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  1. The traction wheels are usually high, and the flywheel is between one wheel and the boiler.

  2. Holding the flywheel with one hand with piston just past back center, fill the compressed end of the cylinder by working the pump or turning on the air in compression tank till you feel a strong pressure on the piston through the flywheel.

  3. If the explosion does not follow, the flywheel may be turned back again and brought up sharply past the dead center.

  4. If the hot tube is used, the flywheel may be brought around sharply each time so that the piston will pass the dead center, as an explosion will follow complete compression.

  5. With the flywheel in the hand, bring the piston back sharply two or three times, compressing the charge.

  6. For instance, we will say your flywheel is 40 inches in diameter or 10.

  7. There is a friction clutch working on the inside of the flywheel by means of two friction shoes that can be adjusted as they wear.

  8. Care must be exercised not to get caught when the flywheel starts off.

  9. Bring the flywheel over to back center so that piston will compress the charge.

  10. The friction clutch has hinged arms working into flywheel with but slight beveling on flywheel inner surface, and being susceptible of easy release.

  11. The skill comes in managing the flywheel with one hand, or one hand and a foot, and the igniter, etc.

  12. The engine is mounted on the boiler well toward the front, and the flywheel is near the stack (in the locomotive type).

  13. It is also advisable to set a flywheel casting in the chuck so that a spoke rests against one of the jaws as at d, if this is possible.

  14. Finishing a Flywheel at One Setting in Turret Lathe.

  15. Tool L is frequently used on boring mills for rounding the corners of flywheel rims, in order to give them a more finished appearance.

  16. The turning of a flywheel is a good example of the kind of work for which a vertical boring mill is adapted.

  17. The flywheel is finished in two settings.

  18. Finishing a Webbed Flywheel in Two Settings.

  19. First the flywheel is turned complete on one side, the hole bored and reamed, and the outside of the rim finished; in the second cycle the other side of the flywheel is completed.

  20. Plan View showing Flywheel Casting Chucked for Turning] A simple tool that is very useful for testing the position of any cylindrical casting consists of a wooden shank into which is inserted a piece of wire, having one end bent.

  21. The facing head in which the tools are held is provided with a pilot bar t which fits the finished hole in the flywheel hub, and steadies the head during the operation.

  22. This completes the operations, the flywheel being finished at one setting.

  23. For example, the rim of a flywheel should be set to run true so that it can be finished by removing about the same amount of metal around the entire rim; in other words, the rim should be set concentric with the table, as shown in Fig.

  24. At the third or fourth heave of the heavy flywheel it got away with a series of barking coughs.

  25. Get busy and turn over that flywheel while I go forward and slip our mooring.

  26. A piece in the form of the sector of a circle, or part of a ring; as, the segment of a sectional fly wheel or flywheel rim.

  27. They possess large warehouses in which to make up their orders, or keep in store articles purchased during periods of depression; thus acting as a kind of flywheel in equalizing the market price.

  28. The powerful effect of a large flywheel when its force can be concentrated on a point, was curiously illustrated at one of the largest of our manufactories.

  29. The engine is shown to have had counterbalanced side levers, one on each side, and a single flywheel on the outboard side.

  30. The flywheel has a shaft fitted with two gears, and is driven through idler gears from gears on the paddle-wheel shaft; it turns at about twice the speed of the paddle wheel.

  31. The "jury rig" was speedily dismantled Merritt swung the flywheel over two or three times, and a welcome "chug, chug!

  32. Once more Tom turned the flywheel over several times, but, though the engine coughed, wheezed and spluttered, as though in apology at having such poor health, it did not start.

  33. Then he's too lazy to learn how to crank the engine, and too lazy to turn the flywheel over hard enough.

  34. Dent turned the flywheel over, and after a few attempts he did succeed in getting the engine to go.

  35. A flywheel is a rotating piece in a machine, generally shaped like a wheel (that is to say, consisting of a rim with spokes), and suited to store and restore energy by the periodical variations in its angular velocity.

  36. The effect of the mass of the piston is therefore to increase the apparent moment of inertia of the flywheel by the variable amount My^2.

  37. As a first example, suppose we have a flywheel free to rotate about a horizontal axis, and that a weight m hangs by a vertical string from the circumferences of an axle of radius b (fig.

  38. The big flywheel went around under the impulse of Ned's sturdy arm.

  39. If a small flywheel is attached to the outer end of the spindle it will aid in keeping a steady motion.

  40. The car illustrated is of a little different type, being equipped with a flywheel that will propel the car and carry the rider a considerable distance after stopping the pedaling.

  41. The flywheel also aids the operator, as it will steady the motion and help him over a rough place or a bump in the road.

  42. The size of the pulleys on the flywheel shaft causes it to turn rapidly, and, for this reason, the weight of the wheel will run the car a considerable distance when the coaster hub is released.

  43. The flywheel is set on a shaft, turning between the pieces C and D and back of the coaster-brake wheel H.

  44. By causing an apparatus to stir water vigorously, that apparatus being driven by falling weights or a rotating flywheel or by any other mechanical means, the water became heated.

  45. When the machine stops an opposite weight rests against the flywheel until it starts in motion again, so the apron cannot be moved until the brake is released.

  46. The heavy flywheel keeps the motion steady, and because there is no bench in the way, wagon tires may be suspended from the drill block, so they will hang free and true for drilling.

  47. On the ordinary four-cycle motor two complete revolutions of the flywheel are necessary to do all the work.

  48. The cylinders and crankcase themselves serve as flywheel, thereby eliminating the dead weight of the usual heavy flywheel in the other types of motors, and the rotation serves to cool the engine perfectly.

  49. Upon the same shaft with the record cylinder there is a large pulley which carries a belt for driving the flywheel shaft at the lower part of the phonographic apparatus.

  50. The key is fitted to the main shaft, by which the phonographic cylinder is rotated, and the flywheel tends to maintain a uniform speed.

  51. We will sing the praises of man holding the flywheel of which the ideal steering-post traverses the earth impelled itself around the circuit of its own orbit.

  52. The axle, working in upright supports, and furnished with a heavy flywheel to render the rate of revolution fairly uniform, was turned by a handle.

  53. Liberal quantities of kerosene oil should be poured in through the spark plug opening, and if possible, the motor should be "rocked" back and forth by the flywheel to give the kerosene an opportunity to reach all parts of the piston and rings.

  54. Although the timing of a motor may be given in inches of piston travel beyond a certain dead center, at which point an exhaust or inlet valve should open or close, it is generally expressed in degrees of flywheel revolution.

  55. When the flywheel is turned, the top of the stroke should be marked on the rod or screw driver as the latter is forced upward by the piston.

  56. The flywheel should again be moved back and forth so that the oil will reach all parts of the piston surface, and after this--if the damage has not been too great--the motor should be ready for operation.

  57. The momentum of the flywheel carries the piston back again to the top of its travel, and during this second stroke all of the burned, or exhaust, gases are forced out and the cylinder is cleaned, or "scavenged.

  58. In some designs, however, the fan blades are included in the flywheel at the rear of the motor and the air is thus sucked over the cylinders.

  59. In connection with these marks a pointer attached to the crank case and indicating the top of the flywheel is used.

  60. This would indicate that the flywheel should be turned through an arc of ten degrees from the point at which the piston is at its upper dead center before the inlet valve for that particular cylinder should begin to open.

  61. Many motors are provided with timing marks on the flywheel to indicate the positions of the latter at which the valves of the various cylinders should open and close.

  62. It jumped blue and spitefully from point to point, when he laid the plug on a cylinder head, and turned the flywheel to make the contact.

  63. The first turn of the flywheel resulted in a sort of surprised cough.

  64. Tom's prophecy proved correct, for with the next turn of the flywheel the boat started off as if she had never had an intention of doing anything else.

  65. Neale turned the flywheel over, there was a cough and a splutter, and then a steady chug-chugging.

  66. A wrench was jarred loose and fell into the flywheel pit," explained Neale.

  67. It was the work of but a moment for one of them to turn over the flywheel and start the motor.

  68. These two arms, each constructed like a right angle and pivoted at the apex, are arranged directly opposite each other far out in the flywheel recess.

  69. First, it would be next to impossible to start if the body was placed on the running gear, as the flywheel then would be practically inaccessible.

  70. Beneath the flywheel was mounted the friction transmission of Charles' design.

  71. Charles reversed the engine so that the flywheel was to the front, rather than to the rear as in the Benz patent, but made use of Benz' vertical crankshaft so that the flywheel rotated in a horizontal plane.

  72. The lower surface of the flywheel had been machined so as to form a friction disc, with a one-quarter inch depression 3 inches in diameter turned in the center.

  73. After keying the flywheel to the lower end of the crankshaft, Charles and Frank decided to make an attempt to run the engine.

  74. Many engines of the period were started simply by turning the flywheel with the hands, and Charles felt this method was sufficient for his carriage.

  75. Charles wisely differed from Benz in placing the flywheel forward, thus eliminating the need for the long driving belt of the Benz carriage.

  76. Standing astraddle of the reach and facing to the rear, he spun the flywheel with both hands, taking care not to get his hands caught between the wheel and the frame.

  77. This consisted of a large drum, perhaps 12 inches in diameter, equal in length to the diameter of the flywheel and keyed to a shaft directly under the center of the crankshaft and parallel to the axles.

  78. Right Handed Engine [368] Standing at the cylinder end and looking toward the flywheel of an engine, the wheel will be at the right if the engine is right-hand.

  79. The flywheel and mixing valve were purchased from a house dealing in these parts.

  80. The flywheel Q can be any small-sized iron wheel; either an old sewing-machine wheel, pulley wheel, or anything available.

  81. A small flywheel is attached to one end of the shaft.

  82. The revolutions of the flywheel increased, and the water was churned up in a white foam at the stern.

  83. Stanley's gasolene launch was pushed out, and he and Dick leaped aboard, and the latter set the flywheel going.

  84. In this case the disk, F', is cast with three arms which serve, by means of a screw, to fasten it to the flywheel carried by the axle of the sewing machine.

  85. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flywheel" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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