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  1. Third man was returning the ball as the batsmen crossed.

  2. In the early part of an innings he often trapped the batsmen in this way, by leading them to expect a faster ball than he actually sent down.

  3. Both batsmen were completely at home, and the M.

  4. There was an absence of hurry about the batsmen which harmonised well with the drowsy summer afternoon.

  5. It was through one of these batsmen that an accident occurred which had a good deal of influence on Mike's affairs.

  6. He had had narrow escapes from de Freece, but he was full of that conviction, which comes to all batsmen on occasion, that this was his day.

  7. The almost universal habit of batsmen of shouting "Heads!

  8. Mike had Joe's batting style to the last detail.

  9. The thing seemed to be worrying Mr. Wain.

  10. Auntie went to Aldershot in a Paris pom-pom hat.

  11. I'm sorry about your nose, Joe," said the wicket-keeper in tones of grave solicitude.

  12. I said, 'One Clowes is luxury, two excess.

  13. Every eye was on his face as he passed up the Hall, but not a sign of perturbation could the school read.

  14. He was beginning to feel bitter towards Bob.

  15. I think there must have been a burglar in here, Jackson.

  16. One after another the wickets went down, and the batsmen returned from the field "with mournful steps and slow.

  17. The tension was on bowlers and batsmen alike now--all save Dan Billings, whose calmness was unimpaired.

  18. He had allowed himself to become anxious, which is a bad thing for a bowler when the score is creeping up and the batsmen are well set.

  19. The batsmen certainly took fewer liberties with him, and he managed to account for three of them for a comparatively low average.

  20. He plays forward with his eye on, not only the pitch, but on the ball itself, being faster or slower in his advance by a calm calculation of time--a point too little considered by some even of the best batsmen of the day.

  21. All these peculiarities account for a fact, strange but true, that the best batsmen are often out with the worst bowling.

  22. Still the batsmen were full as powerful as ever, reckoning Saunders, Searle, Beagley, Messrs.

  23. In putting the batsmen in, it is a great point to have men in early who are likely to make a stand,--falling wickets are very discouraging.

  24. Just as your plot is ripe, the batsmen change, and an ordinary length supersedes the very ball that would have beguiled your man.

  25. Many batsmen like swift bowling, and why?

  26. It is a tale, perhaps, thrice told, but more than thrice forgotten, that the partner should follow up the ball; how many batsmen destroy the very life of the game by standing still like an extra umpire.

  27. Still, batsmen must try to rise superior to such annoyances; for, if the bowler changes his side of the wicket, the umpire will often be in the light of the ball.

  28. Against such batsmen every variety of underhand delivery failed to maintain the balance of the game, till J.

  29. The batsmen naturally did not run as they did not wish to score.

  30. The fielding was particularly smart and the batsmen could not get the ball away, the only hit worth mention for several hours being a 4 by Tarrant off Bullough.

  31. The Kent batsmen were very careful, but two minutes before time there were 156 runs on the board and the last two batsmen were at the wicket.

  32. Meanwhile the last two batsmen are in--the Kent captain and another: that is to say, the last two, unless another is forthcoming.

  33. Then I look round the field with perfect composure, as I have always seen the best batsmen do, and have always wanted to do myself.

  34. When double wicket is played, two batsmen go in at the same time, one at each wicket; there are also two bowlers, who usually bowl four balls in succession alternately.

  35. The batsmen are said to be in as long as they remain at their wickets, and their party is called the in-party; on the contrary, those who stand in the field with the bowlers are called the out-party.

  36. Umpires make mistakes in first-class cricket: small boys make them with a melancholy frequency on lower grounds, and few batsmen are satisfied with an l.

  37. The batsmen could not hit the ball hard, indeed it was only on rare occasions that they managed to connect the bat with the ball.

  38. One of the batsmen strikes the end or handle of the spoon, the ball then rises into the air, and the art of the game is for the batsman to strike it as far as possible with the bat before it reaches the ground.

  39. If they succeed in catching the ball all the "ins" are out, and their side goes in to strike the ball, and the previous batsmen to field; if the trap is hit the batsman is out and another player of his side takes his place.

  40. If they guess wrongly, the holder of the Cat puts it into the hole as soon as the batsman runs, and they then become the batsmen for the next game.

  41. Should the boy who throws the piece of wood succeed in getting it into the hole, the batsmen are out.

  42. If the batsmen leave their holes unguarded with the stick, the catsmen can at any time put them "out," by putting the Cat in a hole.

  43. Then one of their best batsmen took up the willow, driving a few long, swift fielders.

  44. Dick told me to kill his arm, if I had to, but to signal for the balls that would strike out three batsmen in lightning order.

  45. But the North Grammars had a few batsmen who seemed to guess the ball in advance.

  46. But Strathpeffer, the eldest son, tells me the batsmen are stronger than last year.

  47. To win, therefore, the Plain must make another hundred in two hours; and three of their crack batsmen were out.

  48. The batsmen were evidently far too much at home with the bowling.

  49. Had the two batsmen been playing for their lives they could not have been more anxiously watched; even Pembury became silent.

  50. As they walked up the steps of 105 Hammerton Villas they were discussing the effectiveness of the new pull stroke that in face of prejudice so many great batsmen were practicing.

  51. I’ve been playing cricket and watching cricket for forty years, and the good batsmen always played a straight ball with a straight bat.

  52. However, the House Eleven, after losing five wickets for thirty runs, at last began to put real batsmen into the field.

  53. Still--The two batsmen were making a respectable show.

  54. This done, he put on his blazer, lit his pipe, and took up his favourite position on the railing of the pavilion veranda, what time the two chief batsmen of his side buckled on their pads.

  55. No skilful batsmen ever goes to the bat purposely to hit the ball so as to have himself put out; that would be a very silly move.

  56. It is so small that no one will notice it and the batsmen will wonder where those #Awful# curves come from.

  57. Staley was very ineffective against the batsmen of both sections.

  58. Thus it will be seen in the appended table, that while Meekin's pitching was more successful against the batsmen of the Eastern teams, Rusie excelled Meekin in downing the batsmen of the Western teams, by a percentage of victories of .

  59. Brown led McMahon in percentage of victories against the five Eastern teams, but the former was last on the list against the six Western teams, McMahon's percentage figures against the Western batsmen being .

  60. Esper stood second in percentage figures against the Western batsmen with the percentage of .

  61. The figures showing total bases is only of more advantage to record batsmen than to team-workers at the bat, and if left out would cause the "fungo" hitting class of batsmen to strive to do more teamwork at the bat than they do now.

  62. Martin took all three remaining wickets, or rather the batsmen handed him their lives.

  63. The batsmen played forward correctly and stayed for hours.

  64. He goes mad with excitement; and if you take them off bowling, however much the batsmen appear to relish their attack, he won't forgive you for the rest of the day.

  65. A "run" is made when the two batsmen change places, each running from his own to the opposite wicket without being "run out.

  66. It has produced a fair number of excellent players, notably the batsmen P.

  67. MacLaren, one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket, whose record for England in test matches against Australia was almost unrivalled.

  68. Of the batsmen nicknamed "stonewallers," who at one time endangered the popularity of first-class cricket, was W.

  69. Two batsmen with strong defensive powers and good nerve are usually selected to open the innings, the most brilliant run-getters immediately following them, and the weakest batsmen going in last.

  70. The positions of the fieldsmen are those which experience proves to be best adapted for the purpose of saving runs and getting the batsmen caught out.

  71. Spooner, both among the most brilliant batsmen of a later generation; and W.

  72. Many batsmen of the stubbornly defensive type, known in cricket slang as "stonewallers," retaliated by leaving such balls alone together, or stopping them deliberately with the legs instead of the bat.

  73. Shrewsbury's perfect style combined with inexhaustible patience placed him in the front rank of the "classical" batsmen of English cricket.

  74. Studd, one of the most polished batsmen who ever played cricket, was at the same time an excellent medium-paced bowler, and his brother G.

  75. During the middle of the 19th century these positions became almost stereotyped according to the pace of the bowler's delivery and whether the batsmen were right or left handed.

  76. Eight batsmen faced him in that inning, and four hits, for a total of six bases, and five runs were made off him before he finally managed to strike out Mason.

  77. Tom was as wild as a hawk, and if the batsmen had not been up in the air as well Rutter's Point might have won the game then and there!

  78. The Point pitcher was by no means remarkable, and, as Gordon complained, his deliveries would have been easy for Clearfield had the latter's batsmen been in any sort of condition.

  79. But there he stayed while the next two batsmen fell before Tom's slants and a third sent up a short fly that settled comfortably into Pete Robey's hands and brought the game to an end.

  80. About the sixth inning he gave up trying to keep a detailed score, and contented himself with disposing of the batsmen with his X's and I's.

  81. He dealt out praise lavishly and was especially complimentary to the Rutter's Point pitcher, who, it seemed, had struck out ten batsmen besides fielding his position perfectly.

  82. It was quite a tight game up to the fifth inning, with both pitchers suffering badly at the hands of the opposing batsmen and both infields guilty of many stupid errors.

  83. Stott never took more than two steps before delivering the ball; frequently he bowled from a standing position, and batsmen have confessed that of all Stott's puzzling mannerisms, this was the one to which they never became accustomed.

  84. Our men had to get used to the ground and the ball; and the batsmen chose to be exceedingly careful how they hit out at first.

  85. Here were twenty-six runs to get, and the four weakest batsmen of our side to play.

  86. For Kirby struck out the next two batsmen in a style extremely pleasing to his friends and was the recipient of an embarrassing ovation when he walked to the bench.

  87. With nobody out, it was a cinch that one of the next three batsmen would have brought Larry in.

  88. But though his nerve was with him, the Brooklyn batsmen kept getting to him, picking up one run after the other until at the end of the seventh inning they had four runs to their credit while only one lone score had been made by the Giants.

  89. He was no longer the terror to opposing batsmen that he had been such a short time before.

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