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  1. If you ask a Hopi Indian his name, nine times out of ten he will not tell you, and an interlocutor for a party of natives will almost invariably name the pueblos from which his comrades came.

  2. The Awatobi warriors probably warned Tobar and his comrades not to advance, but the symbolic barrier was not understood by them.

  3. Between the death of Porras and the arrival of Figueroa there was an interval of eleven years, during which time the two comrades of Porras or Espeleta, who went to Tusayan in 1650, took charge of the spiritual welfare of the Hopi.

  4. That's but fair; And if it were not, mine is not the soul To leave my comrades helpless on the shoal.

  5. Some of my comrades groaned, and my own mind began to grow watchful with anxious thoughts, when a strange sight suddenly attracted our attention, and diverted our solicitude from our own situation.

  6. The cold is excessive, and many of my unfortunate comrades have already found a grave amidst this scene of desolation.

  7. Half of his comrades were away on guard, but Sandwich was in.

  8. His comrades gave him a hearty farewell when he left, never expecting to see him again.

  9. They may well call you Camerons of the soft mouth," said Alasdair, angrily, "that would treat your comrades so.

  10. The committee wish especially to bring the attention of their comrades to the question of women, whose cards of admission must be delivered as soon as possible, so as to enlarge their attendance--always insufficient.

  11. Illustration: (admission card)] The committee will be masked, and comrades without their personal card will be refused at the door.

  12. Should the weather be bad, comrades are asked to wait in their carriages, as the committee in control cannot, under any pretext, neglect guarding the artistic effect of the ball during any confusion that might ensue.

  13. The question of music at the head of the procession is of the greatest importance, and those comrades who are musical will please give their names to the delegates of the ateliers.

  14. Under my ruined passions, fallen and sere, The wild dreams stir like little radiant girls, Whom in the moulted plumage of the year Their comrades sweet have buried to the curls.

  15. It was composed of, perhaps, three hundred men, who would shout and fire and slash if the rush of their fifty comrades who were determined to die carried home.

  16. Jakin and Lew entered the boys' barrack-room with great stateliness, and refused to hold any conversation with their comrades for at least ten minutes.

  17. The conversation of an independent thinker like Montaigne had, at the least, as much attraction for him as that of his comrades in arms.

  18. The most passionate Protestants of his own time reproached him, and some still reproach him, with having deserted his creed and having repaid with ingratitude his most devoted comrades in arms and brothers in Christ.

  19. The wilderness these comrades chose was Accona, a doleful place, hemmed in with earthen precipices, some fifteen miles to the south of Siena.

  20. But the wagon had not entered the gate when a number of officers rushed from the ante-room, acquaintances of Pan Michael; among them also were old comrades from the days of Hmelnitski and young officers of recent times.

  21. He seized his head, therefore, and his comrades around only heard him repeating continually, "As God lives, they have told little of him yet!

  22. The old comrades of Hreptyoff found the three bodies after the battle and took farewell tearfully, though they envied them the glorious death.

  23. I take God to witness that we should be glad to bear apart your grief on our sabres, for comrades should always act thus.

  24. Two comrades seized him by the shoulders; but a smile, a guest long unknown, lighted his gloomy face, his eyeballs turned in his head, and his white lips whispered words which in the din of battle no man could distinguish.

  25. Not more fortunate were their comrades of the other battalion, except in falling by a more soldier-like death.

  26. He had saved his comrades and his commander, and had influenced the issue of the whole campaign.

  27. One of them apparently found it a difficult task, for it was not until Archie and his comrades were half across the drawbridge that he raised it from the ground.

  28. His comrades drew their swords and rushed at Wallace, who slew two with the pole, and when it broke drew the long sword which was hidden in his garments, and cut his way through them.

  29. Upon their way they procured two baskets, which they filled with eggs and chickens; and then, leaving their comrades a mile outside Ayr, fearlessly entered the town.

  30. As the man had shouted, Archie and his three comrades were entering the gate.

  31. One of our comrades hath been assailed and beaten, and we did but take his part here, when all set upon us.

  32. Some two or three were deeply engaged in play, rattling the dice and staking their coin with an eagerness equal to the absorption of their comrades who watched the game.

  33. Away up in Alaska, where the glaciers hold perpetual sway, this bird has been seen in the month of November as glad and blithesome as were his comrades in the summery gorges of New Mexico.

  34. There he sat in the lengthening shadows of Cheyenne Mountain, the champion phrase-fluter of the irrigated meadow in which he and a number of his comrades had found a summer home.

  35. Truly, the wonderful good luck that had been the portion of himself and comrades for so long a period seemed to still follow their footsteps, as one of the boys had only recently declared.

  36. Just at that point the boy, was influenced to turn around and cast the light of his torch upon the forms of his four comrades swathed in their coverings.

  37. Then again, in his hard labors, the coming of Hugh and his four comrades may have seemed like a breath of fresh air, something to temporarily distract him from the routine of his trying business.

  38. How proud many of those present felt at seeing the manly way in which Hugh and his comrades rose to the occasion, and did their calling great credit.

  39. As for Alec, his one idea was to snap off an occasional picture that would show the astonishing thing he and his lucky comrades had run across when the motion-picture players came to make use of the imitation castle on the peak.

  40. High on a hill she saw me stand With comrades twain on either hand.

  41. To him, begirt by comrades near, Thus spoke the friend he held most dear: “Why ringed around by friends, art thou So silent and so mournful now?

  42. And when I'm with my comrades met Beneath the greenwood bough, What once we were we all forget, Nor think what we are now.

  43. I list no more the tuck of drum, No more the trumpet hear; But when the beetle sounds his hum, My comrades take the spear.

  44. His comrades remonstrated with him for not sleeping, and begged him to eat.

  45. On his return to the flatboat he felt himself so excited and sleepless that he sent his comrades below to sleep and by turns to watch the prisoner.

  46. Ed declared, indeed, that he was growing positively robust, and his comrades agreed with him.

  47. But under the urgent pleadings of his comrades he would now and then leave another on duty in his place and throw himself down for a nap.

  48. Indeed, to prevent this he directed his comrades to pile all the freight they could so that its weight should fall upon the protecting timber.

  49. This time he was gone so long that his comrades feared the worst, with almost no hope for a better result.

  50. But he chose instead to wear blue cottonade trousers and a tow linen shirt, and to go barefoot just as his comrades did.

  51. After working out all the probabilities in his mind as well as he could, Phil called below for all his comrades to come to the sweeps.

  52. Phil and his comrades took pride in keeping the decks in most scrupulously clean condition, and doing with earnest care the other tasks--mostly very small ones--which fell to their lot.

  53. For Ed was now so robust that neither he nor any of his comrades thought of him as an invalid.

  54. Its comrades did not pause, but ran over its body in thousands!

  55. Children leave their parents behind them, and the wounded are often forsaken by their comrades with no other provision made for them beyond a day's food and a cup of water!

  56. His old comrades he well knew them to be, as his snorting and occasional neigh of recognition testified.

  57. Yes, it was they, the four faithful comrades with whom he had roved and hunted and fought so long.

  58. He knew that the Indians would fire, and as he and his comrades went under he heard the spatter of bullets on the water.

  59. Henry and his five comrades on the outside of the palisade remained for a little space crouched against the wooden wall.

  60. If Henry Ware and Shif'less Sol and their comrades had been there, they could have discovered these unseen foes, and they could have told him what to do.

  61. Simon Kenton knows better, and we want you and one or two of your comrades to go out with us and prove that the warriors are still in a circle about the fort an' the fleet alike.

  62. The crowd, the game finished, was dissolving, and Girty at the head of his comrades strolled toward Timmendiquas, who still had Henry at his side.

  63. Henry and his comrades kept their place in the front of the charge, and, according to their plan, close together.

  64. His comrades and he had certainly put a spoke in the savage wheel.

  65. But these comrades of his were resourceful, and he was presently able to dismiss the question from his mind.

  66. Had his four faithful comrades taken his advice and stayed with the fleet, or were they now in the forest seeking him?

  67. The closeness of the bushes caused them to drop once more into Indian file, and now Henry, with those keen backward glances of his, examined his comrades with an eye that would not be deceived.

  68. Henry and his comrades dived instantly and swam as far as they could under water toward the eastern shore.

  69. But Henry and his comrades knew very well that they had merely been propelled by swift paddles toward the shore.

  70. We want you and your comrades for a new movement.

  71. Two of his comrades sprang from the support trench--by this time the fire trench--and succeeded in carrying in his mangled and bleeding body.

  72. As it ebbs, the known landmarks show again, and we have leisure to gather observations of comrades who were borne backwards or forwards on the flood.

  73. The news arrived that the 4th Rifle Brigade, their old and trusty comrades in arms, was being desperately pressed.

  74. The detachment had just recovered a dressing station which had been abandoned a few hours before, and there they had found the bodies of their comrades with their wounds dressed--dead of fresh wounds by the bayonet!

  75. King's Shropshire Light Infantry, who were also old comrades in arms of the Princess Patricias, reached the support line with twenty boxes of small arms ammunition.

  76. He was soon wounded, and was afterwards killed by a German bomb party while lying in the German first-line trench with two other comrades who had exhausted their supply of bombs.

  77. From the lips of those who fought at Festubert and at Givenchy, from dauntless survivors of the Princess Patricia's Regiment, I have heard, in many a hospital and convalescent home in the Motherland, what their comrades had dared and done.

  78. He was probably with comrades from the same neighbourhood, and that at least will be a clue.

  79. It is full of two feelings--the first being sorrow for the loss of those comrades of ours who have gone; and the second, pride in what the 1st Canadian Division has done.

  80. Sometimes the Princess Patricias defended it; sometimes the British battalions, with whom they were brigaded and whose staunch and faithful comrades they had become.

  81. He glanced over the faces of his comrades and their visitors.

  82. In the attempted jail break I told you of, they were betrayed by one or more of their own men, their own comrades in Douglas prison.

  83. This youngster explained to his comrades the Tontine insurance plan.

  84. He spoke to McCall: "Did we hear Flynn say that he told his comrades when he came here that he would have to leave on an important errand today?

  85. Bruce Thomas spoke up: "Facing death from a musket with your comrades about you is comparatively easy, Isaac.

  86. Your comrades here who know me, Judge, will vouch for me, perhaps.

  87. Immediately two of them crept in, and striking a light, kindled a lamp, which revealed the care-worn forms of their lost comrades stretched on the ground in their sleeping-bags.

  88. In front of her sat her grandson Meetuck, and on a cloth spread out at her feet were displayed all the presents with which that good hunter had been loaded by his comrades of the Dolphin.

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