray found himself cooperating also with the group of radical free people of color meeting in Philadelphia and in other cities of the North from 1830 until the Civil War.

  25. The conservative element frowned down upon any such proposal as a suicidal scheme, believing that in cooperating with the whites the Negroes had much more to gain than to lose.

  26. It was possible he could be blackmailed into cooperating .

  27. Will you be subject to any discipline for cooperating with me?

  28. While most of her wanted to avoid any possible contact with him, a small part was so curious about why he was cooperating that she couldn't help wanting the discussion he'd mentioned.

  29. To the north of the Somme the French infantry cooperating with the British army attacked from the front of Morval-Bouchavesnes and carried their line over 1,300 yards northeast of Morval.

  30. After intense artillery preparation the French infantry cooperating with British troops attacked the German positions on a front of about three and three-quarter miles between the region north of Maurepas and the river.

  31. Farther south on the same side of the German salient the Americans cooperating with French forces captured the town of Vierzy and made an advance of three miles to the east of it.

  32. A German submarine, during November, 1917, attacked British naval forces, cooperating with the British expeditionary force in Palestine and sank one destroyer and one monitor.

  33. The latter were making a disquieting impression elsewhere on the western front in cooperating with Anglo-French forces who were resisting the German advance.

  34. Tidings of their presence at a still more remote corner of the battle area came in the announcement that American marines, cooperating with British forces, had occupied a part of the Murman coast of the White Sea in European Russia.

  35. The Teuton advance was most pronounced in Ukrainia, where the legal authorities were ostensibly cooperating with the invaders.

  36. The raid was undertaken under the command of Vice Admiral Roger Keyes, commanding at Dover French destroyers cooperating with the British forces.

  37. With such objects in view, the Government of the United States is now cooperating with the Governments of France and Great Britain in the neighborhood of Murmansk and Archangel.

  38. The work of the corps was divided into two distinct sections, each with a character peculiar to itself yet harmonizing and cooperating closely.

  39. Brutinel, and given the task of cooperating with the cavalry in the neighborhood of the Amiens-Roye road, covering the right flank of the right division and maintaining liaison with the French.

  40. On the left the Third Canadian Division, in addition to cooperating with the Second Canadian Division in the capture of Quievrain, pushed along the Mons road for about 4,000 yards and took La Croix and Hensies, north of the road.

  41. During this period the anti-Bolshevist elements in Russia were cooperating with these efforts in their behalf.

  42. The Arabs were cooperating on the Deraa-Damascus line, which is that of the Hedjaz Railway.

  43. To be a part of a great scheme like this, in which everyone was cooperating for the general welfare gave her a glow of satisfaction.

  44. Hm-m, looks like somebody at the factory may be cooperating in keeping it out of order,” Mr. Carter surmised.

  45. The public press is an agency which certainly ought to be a firm ally of the public library, cooperating with it directly and indirectly.

  46. The library spirit means not only cooperating with all uplifting forces in the community, but creating and stimulating such forces.

  47. National Government agencies, the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce, the Farm Loan Board, the intermediate credit banks, and the Federal Reserve Board are all cooperating to be of assistance and relief.

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